We will be doing detailed Bark River Knives Reviews in this section. You will find everything about bark river knives, from their most wanted bark river knives to pathetic models. You will learn about Bark River Knives as a company and the products.

Bark River Knives

Bark River Knives is among the leading knife manufactures based in Escanaba, Michigan. A family business started in 2001 by Mike Steward and Leslie Steward. They always ensure that their customer satisfaction comes first and they get quality products.

They are relatively expensive as compared to same blade type but, the heat treatment of their blades is exceptionally high and that is what makes Bark River Knives sharpness long lasting as compared to its competitors.

Bark River Knives Review

  • Parent Company Name: Bark River Knives
  • Head Office: Escanaba Michigan,
  • Product Focus: Hunting, Neck Knives, Premium Knives
  • Target Markets: Survival, Kitchen Knives, EDC.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Mostly USA but China for 2 Knives
  • Average Retail Price Range: $160 to $400

While writing, Bark River Knives Reviews, we took all of their catalogue and yet, they have very brief list of products but they are very effective. Bark River Knives specializes in sales and manufacturing of Kitchen Knives and other table ware products.

Are Bark River Knives Good Knives?

Yes, Bark River Knives are Good Knives as Bark River Knives Company uses combination of traditional knife making techniques apart from latest technology, so, anyone holding a bark river knife which is a blend of latest technology and traditional knife forging methods. Their knives are affordable and being quality produced from best raw materials and having best heat treatments to the blades.

Why Choose Bark River Knives?

Doing Reviews on bark River Knives, it’s an important question to answer, as Bark River Knives is all about American Made quality knife from knife’s blade to its handle, from heat treatment to geometry of the blade. From its usage to knife life. According to Bark River Knives Quality of raw materials, heat treatment, blade convex shape, and above all handmade sheaths go with every knife one purchases. These are the main reasons to choose Bark River Knives.

Quality of Bark River Knives

They treat each knife being manufactured with equal attention, using finest materials having best steel like A2, 3v & CPM M4 which are premium yet hard to work with as well, then shaping them to correct shape and geometry along with perfect heat treatment so they don’t get brittle.  Making Micarta handles and even using rare natural materials in their knife handles making their knives standout.

Why doesn’t Bark River Knives do flat grinds?

It’s their signature style you can say, all bark river knives’ blades are convex edged as convex edge lasts long as compared to flat grind or flat edge. It’s little complicated to re-sharpen it but it takes lesser time and it lasts long.

Bark River Knives offer Life Time Warranty

Well, Bark River Knives have life time warranty on their knives, unless they are totally damaged. The reason is their simple knife designs though very thoughtfully designed but simple to see, and their factory is in USA, and they are mostly selling their Knives in US stores or online, therefore, shipping it to their factory and paying few extra dollars to get your knife restored or replaced won’t be much.

Bark River Knives Reviews

There are so many bark river knives to choose for review but as we are beginning right now, you will soon find reviews being added in this post.