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Kershaw Lucha Review

Kershaw Lucha Review

Kershaw Lucha

This article / post is about Kershaw Lucha and you will read detail about Kershaw Lucha Review I m writing. Kershaw Knives is always quite creative whenever it gives names to its knives, for example, its new knife named Kershaw LUCHA. Lucha means struggle and fight as per my few searches on google. Secondly as per urban dictionary, its trending slang word for high class saying LOVE.

Kershaw Lucha Closed

Anyways, Kershaw knives’ Kershaw Lucha is the knife under discussion cum review for today. It’s a Balisong or more easy and common word, butterfly knife.

Kershaw Lucha before practice

The butterfly knives are one the most fantastic knives one can buy for EDC, meaning instead of carrying a pocket knife, why not have a Balisong. As flashy as they look, they are functional too. These butterfly knives are deployed instantly and are great for cutting because mostly have spear point blades or clip point blades in them. They are mostly thinner and easy to deploy and close as compared to traditional folding knives.

Technical Specifications of Kershaw Lucha

BrandKershaw Knives
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Blade Length4.6″
Blade Thickness.125″
Closed Length5.8″
Overall Length10.25″
Edge TypePlain
Knife TypeButterfly Knives
Country Of OriginUSA
Lock TypeLatch
Best UseMartial Arts
Product TypeKnife
ModelKS 5150
Knife StyleButterfly
Blade StyleClip Point
Handle ColorSilver
Handle MaterialStainless Steel
Blade MaterialSandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel
Weight5.9oz 167 grams approx
Technical Specifications of Kershaw Lucha

Kershaw Knives “Safety first

As butterfly knives are trendier these days as compared to pocket knives, and you will find cheap and flimsy imitations of Balisong knives everywhere but believe me they are very dangerous to handle. But it’s not same with Kershaw’s Lucha Knife, yes, it’s worth the bucks to spend. Lolz

Showing where Kershaw Lucha has KVT ball bearings are

Actually, Kershaw Lucha is a premium quality butterfly knife and with Kershaw knives’ KVT technology in it provides smooth deployment you can imagine and again KVT ball bearings in it gives a user best flipping time without a doubt.

Pivot Cutting Problem & its Solution

If you have ever before used any cheap Balisong, you have the idea that whenever butterfly knives catch on the pivot, they mostly get you cut on your own blade. But it’s Kershaw Lucha this time and having KVT ball bearings discussed earlier, its ball bearings are integrated into handle pivots giving this Lucha knife with SKU KS5150 smooth opening action and you will definitely say “this butterfly knife opens like butter”

Kershaw Lucha has good fitting

Blade of Kershaw Lucha

Well, the blade of Kershaw Lucha is 4.6” having blade material of Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel. The shape of the blade is Clip point. And there is no doubt about it with the shape and size of the blade that is as good as other pocket knives.  You can deploy it instantaneously and can cut, slice or whatever every day task is ahead of you can perform with Kershaw Lucha with real ease for sure.

Kershaw Lucha side ways

14C28N stainless steel has HRC rating between 55 to 62 and with clip point shape as mentioned earlier its even ideal to utilize the strong tip and with thin blade, its idea for fine detail works like carvings or even its great for piercing. Once you are done, simply flip it and lock with latch lock at pommel.

Handling of Kershaw Lucha

When you have Balisong or butterfly knife, then how can you miss flipping fun that it provides. I even checked on YouTube and tried to learn few tricks of basic level to perform it with my Kershaw Lucha. Well, if you were novice or newbie like me, then please tape the blade from its edges before trying to practice, because Kershaw Lucha comes with razor sharp blade.   Once you have covered your knife’s edge then it’s safe for you to practice like it did with my Kershaw Lucha knife. And it really enjoyed it.

Kershaw Lucha in a Hand

Final words on Kershaw Lucha Review

In Reviewing Kershaw Lucha, it clear that it is really good in hand and with tricks (couple of which I just tried to practice) but I must say, it’s a butterfly knife and it’s not a good EDC, because in many areas in US it’s not legal and you are in a constant threat if you have it there in public. The locking latch makes so much noise when you use it. It’s annoying.

Kershaw Lucha Latch is very noisy and you can take it apart easily

Secondly with the association of Balisong knife, it doesn’t look nice as an EDC. It’s my own opinion and is subjective. Kershaw Lucha Review we have covered its handling, size and materials. If I missed anything in Kershaw Lucha review do let me know so I can update that also.

But being said all this it’s a knife worth paying for and it’s available online at lowest price so far. I got mine from there as well. They offer the lowest prices on all their products. Buy your Kershaw Lucha from there.

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Fallkniven S1X and S1XB Survival Knife Review

Hi, friends, knife under review is Fallkniven S1X with SKU S1X & S1XB from Fallkniven X – series and is among the most impressive knives which were released last year i.e. 2019. Its virtually indestructible knife as per its material perfection by human hands.

FallKniven S1X Survival Knife
FallKniven S1XB Survival Knife

The basis of Fallkniven x series knives lies in its blade material which is laminated cobalt steel (Lam.Cos). They are detailed thought out knives made to stand all roughness and hard beatings yet perform in all conditions. I have thoroughly and roughly gave it a beating and you will read and see it to with me as you read along. If you want to know more about Fallkniven F1Z VG10 or Fallkniven F1z LamCos fixed blade knife, we have a covered it under knives reviews on site as well.

Overview of Fallkniven S1X or S1XB

Well, Fallkniven S1X comes under 3 categories of knives such as Survival Knives, Military knives and is definitely fixed blade knives.

As, Fallkniven X- series is renowned for the sharpest, strongest and definitely the stainless steel knives you can have. Being said as military and survival knife by Fallkniven Company, it’s designed to go through all types of stresses given they ate applied by human hands and as per them, it’s virtually indestructible. It’s among the best sharp precision tool you can say available in the market.

First Impression of You get from Fallkniven S1X Fixed blade Knife

Thanks to Hollywood for creating an imagination that we all have with Survival Knife?  If we ever imagine a survival knife, an 8-10 inches long Bowie with serrated edges, oversize jimping Micarta handle and so on comes to our mind. And in action you see a knife breaking apart a wooden table in halves and we all know that it’s not humanly possible.

FallKniven S1XB Knife
Fallkniven S1X Sheath

Well, as we all know Fallkniven knives is best known for its survival knives, and they are expert in manufacturing best of the best survival knives in the world for hardcore outdoor men and women alike. The knives are more purposely built and you find them calm and cool in their appearance so goes for Fallkniven S1X knife.

Fallkniven Company & X Knife Series

Fallkniven is well known for its survival knifes and Fallkniven F1 has been official survival knife for Swedish Air Force since 1995 and later models like S1 & F1 have been approved by US and they were used by US Navy and US Marine air Crews.

As far as the quality, there is no doubt about quality of their knives, it’s the quality and design ergonomics of Fallkniven Knives which lead countries have them for their military and air force pilots. It’s the versatility they offer in all terrains that lead them won the badge.

Technical Specifications of Fallkniven S1X

Having enough said about the company and the Knife, let’s see the exact specifications it has so we should know what to expect and what not to from Fallkniven S1XB.

  • Overall Length: 9.75″
  • Blade Length: 5.125″
  • Cutting Edge: 5.00″
  • Blade Width: 1.25″
  • Blade Thickness: 0.24″
  • Blade Material: Lam. CoS
  • Blade Hardness: HRC 60
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Convex
  • Finish: Satin or **DLC
  • **Variant SKU: S1XB comes with tungsten DLC coated laminate blade.

Fallkniven S1x Knife Blade Material

Fallkniven S1X knife’s blade is built from Lam.CoS steel, crafted so well, that it gives the sharpness as good as surgical scalpels and with 420j2 steel, a toughness it needs for survival. A perfect blend of hard and sharpness material to last long and no chipping on blades too..!

Lam. Cos Steel means?

Many of you are unaware of this term, and doubting what is it? Lam.CoS Steel is actually a type of steel a mixture of cobalt and 420J2 steel, normally used in surgical implements because of very high sharpness & hardness properties. Thus, the material used in Fallkniven S1x has overall rating of HRC 60 which is great.

One more thing, I want to mention is that laminate Lam.CoS Steel is 20% much stronger than normal steel types available in the market. Because Fallkniven S1x is a survival knife, and one can use to under tough and hard times, so the sharpness of the blade and toughness of steel matters the most. Keeping the survival factor in mind, and universal situations for all terrains and climates it’s been designed and Lam.CoS Steel turns out to be the best option for Fallkniven Company.

Fallkniven S1X blade shape & Sharpness

It’s a drop point blade, with blade thickness of 0.24” inches. The width of the blade is Okie, It’s not very wide nor short for most batoning tasks i.e. 1.25”. Overall, blade length is 5”1/4 quarters or 5.125” making it normal sized survival knife.

batoning wood with Fallkniven S1XB survival knife ( a beating for hardness check)

You must know that every survival knife shall not mean a long bowie knife or a machete, Survival knives are general purpose all terrain knives, a tool you can use to do most of the tasks, that’s why Drop Point blade are always seen on survival knives because of their belly.

batoning wood with Fallkniven S1XB survival knife ( a beating for hardness check)

Fallkniven S1x blade has been given CONVEX grind instead of flat belt grind typically given to most survival knives but they are made with HC420 steel most of the time, where their sharpness gets dull quite often and they are easier to sharpen.

Preparing fire wood so i can use ferro rod to light up the fire

Furthermore, convex grind stays longer, is difficult to have the convex sharp edge as it consumes more time, but spending a fortune on such any survival knife then one must have premium and as you know, Convex edges or grinds are always premium

wood is ready to be fired up

But, Sandi grind abbreviation Scandinavian grind popular for mostly hunting, bush craft and outdoor knives. Therefore once in wild, we use wood and I’m happy with the grind, because once you use it, then you know the material of blade and the grind given are optimal.

I make wood shavings and with Ferro rod, lighting a fire is no issue.

wood fired up

Well, convex grind as mentioned earlier is hard to sharpen and for that, you require high grade wet silicon carbide and diamond coated dry stand paper with semi hard surface which can create by putting some soft foam underneath. But, you cannot sharpen you knife when in the field unless you have all the equipment. Also note that DLC coating has nothing to do with sharpness of the blade, it’s more protective for the entire blade. It just took me 10 mins to razor sharp it after batoning.

One more thing, if you are looking for razor sharp survival knife, then do not good for Fallkniven S1X. Because, straight from factory brand new is not razor sharp and doesn’t cut paper like butter as well. Reason: its survival knife made for more rugged jobs not for EDC jobs of pocket knives where you need extreme sharpness and all. Given, it’s my experience and I felt like sharing here under sharpness section of this knife so I’m mentioning it.

Fallkniven S1X Handle

The handle is 4 inches plus, for all types of hands and even wearing gloves, they are great. Secondly being a full tang knife and having lanyard hole is handy. As per the shape of the knife handle it fits comfortably in the hand and it’s a perfectly balanced knife.

batoning hard dry wood with Fallkniven S1XB survival knife

But, one thing you will notice that the knife scales are thinner on this knife as compared to most of the survival or military knives. As its 6mm thick full tang knife between its handle scales, more thickening of scales leads to rather imperfect grip.

If you are paying premium doesn’t mean you should get extra of everything, few things are more utility based and same goes to the handle scales. As many people think that the scales are thinner but wait they are THERMORUN scales. They are plastic but soft gives rubber feeling making a more comfortable grip while cutting or even batoning your hands do not feel the pressure as they should. It’s my own experience and definitely it is subjective.

batoning hard dry wood with Fallkniven S1XB survival knife

Best part is these scales are removable from your S1x knife, you can change them with scales of your choice or if you do not like the scales design, and want bone, wood or Micarta handle scales, you can easily replace them. As Fallkniven knives have been using them for past 30 years and as per feedback they received from their users, they think that it’s the best option for all types survival knife.

Benefits of S1x Knife

Fallkniven S1x Knife has been designed and developed while keeping in mind of its users. As, it’s been used by Swedish Airforce and definitely in air force you have pilots who have them therefore, its sleek yet performing. Similarly US Marines and Navy has them too and for their basic to most advanced survival and with a knife of total size of 9.75 inches with best HRC steel ratings

My Knife after seeing tough time having wood raisins on it

S1x and S1XB both are light in weight which are just 290 grams almost equal to Apple IPhone 11 Pro Max meaning you are holding a smart phone in your hand lolz. With such low in weight they still are an ultimate solution to all survival needs. You need knife for cutting meat, slicing or making wood chips for fire. You are not there cutting or chopping of trees.

My Knife after seeing tough time having wood raisins on it

Actually, when you are in field or in wild or under survival situations, you look for already dry wood. You do not chop of branches etc. All you have to do is hunt and eat and this is the best knife made for that purpose. Then comes the thermorun handle scales, majority consider it just as another polymer or rubber type scale handles but the fact is its highly insensitive means get affected by majority of the corrosive elements and even DEET, which is a corrosive element present in Mosquito repellents and which even dissolves plastics. 0.24” neck and hard yet point tip of this knife can cut and puncture anything you can imagine possible with human hands and power. 

washing and little scrubbing ( bathing my knife) lolz

Similarly, comparing its sharpness against pocket knives is foolish which I have seen many you tubers doing it. Its survival knife, edge and sharpens retention is the key here once you are in the field, razor like sharpness fades away as soon as your knife hits anything hard.

Just liike New, as if nothing happened to it and nothing happened to blade’s edge

 Sheath of FäIlkniven S1X

Yes, I deliberately haven’t discussed it so far.  FäIlkniven S1x’s sheath is mate from Zytel (fiberglass reinforced nylon material) and again it’s tough, impact resistant material and can be easily worn on belt. Secondly, it’s quit slim, tidy and discreet.

FallKniven S1X & Fallkniven S1XB both have same Zytel Sheaths.

Locking system at the top makes virtually impossible to dislodge accidentally which I like the best.

S1XB in a Sheath
S1X Zytel Sheath

If you lose or suppose if even the belt strap attached with nylon and Zytel sheath is no long there, you can still you the side holes of the sheath and tie your belt, similarly for backpacks, it can be easily adjusted the way you want, and the locking mechanism makes dislodging of the knife virtually impossible.  I won’t be writing much about the sheath here as its worth experiencing it and do not want to ruin your experience but do share in your comments below after reading my review.


Well, the edge and blade shape retained, given a full beating by myself, from soft wood to hard wood. Made a carving in wood just to check out the knife handling and precision and all went good.

While it was hitting it hard in dry wood and I saw the wood and DLC coating being damaged, I though, all is ruined during the test but once I gave it a thorough wash DLC coating having HRC of 83, remained enacted as wood resins got washed away and the blade was new as before.

Just like New, as if nothing happened to it and nothing happened to blade’s edge


Now comes the prices, at Amazon I have seen it being retailed at 256$ whereas, Dlttrading, Blade Hq and other websites are selling it at around 230-240$ + free shipping.

But, you can buy them at much cheaper price from Chicago Knife Works

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Link to buy is as under:

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