Kershaw Lucha Knife product (Overview)

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Kershaw Lucha Knife, a butterfly style knife for ballast on is definitely one of the more interesting folding knife designs you can add to your EDC while it is quite.

Kershaw Lucha is flashy but it’s also functional as it allows you to deploy the blade way quicker with the use of momentum and gravity and you would with any other unassisted folding knife. Its simple design allows it to have an ambidextrous appointment as well. As to be much thinner than any other folding knife unfortunately with butterfly knives being so popular. It means that the market is flooded with cheap imitations that can be flimsy and sometimes very dangerous for the user thankfully this isn’t the case with Kershaw Knives’ new knives i.e. Kershaw Lucha Butterfly Knife.

Kershaw Lucha has good fitting

Kershaw Lucha Deployment

It integrates Kershaw’s KBT technology to give you the smoothest deployment possible as well as the best flipping action where other butterfly style knives fail and catch of the pivot making it. Cut yourself with your old life the Lucha knife integrates KBT ball bearings on the pivot of the handles giving you a buttery smooth deployment with much less effort than with any other Balisong.

Kershaw Lucha Blade

Now, let’s take a look at the specs of the blade it’s a larger side at four point six inches on it features a clip in shape and it’s made out of sandvik 14C28N stainless steel you can also lock it into place via a latch lock on the pummel.  If you are interested in purchasing with free shipping buy your Kershaw Lucha from here.

Kershaw Lucha Balisong Knife

Although the Kershaw Lucha does feature a smooth deployment and the great construction there’s also the fun aspect of flipping it around and doing tricks like you might have seen more dexterous owners do. Not me though, I’ve tried it before but with the Lucha but with another knife and I kind of sucked at it big-time!

I almost even cut my hand but if you want to practice without the fear of cutting yourself you can take the blade of the knife you can also look into practice trainers right straight into practice knives or practice fans so that you give them your eyes yourself with emotions before trying anything harder with the Kershaw Lucha.


the Kershaw Lucha is a unique and capable everyday carry knife with plenty of history and a lot of potential for fun just make sure to check your local laws before purchasing it because unfortunately butterfly style knives aren’t exactly legal in all places and there you have it remember you can check out the complete review on it by clicking Kershaw Lucha.

Kershaw lucha product overview

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