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Kershaw Knives Review

Reviews – Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Knives Review is tough and challenging because, it’s mostly pocket knives, and we will be reviewing the knives which are still continued in production and more than 17 years old even apart from latest Kershaw Knives. You will find so many Kershaw knives reviews on this website soon as you won’t find anywhere else.

Kershaw Knives Company Brand

  • Parent Company Name:  KIA Group Japan
  • Head Office: Tualatin, Oregon, USA
  • Product Focus: Pocket Knives, Tactical Knives
  • Target Markets: low & medium budget
  • Manufacturing Facilities: USA & China
  • Average Price Range: $ 15 to $140 max

The knife business has changed a whole lot in 40 years. However since Kershaw Knives began, the brand has actually maintained a dedication to high quality.

Pete Kershaw & his Kershaw Knives

Kershaw’s founding father, Pete Kershaw, understood the value of ensured high quality. The outdoors type often utilized blades for searching and fishing. In the late 1974, he determined to start his own knife company at a concrete plant in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Throughout that time, the company mostly produced hunting knives. To guarantee premium, Pete looked for a top experts to produce the product.

Kershaw becoming subsidiary of KIA USA LTD.

On the other side of the globe, Kai had been crafting bladed devices for over 65 years as well as was known for its high quality. Then-president Sai Jiro Endo II was focused on exporting Kai items to other countries, consisting of the American market. Kershaw and also Kai’s paths converged, and both have been connected given that.

THE MODERN ERA – Kershaw Knives

The 1990s would later mark the end of the classic period for Kershaw. This moment period presented several contemporary functions that are still seen today. In 1995, the brand launched its very first liner lock blades, fittingly called the Lining Action series.

Back in Japan, Kai CEO Koji Endo believed there was even more prospective for Kershaw to grow. In 1996, Endo invested in an American production center at Kai USA’s Wilsonville base. He believed that this would certainly help Kershaw reach its full capacity. As well as soon, Kai U.S.A. worked with a new manufacturing team for the job.

After Pete Kershaw relinquished the market, Jack Igarashi was assigned as the brand-new COO of Kai UNITED STATES. Igarashi brought a fresh attitude to Kai UNITED STATES with the goal of constantly delivering quality, technology, as well as development. With this in mind, Kershaw’s UNITED STATES manufacturing group looked for something brand-new to tremble points up.

Innovation & Patents Kershaw

The response? A brand-new method to open a blade. Kershaw’s SpeedSafe ® assisted opening system transformed the market landscape permanently. The innovation was introduced in 1998 and instantly won honors from the market as well as the general public. Although Kershaw later on introduced other opening up methods, SpeedSafe stays prominent as well as an important part of Kershaw’s identification.

Kershaw Knives at Present

Today, Kershaw knives continues to introduce with new designs as well as innovations at its Tualatin, Oregon center. Whether it’s smooth KVT opening, groundbreaking Kershaw Original designs, or partnerships with custom knifemakers, Kershaw stays devoted to taking points to the following degree.

Kershaw Knives Reviews

There will more than 20 plus Kershaw Knives under Review, you will soon find them here on this page.

Kershaw Lucha – Balisong/ Butterfly Knife
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CIVIVI Knives Review

CIVIVI Knives made its extremely first search in the second half of 2018 as well as provides an affordable line of knives & tools with unique designs as well as even more cost-effective materials however still made according to the high manufacturing standards consumers constantly obtain from WE Knife Co. Ltd

Civivi Knives – Brand Overview

  • Parent Company Name:  We Knife Co aka We Knives
  • Head Office: Guangdong, China
  • Product Focus: Pocket Knives Every day Carry EDC
  • Target Markets: low & medium budget
  • Manufacturing Facilities: China
  • Average Price Range: $ 40 to $110 max

CIVIVI is a subsidiary of We Knife Co also called We Knives which is well understood and respected for making high-end knives and tools.

The brand lineup firstly takes part in economical EDC Pocket Knives. The knives are made with materials such as Chinese D2 VG-10 and also other composite steels and G10, Micarta and so on for the grip scales and/or other top quality products.

On the other hand, the product line will certainly expand to consist of a series of knives and also tools for common/daily use. All are developed to WE KNIVES’s high performance qualifying criteria for exterior experiences like trekking, exterior camping, searching, and more.

CIVIVI always supplies high performance, craftsmanship, innovative designs and also great user experiences to its customers.

Civivi Knives Review

Summing everything up, Civivi Knives bursting onto the scene in 2018, Civivi, a subsidiary of WE Knives, incorporates the unmatched top quality of WE Knife Co. Ltd with distinct layouts and also performance-proven products to craft a product line that is promptly becoming a market favorite

In Civivi Knives Review we are concentrating on EDC/ Pocket Knives jobs that call for a sharp blade to be close at hand, Civivi has a knife for every and also every celebration.

Whether it’s a formal conference room conference or a rough outdoor journey in the wild, you will certainly discover a Civivi blade an ideal buddy. Efficiency, workmanship, as well as development are the calling cards of Civivi. They stand ready to be part of your everyday service package.

Are CIVIVI Knives Good?

Yes, they are incredibly excellent. Being a subsidiary of We Knife, which is additionally generating top quality knives with specialist & sophisticated production equipment that consist of NC grinding equipment’s, EDM equipment’s, CNC makers, marking machineries, laser engraving equipment’s, anodized Titanium finishing tools.

As, we all recognize that, WE Knives is amongst the largest professional knife manufacturers as well as exporter of HIGH-QUALITY knives and tools in China.

Civivi Knives always think of excellent top quality and technology and takes it as vital to advancement as well as its branding building.

To accomplish these, CIVIVI have their own strong R&D group that consistently produces top quality knives with selection of innovative layouts.

Where CIVIVI Knives are made?

CIVIVI Knives are made in China. They have 140 worked with knowledgeable employees in their production line and also their products consist of taken care of blade knives, folding knives, cooking area knives, kydex sheaths. We knives as well as CIVIVI knives have exact same production facility.

CIVIVI Foldable Knives Review.

There are nearly 20 plus Civivi folding knives which are not just pocket knives but tactical knives with premium quality steel and knife grips. However most prominent among them are as under which are available for sale too with us.

Civivi Elementum Review

CIVIVI Baklash Review.

CIVIVI Baklash includes 9Cr18MoV Stainless steel blade, having G10 handle with ranges on it to provide additional grip, its fin with liner lock system.

CIVIVI Praxis Review.

CIVIVI Praxis has G10 Grip, equipped with gold stainless steel liner. Most of all its economical and also of really premium quality.

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Marbles Knives Review

Marbles Outdoors Knives items are one of the most trustworthy tools that are particularly developed to offer the user self-confidence in many requiring situations. The products are designed with the ability to hold up against severe conditions.


Marbles Knives – Brand Overview


  • Parent Company Name:  Marbles Arms
  • Head Office: 420 Industrial Park Dr. Gladstone MI 49837
  • Product Focus: Gut hook, Survival, Hunting & Carper
  • Target Markets: low & medium budget
  • Manufacturing Facilities: El Salvador, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Canada & USA
  • Average Price Range: $ 19 to $240 max


Marbles Knives History?

Webster L. Marble was a lover of outside activities and had a great experience in outdoor camping, searching, fishing and exploring the wild nature. His devotion and enthusiasm for his work were fully shown in the wide variety of products he invented to survive most of the demanding scenario.

The very first stone of the marble knives was put under his guidance and, since then, there is no reversing. With his deep understanding of the tools, he effectively created and made resilient and useful survival tools. The large range of items satisfies the purpose of everyday transport, tactical scenarios, and hunting and differed survival programs.


Marbles Knives & Marble Products are best for?

The correct circulation of the weight of the knives together with using a good blade product makes the knives flawless for usage in combat or deadly scenarios.

Marbles Knives have invested substantial time to present optimal products and improve the total performance of the knives. The excellent sharp edges of the blades with ideal strength and robust building are an ideal example for the knife manufacturing industry.

In addition to knives, paracords, shovels, covers, survival sets have won praise from specialists around the world.


Marbles Knives Review


Marble fixed blade knives Reviews

Marbles Knives’ fixed blade knives of this series are produced particularly for hunting, camping, fishing and other different adventure activities.

The blades are born resistant and are readily available in a wide range of styles. The resistant and compact building and construction of the knives is predestined to endure under high compression and distortion.


Marbles Folding Bowie Knife Review SKU MR101 in hands

Marbles Folding Bowie Knife

It was state of the art knife in the times it’s been launched. As you can imagine such a long bowie knife with clutch mechanism is same as SpeedSafe Mechanism we have today in Kershaw Knives. But it’s a good collection edition I must say, as those knives which were actually USA made are much more valuable as vintage marbles knives and they cost from 100 dollars to 500 USD dollars per piece and collectors love them having them in your collection.

The penetration capability of the knives is good and is not divided into halves. General tasks such as cutting, chopping and cutting are easy with these knives


Marbles Wildlife Scrimshaw Grand Daddy Barlow Raccoons Knife Review MR255

Wildlife Scrimshaw Grand Daddy Barlow Raccoons Knife

It’s a great collector edition, knife blade is razor sharp and can be used as well, but mostly, they are for exhibits not for usage. Because they are made in China now, so, given its written stag bone for handle material on box and its neither directly produced by Marbles Knives or Marbles Arms Company any longer, as other companies have the rights of its production now, so please check the Handle if its real bone or not.


Marbles Knives’Woodcraft’s 100 Anniversary Knife with Packaging or box

Marbles Knives’Woodcraft’s 100 Anniversary Knife

Marbles Knives Woodcraft Knife MR423 Knife is still among the few Knives which are produced in USA by Marbles Outdoor most probably, and Yes it is an American made knife with the quality materials used and finishing is as good as Marbles’ history is. It is a good in use hunting knife whereas Scrimshaw Knives like Granddaddy Barlow or Marbles folding bowie knife which are great collection knives but less into usage.


Marble folding penknife Reviews

The folding pocket knives of Marble outdoor blades are produced to withstand high compression and distortion. The perfect surface of the knives adds to the character, while the deal with is large enough to supply a comfortable and safe grip in many requiring circumstances.


Marbles Knives Warranty

Marbles Outdoors Knives uses knives, shovels and other varied and high-performance survival tools for fight circumstances. The products have proven quality and are designed by skilled artisans to provide maximum performance.

It is ensured that each Marbles Outdoors item is entirely devoid of any type of making problem. In exceptional cases, if any of the products is discovered to be malfunctioning, the members of the business’s quality evaluation team will be made to ensure that the product is really malfunctioning and is not maltreated or misused.

The product will be sent for additional repair or replacement only after a total examination; the procedure depends solely on the accessibility of the item.

Apart from this, the items are not planned to be used as lever bars, chisels or screwdrivers that can obstruct the efficiency of the product.

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Frost Cutlery Knives Reviews

This post is all about Frost Cutlery Knives Reviews, where you will find honest and unbiased frost cutlery reviews from us, as we are starting out, so, there won’t be much material, soon more and more reviews will be coming up.

Frost Cutlery or Frost Knives Company – Brand Overview

  • Parent Company Name: Frost Cutlery
  • Head Office: Chattanooga, TN, USA
  • Product Focus: Gut hook, Survival, Neck Knives, Hunting & Carper
  • Target Markets: low & medium budget
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Pakistan, China, Germany & USA
  • Average Price Range: $ 7 to $100 max

Frost Cutlery and Knives was established when a day-to-day change worker converted his small hobby into a multi-million-dollar business. Jim Frost started out gathering pocket knives in 1969 which ultimately became his business interest in 1978 when after few years of partnership with various other firms; Jim began importing cutlery under the Frost Cutlery label stamp.

The business commenced in Jim’s lunch bucket and also outgrew his car trunk, garage, and also 4 increasingly larger storage facilities. The company later on discovered its home in a 150,000 square foot plant that finished in 2004.

Frost Cutlery Knives or Frost Knives

Frost Cutlery’s success is attributed not simply to Jim Frost however also to the workers including his member of the family that played a vital role in caring for all the procedures of business. The dedication and perseverance by the employees of Frost Cutlery are good as well as stand as statement to their long-serving tenure in the office.

JIM Frost

Though the significant motivation could be credited to Jim Frost as shared a really friendly connection with his employee and served as a facilitator throughout. He constantly states that whenever he has the possibility to talk to youngsters, he tells them that those that seek, pay attention, discover and utilize the knowledge of others are themselves some of the most intelligent people on the planet. Meaning learn from others rather wasting time on learning through trail and error. His leadership abilities played an important duty in making his business stand the needs of time.

Are Frost Cutlery Knives any good?

Perfecting the Frost Cutlery line is a brand called Hen as well as Rooster, which is recognized to have some of the finest cutlery, is had by Frost Cutlery. Chicken and also Fowl which has actually been a trusted brand have actually been an ideal fit for Frost Cutlery that is always understood for its craftsmanship and benchmarks.

After the acquisition of this fine line of pocket and also fixed blade knives, Frost Cutlery introduced new patterns and designs, along with innovated the existing ones. This old-pattern-made-new was highly accepted and also suggested by cutlery enthusiasts all over the world.

What is Frost Cutlery? Or what is Frost Knives?

Frost Cutlery is a brand name also referred as frost knives for being popular premium quality knife manufacturer in USA. The brand keeps business values by understanding the needs of the marketplace as well as aims to produce products that people want. Every product at Frost Cutlery is made with premium-quality materials as well as under remarkable craftsmanship at a price that is conveniently cost effective by the masses. Frost Cutlery has actually been the flagbearer of their line used for one of their item range that states, “Quality is a family custom”.

Frost Cutlery Knives Reviews

With altering times, manufacturing patterns of several cutlery brands have changed leading them to disappear from the market. To stay clear of the failures seen by others, Frost Cutlery faithfully works to improvise its own work. A lot of the limited-edition items produced by Frost Cutlery are the manifestation of Jim Frost himself and also shows his continued goal towards broadening the method people perceive the blade sector. 

More than 10 frost cutlery knives and products are under review will be shared very soon.

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Fallkniven Knives Reviews

Fällkniven AB is a Sweden-based knife manufacturing business founded in 1984 in Boden by Peter Hjortberger. Fällkniven indicates ‘the folding knife’ in Swedish and pronounced as Fell-knee-ven. The company is best understood to provide the finest quality survival knives to Swedish military army and security personnel.

Here on this post, you will find Fallkniven knives reviews which are honest and are objective in nature. We try to keep our reviews as much objective as possible to give your community the right information without being influenced or being biased.

As the company’s F1 knife design is added as the official survival knife for Swedish Air Force pilot in 1995. Fallkniven offers a large variety of item range which consists of knives, sheaths, cooking area knives, knife sharpeners, and hunting knives.

Fällkniven Company – Brand Overview

  • Parent Company Name: Fällkniven AB
  • Head Office: Granatvägen, Halmstad, Sweden
  • Product Focus: Fillet, Hunting, Pocket & Survival Knives
  • Target Markets: medium budget to premium knives
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Sweden
  • Average Price Range: $ 150 to $500 plus

The company started developing and selling knives in 1987 and now it works under Eric Hjortberger, child of Peter Hjortberger. Fallkniven blades knives are manufactured by the knife-making business, Hattori.

Fallkniven Reviews

Before, adding it into our review section, it was quite interesting for us that these knives are used by many militaries including their national military forces. We Try to give review on all Fallkniven knives, and therefore dedicating this page solely for Fallkniven Knives Reviews

Fallkniven S1X and S1XB Survival Knife Review
Review Fallkniven F1z VG10 & Fallkniven F1z CosLam

Are Fallkniven Knives good?

Yes, as Fallkniven stands out in the marketplace, Fallkniven Knives are indulged in developing premium knives and other tools which cater to military forces and security workers. Fallkniven products are evaluated at the Lulea University of Technology to guarantee superior quality.

Why Fallkniven Knives are so expensive?

Fallkniven knives are made from high-grade basic materials. The blades of the majority of knives are made from VG10 steel and laminated stainless-steel. The brochure includes various material-constructed grips that uses terrific comfort and slip-proof grip to the operator. The product includes stag bone, Micarta, thermorun, grilon/ Zytel, mother of pearl (MOP), carbon fiber and leather. Most of the whetstones have diamond construction on one side and ceramic on the other which offers an advanced look to the product.

Fallkniven Knives Reviews via Products Range

Fallkniven offers a broad line of product and it successfully accommodates the requirements of hikers, campers, military forces, travelers, hobbyists, and professionals.

Fallkniven Fixed Blade Knives

The convex blade edged fixed blade knives fit to carry out fine cutting, chopping, crafting and slicing tasks easily. Many of these knife blades are made from laminated VG10 stainless steel which confers anti-rust residential or commercial properties.

Fallkniven Framelock Pocket Knives

The collection offers a traditional range of folding knives with Framelock locking mechanism. The knives come with 3G stainless steel blade building that makes sure sturdiness.

Fallkniven Linerlock Pocket Knives

Fallkniven provides a wide inventory of high-performance penknife with Linerlock mechanism. The locking mechanism enables a single-hand operation as the blade carefully presses toward the grip for a protected lock. These knives are designed to act as a self-defense tool as they offer sharp, drop point blades made from laminated cobalt unique steel.

Fallkniven Accessories & More

The series provides a special set of playing cards created in Sweden. These playing cards come printed with Fallkniven logos and are extremely valued by travelers, hikers, campers and outdoor experts. The compact and small-sized designed card set fits completely in your purse, pocket and set.

Fallkniven Sharpeners & Knife Blanks

These knife sharpeners provide excellent performance as these are utilized to hone various types of knives that consist of hunting knives, military knives, and cooking area knives. The majority of these sharpeners have diamond steel-crafted micro teeth made from ceramic steel and whetstones.

Fallkniven Tre Kronor Knife Collection

The collection includes premium laminated 3G steel blade knives for everyday use. These knives have a sturdy building with rigid sharp-edged blades.

Fallkniven F1 Military Survival Knife

Fallkniven has actually been producing survival knives and other tools for the Swedish military and Air Force since 1995. The F1 knives are used as official survival knives by Swedish pilots as they provide more strength and sharpness.

Fallkniven FH9 Folding Hunter Knives

These folding hunter knives are specially developed to cater hunters as these laminated folding knives use toughness, strength, and sharpness. The flat ground blades have 3G cobalt steel building. The lightweight knives are excellent for cutting and piercing things and works equally well as a self-defense tool in hostile scenarios.

Fallkniven CMT Chef Knife

The business makes knives for both business in addition to low-profile kitchen area knives. The chef knives provide extra sharpness and strength with convex edge blade. These knives are offered with maroon Micarta grips which use terrific convenience and slip-proof grip to the users. Many of these fixed blade knives are available with a hardwood storage box that makes sure safe storage and transportation.

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

Developed for professional usage, the Fallkniven Survival Knives are crafted from high-quality Cobalt Steel which offers unparalleled sturdiness with great functionality. The laminated, convex-edged knives are extremely used as survival gears by expert campers and hunters. The handle building is done utilizing various product such as Kraton, Thermorun and Carbon Fiber.

Service Warranty Policy of Fallkniven

Fallkniven items are devoid of problems in material and craftsmanship. The products are covered with a ten-year warranty. If any product is discovered to be faulty, the business will fix or change the item without any added fees. The blade tips and edges are not necessitated unless they are found with product or manufacturing flaw. It is advised by the business to acquire the items from authorized dealers. Fallkniven whetstones and sheaths are not covered under guarantee unless they are defective produced.

Conclusion – Fallkniven Knives

Fallkniven is a Sweden-based company that manufacturers knives, knife sharpeners, sheaths, and whetstones. The items are highly appreciated in the international marketplace and many of these products are used by the Swedish Air Force, military forces and security workers. As Fallkniven Knives for sale mostly, you will discover them at lowest rates on two main websites online, if you find any other do let us know as well.

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Spyderco Knives Review

Spydero Knives Reviews is a huge task for us to start and complete, but we try our best to complete these Spyderco knives review at the earliest.

Spyderco Knives

For over 40 years, Spyderco knives have been a popular option for knife lovers from around the globe, and it’s simple to see why. Spyderco knives are immediately recognizable for their wise, ground-breaking styles that go above and beyond what you discover from other brands.

Spydero Knives as Brand

From being the first to innovate features that are standard on practically all knives today, to producing brand-new purpose-driven styles that make your jobs much easier and more efficient, Spyderco has never stopped producing impressively practical knives that are must-haves for any collection.

  • Parent Company Name: Spyderco.Inc
  • Head Office: Golden, Colorado, USA
  • Product Focus: Pocket Knives, EDC, Nautical, Electrician & Tactical
  • Target Markets: All Budget ( As Much as you can pay)
  • Manufacturing Facilities: USA, China, Taiwan, Itlay & Japan
  • Average Price Range: $150 to $400

Spyderco knives Review

Spyderco understands a thing or 2 about edges: They began as a producer of knife sharpeners before making the leap into award-winning blades. Some knife makers tiptoe around the subject of edge retention, however Spyderco has tackled it head on and has actually made it a crucial focus in all their items.

Spyderco knives are subjected to extensive, cutting edge testing that thoroughly measures edge sharpness and corrosion resistance, which ensures maximum resilience and performance. Spyderco knives are likewise tested for stress, wear and tear, and optimal heat treatment. The result is an unstoppable line of knives like the Spyderco Tenacious, a fan-favorite that never offers up till the task is done.

Why there is a hole in every Spyderco blade?

The large, round hole near the tang of the majority of Spyderco folding knives is a hallmark function that sets these blades apart. The design enables for simple, one-handed opening of the knife without having to fumble for a catch or requiring to tear off a nail, unlike what’s needed for some folding knives.

Pocket Clip on Spydero Knives

Ever clip a knife to your pocket? Thank Spyderco, because they’re the business that introduced that function to the market. They’ve made many other contributions to knife design ever since, and even if you’ve never utilized among their knives, chances are you’ve used a knife that was straight inspired by one.

Today, Spyderco has lots of styles to choose from based on your jobs and requirements, but there a couple of that really stand out: If you’re interested in a Spyderco knife however are unsure of where to begin, then let us recommend the Spyderco Endura.

Spyderco Endura knives are amongst the business’s original bestsellers and they come filled with all the heft and power you need from a superior folding knife, but at a reasonable price point.

If, on the other hand, you know your way around a knife, then you require to visit the Paramilitary Series, which consists of the famous Spyderco Paramilitary 2. The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is among the most efficient, durable, and flexible folding knives ever released. And we aren’t the only ones saying that.

Spyderco Knives Review

Following is a list of Spyderco Knives Reviews we have in plan for doing. Do pray, we complete what we are starting.

Spyderco Axes & Hatchets

Spyderco Axes and Hatchets are slicing tools; both share comparable look but perform different functions. These Hatchets and axes comprise a carbon steel head attached to a polymer or shaped G-10 handle. A few of the hatchets under this are formed from a single piece of steel. The Axes are developed to be utilized with 2 hands to take full advantage of striking power and can be utilized to cut wood or split fire wood.

Spyderco Warrior Hawk Axe

Spyderco Warrior Hawk Series axes with black Tin coated D2 tool steel axe head with cutting edge. These axes are capable of performing tasks like splitting kindling at your base camp or hacking your escape of a crashed helicopter plus a great offer more. The Warrior Hawk axes are designed with black sculpted G-10 handles and featured a Boltaron sheath that protects the axe from every day use and tear. They are known for their high extreme strength and toughness.

Spyderco Clothing

This features the brand logo design Spyderco in many various designs. The right usage of materials makes these T-shirts resilient, making sure a lasting wear.

Spyderco Kitchen Knives & Cutlery

The company makes knives for both business as well as low-profile cooking area knives. The cooking area knives provide extra sharpness and strength with stainless blades.

Spyderco Knife Accessories

Aside from being a recognized manufacturer of ingenious, Spyderco likewise provides a series of various devices including sharpener rods, ceramic stones, logo pins, mirror decal, knife cases, lanyards and more. The products are made utilizing high-quality basic materials to use lasting performance. These items are perfect for daily use and outdoor activities.

Spyderco Baliyo

The series features metal body pens with Butterfly knife type body on the majority of. These pens are thought about reliable when it comes to writing over greasy, damp or severe cold or hot situations. The easy to open and close pens in the have amenities like pocket clip which keeps the pen safe from getting lost.

Spyderco Bradley Knife Series

The includes the high-performance knives that are created utilizing quality satin surface PSF27 tool steel. The Bradley is perfect for fishing, hiking, military specialists and outdoor camping as it has a flexible blade for contouring cuts. The G-10 grips with tubular rivets of the knives are comfy adequate to be used for a long period of time.

Spyderco Knife Sharpeners

Sharpeners are among the most essential tools that use smooth and fast honing with no trouble. These are the ceramic, stone, and diamond sharpeners, which are constructed with appropriate angle and length. The sharpeners are important and useful for any knife owner to possess.

Spyderco Spydero Edge Knife

This series offers knives that are manufactured using H-1 steel. The blades have the capability to endure high compression and survive even after the roughest usages. Spyderco edge knives have Volcano grip texture pattern FRN or smooth Corian handles providing a safe and firm grip. Some have black finishing on the knives blade which complements the knife and looks traditional. This series consists of cooking area cutlery in addition to EDC penknife.

Spyderco Fixed Blades

List of Spyderco fixed blades which we will be covering in Spyderco Fixed blades reviews.

Spyderco Fixed Blade Knives

These knives appropriate to be used for digging, cutting, and much more tasks; a number of these knives are produced using the VG-10 stainless-steel blades. The strength of these blades is good and withstands high compression and pressure. The performance transcends and provides maximum security to excessive wear and tear.

Spyderco Throwing Knives

Throwing knives are developed specifically to cater the sole function of throwing tactfully. Unlike other ordinary knives, these knives require sufficient strength and efforts to hit the target precisely throughout short or long range.

Spyderco Always Ready ARK Line Knives

The line includes the high-performance knives with blades that are created utilizing H-1 stainless steel with finger hole. The Always Ready ARK is perfect for battle and personal-defense as it was created by Army battle veteran John Shirley and his buddy Sam Owens. The FRN grips of the knives are comfy adequate to be used for a long period of time.

Spyderco Aqua Salt Knife Series

Aqua Salt knives have checkered black fiberglass enhanced nylon handles using a firm and safe grip. The black finishing of the knives blade complements the knife and looks classic.

Spyderco Enuff Knife Series

The line covers a large range of blade knives. These knives are lightweight which makes them a simple carry.

Spyderco Enuff Salt Knife Series

These Spyderco knives are suitable to be used for treking, outdoor camping, and a lot more jobs. These knives are produced using the H-1 stainless steel serrated sheepsfoot blades. The strength of these blades is commendable and endures high compression and pressure. The performance transcends and provides optimal defense to excessive wear and tear.

Spyderco Moran Knife Series

The grips on these knives come in black FRN with non-slip Kraton inlays for an easy grip. The knives come with VG-10 stainless steel blade construction that ensures durability.

Spyderco Slipit Knife Series

The Slipit knife provides exceptional performance when these are used searching, fishing and camping in addition to many other outdoor and indoor activities. The lightweight FRN handles on this knife are made of nylon guaranteeing a close grip. These blades are leaf shaped N690Co stainless steel which results in anti-corrosion homes.

Spyderco Street Knife Series

The series covers a wide range of lightweight searching fixed blade knives. The Street knives are ideal for field dressing and with their black surface VG-10 stainless steel blades you can be certain about the knife’s durability.

Spyderco Folding

This is list of products we will be covering in Spyderco folding knives series.

Spyderco Folding Pocket Knives

This is an extensive variety of folding knives that are perfect for bring every day. The knives in this variety vary with respect to their locking mechanisms. From framelock to linerlock to lockback system, you will get an enormous stock of folder knives in this line.

Spyderco Framelock Pocket Knives

The Framelock Pocket Knives in this line are made using VG-10 stainless blades that impart excellent strength and high resistance from rust and abrasions. The knives have a best density and use a non-slip grip to be utilized flawlessly in most requiring scenarios.

Spyderco Linerlock Pocket Knives

Linerlock Pocket Knives are mainly the finest self-defense knives in the production line. These knives work on the most basic liner lock mechanism.

Spyderco Lockback Pocket Knives

The stainless steel building and construction of these knives imparts enormous strength and assists the knives make it through in difficult scenarios. Lockback Knives work on the basic lock back mechanism or the spine locking mechanism that prevents the knives from unintentional opening or closing.

Spyderco Slip Joint Knives

These slip joint knives are one of the most universal types of pocket knives. A slip joint knife consists of a grip with one or more folding blades.

Spyderco Specialized Lock Knives

This line of knives have a stainless blades; these blades save inside the handle till its prepared to be utilized. The specialized lock comes with dual locking security button which holds the blade securely in the close or open position. These light-weight knives make an ideal EDC.

Spyderco Atlantic Salt Knife Line

The line covers a range of lockback folding pocket knives. These knives are compact and can quickly fit in the hand.

Spyderco Chaparral Knife Line

This line of knives is equipped with CTS-XHP stainless-steel blade, coming with a standard edge, guaranteeing strength for sturdy jobs. The handles are charming and made from Raffir Noble or solid titanium offering company grip to prevent unexpected injuries. These knives are developed to satisfy the requirements of a knife enthusiast.

Spyderco Clipitool Knife Series

Clipitool Knives are the high-performance tactical knives with the capability to perform finest while performing daily jobs. The knives in this line have stainless steel blades some likewise consist of scissors and bottle opener that withstand corrosion and entirely fit inside the grip that ends up being much easier to bring.

Spyderco Cricket Knife Series

This line consists of an array of light-weight folding knives, coming with stainless-steel standard edge or serrated blades, providing accuracy in rugged applications. The Cricket associates pocket clip and lanyard hole developing a safe and simple to carry framelock knife. The non-slip grip handles made from brushed stainless steel permit the users to use it for long hours without tiredness.

Spyderco Delica Knife Series

Delica Knife Line works on the manageable lockback folding system. These everyday job knives are manufactured utilizing stainless-steel that resists deterioration and stands up to high compression. The knife handles are used fiberglass reinforced nylon or stainless offered in a wide range of colors; they convey terrific strength to the total knife frame.

Spyderco Dog Tag Knife Line

The Dog Tag knives are recognized for their unique handles and blades; each grip is machined from a solid piece of black carbon fiber/G -10 laminate or aluminum with an inlaid detent spring arm producing a distinct design. The line offers strong knives that work excellent for box cutting, opening letters, and many other tasks.

Spyderco Domino Knife Series

The knives under this series have stainless steel blades. These framelock knives have red weave pattern carbon fiber front grips with titanium back grips with thumb slot and ridge for a comfortable secure grip.

Spyderco Dragonfly Knife Range

The series covers a vast array of lockback folding pocket knives. The locking system ensures simple opening of blade. The knives are lightweight and compact so they can easily fit in the hand. The Dragonfly knives handles are made up of fiberglass strengthened nylon with Dragonfly art work in a range of colors. These knives are created to handle accurate and hard cutting tasks.

Spyderco Endura Knife Range

This large range of knives is known for their premium textured fiberglass strengthened grips offered in a variety of colors. The handles are impeccably crafted to supply a secure and stable grip while in usage. The ZDP-189 stainless blades with thumb hold pull on these knives can be used for various jobs including cutting, piercing, chopping and grinding.

Spyderco Karahawk Knife

Karahawk Knife Series features the quality knives that are indicated to be used by the knife enthusiasts, collectors, and survival experts. These knives have VG-10 stainless patent curved hawkbill blades. The textured G-10 grips uses a karambit ring at the butt end for outstanding hold without much straining the hands.

Spyderco Ladybug Knife

This preferred Spyderco series includes folding knives that stainless serrated blades on fiberglass strengthened nylon handles, making them light-weight and long lasting. The Lockback system makes sure the safety of the user by keeping the blade locked throughout usage. The premium steel blades are deterioration resistant.

Spyderco Lil’ Knife

These folding knives are specifically created to help you in any outdoor circumstances such as cutting line when fishing. The majority of the knives in this series function form-fitting appealing G-10 handles that are textured to provide a company and tight grip. These knives with linerlock assisted blade opening mechanism are extremely chosen for usage by fisherman, travelers, and other outdoorsmen.

Spyderco Lil’ Native Knives

This series of knives is prepared with stainless steel blade, a compression lock guaranteeing strength for durable jobs. The handles are made from black G-10, offering firm grip to avoid accidental injuries. These knives are designed to fulfill the requirements of a knife enthusiast.

Spyderco Manbug Knife Range

The series a variety of Manbug Folding Pocket Knives with various handle patterns including green, yellow and black. The blades made of stainless-steel are reliable and strong making it simple to handle everyday chores. Light-in-weight, these knives can be easily carried around in pocket.

Spyderco Manbug Salt Knife

Manbug Salt Series works on the simple lockback folding system. These knives are made using the premium grade stainless-steel serrated blades that withstands corrosion and stands up to high compression. The knives have textured yellow fiberglass reinforced handles and impart great strength and grip to the total knife body.

Spyderco Manix Knife

This series provides you with a choice of premium folding knives that are prepared with resilient stainless blades. The stainless-steel provides resistance to rust and corrosion, making them resilient. All the knives in this specific niche are produced with innovation in design and accuracy; these knives deliver superior efficiency in hostile conditions and outdoor circumstances.

Spyderco Mantra Knife Range

This on a regular basis pocket knife series lightweight knives with basic edges. The knives in this series deal with the linerlock mechanism. The blades are made of CPM M4 stainless with thumb ridge, thumb hole and extended tang to endure under high compression. The matte stonewash finish titanium handles of these knives imparts a timeless seek to the knives. A portion of the sales of the Mantra will be donated to The National Parkinson Foundation.

Spyderco Matriarch Knife Range

The knives of this product line integrate nylon grips making for a non-slip grip. The serrated blades are constructed using stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant and represents strength. The knives are best for routine use fight circumstances and activities.

Spyderco Military Knife Range

Spyderco makes survival knives primarily for the Military. These knives are utilized as main survival knives as they offer supreme strength and sharpness. These knives are made from stainless-steel to give more rigidness and to enhance the toughness. Some of these knives are offered with a black finish which avoids them from rust. The handles on these knives are available in a range of colors made from G-10 making them light-weight and comfy.

Spyderco Native Knife

This category of knives high-performance knives that are prepared with G-10 or nylon grips, making them perfect to utilize for durable jobs. These knives have stainless steel blades with thumb pull hole, some serrated some basic edge. The functional functions like 4 position pocket clip and lanyard hole make them more desirable among travelers, campers, and other lovers.

Spyderco P’Kal Knife

This range includes a variety of versatile knives red or black G-10 handles with a pocket clip. The well-designed, ergonomic knife with wave feature which permits the blade to be opened as it is withdrawn from the pocket and thumb hole pull is an ideal safety knife. The handles provide an impressive grip for comfy use.

Spyderco Pacific Salt Knife

The series is a selection of knives implied to cater to the fluctuating needs of the individuals. These knives have maximum versatility and H1 steel blades and lock steel uses 1% nitrogen in place of carbon producing a totally rust totally free knife to endure under most tactical situations. The products in this series are a great option for outdoorsmen and campers.

Spyderco Para-Military 3 Knife

This series of knives is prepared with stainless-steel blades, a serrated or basic edge, ensuring strength for sturdy tasks. The grips are made from nylon or G-10, providing firm grip to prevent unintentional injuries. These knives are developed to meet the requirements of a military knife lover.

Spyderco Para-Military Knife

With an unwavering quality and workmanship, these linerlock swiss army knife are extremely preferred for experts as well as survivalists. Some of these knives black finish stainless blades with thumb hole, perfect for heavy outdoor usage. This durable range of folding knives includes a four-way reversible pocket clip, permitting safe bring.

Spyderco Police Knife

The Police Knife Series includes high-performance knives with the lockback system that ensures simple release of the blade. The folding knives feature VG-10 stainless steel blades making the blades rust resistant. The knives have textured and lightweight handles that guarantee secure grip. Easy to bring, these penknife are appropriate survival tools for travelers, campers, and travelers.

Police Rescue Knife

Spyderco provides a large inventory of exceptional pocket knives with lockback mechanism. The Mariner style blades on the Rescue feature VG-10 stainless with thumb hole pull and lightweight fiberglass strengthened nylon resin handles. These knives are designed to serve emergency/fire/rescue personnel, likewise makes for a good self-defense tool.

Spyderco Roadie Knife

Distinctively created swiss army knife in this series are impeccably crafted to provide functionality. These knives are understood for their interesting stainless sheepsfoot blades with double damage opener for fingernail-free two-handed opening. These knives are lightweight and attractive. The nylon handles feature notched-joint mechanism and lanyard hole making the knives impact extremely resilient and resistant.

Spyderco Sage Knife

The knives of this product series have basic edge blades with thumb hole pull made of CPM-S30V stainless steel. The knives are offered in black carbon fiber or G-10 Laminate handles and include a reversible heavy wire pocket clip. The Sage represents Spyderco’s 30-year pledge to knife crafting and discovering to make better knives at every readily available chance This product is a perfect survival tool for fishing and searching.

Spyderco Salt 2 Knife

The series includes a selection of Folding Pocket Knives with different handle colors made from nylon. The Salt 2 includes the lockback system which offers additional security while handling these knives. The blades are reputable and strong making it easy to grip daily tasks. Light-in-weight, these knives can be quickly carried around in pocket.

Spyderco Salt Knife

The knives under this series integrate the innovative design and high-efficiency in the folding swiss army knife. Equipped with lockback system, the knives are safe and simple to open. The stainless blade with a strong pointer makes sure accuracy and performance. The series includes lightweight knives that are simple and comfortable to carry. The nylon grips ensure a non-slip grip.

Spyderco Shaman Knife

Shaman Knife Series is a variety of compression lock linerlock knives. The products in this series are ideal to be utilized as a survival tools that can be brought while camping, travelling, and searching. The handles are made from textured G-10 and come outfitted with a pocket clip making them simple to carry.

Spyderco Snap-it Salt Knife

This classification of knives consists of high-performance knives that are made from H1 steel making them rust perfect and resistant to utilize for sturdy tasks. The practical functions like the carabiner clip make them more reasonable among campers and trekkers.

Spyderco Southard Knife

The series covers framelock folding swiss army knife with thumb hole, flipper and Reeve important lock (R.I.L.) mechanism; this locking system ensures easy opening of blade. The majority of the knives are compact and can easily fit in the hand. The blades are made of black surface CTS-204P steel and offer black surface titanium handles. These knives are designed by Brad Southard and suggested to grip difficult and exact cutting jobs.

Spyderco Squeak Knife

Squeak Knife Series offers a series of folding swiss army knife with black or pink fiberglass reinforced grips and non-locking N6920Co stainless-steel blades. These knives are made in Italy and include a thumb hole and stainless wire design pocket clip. The stainless-steel blade is resistant to deterioration and abrasion making these knives long-lasting.

Spyderco Stretch Knife

This series consists of folding knives that feature G-10 or nylon handles with a four position hourglass clip, making them resilient and non-slip. These knives come geared up with thumb hole and jimping. The quality ultra-high carbon ZDP-189 steel blades are impact resistant.

Spyderco Tasman Salt Knife

The knives of this item series have satin finish H1 steel hawkbill blades and thumb pull. The knives are available in a range of grips such as black and yellow textured fiberglass enhanced nylon. The blades on these knives are sharp stainless steel some being serrated, which makes sure strength and accuracy.

Spyderco Temperance Knife

Temperance Knife Series features the quality knives that are indicated to be for outdoor activities and useful around the house as well. These knives have satin surface CPM S30V stainless blades and black textured G-10 grips. Geared up with lanyard hole and pocket clip means for these knives to be easy to carry.

Spyderco Tenacious Knife

The series features knives that are manufactured utilizing 8Cr13MoV steel blade with thumb hole design. The finishing of the knives matches the knife body and design of the knives blades looks sleek.

Spyderco UK Pen Knife

UK Pen Knife series includes a various series of knives particularly to be carried while doing daily tasks in addition to trekking or camping. These folding knives are made using full-flat ground CTS-BD1 stainless-steel leaf shaped blades that makes it through under the toughest circumstances. This series lanyard hole and reversible pocket clip makes sure to be a simple carry.

Spyderco Yojimbo 2 Knife

The knives in this series includes compression lock blade locking system guaranteeing security when released. The stainless Wharncliff blades with thumb hole of these knives can be utilized for various tasks including cutting, piercing, slicing and grinding.

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Bark River Knives Review

We will be doing detailed Bark River Knives Reviews in this section. You will find everything about bark river knives, from their most wanted bark river knives to pathetic models. You will learn about Bark River Knives as a company and the products.

Bark River Knives

Bark River Knives is among the leading knife manufactures based in Escanaba, Michigan. A family business started in 2001 by Mike Steward and Leslie Steward. They always ensure that their customer satisfaction comes first and they get quality products.

They are relatively expensive as compared to same blade type but, the heat treatment of their blades is exceptionally high and that is what makes Bark River Knives sharpness long lasting as compared to its competitors.

Bark River Knives Review

  • Parent Company Name: Bark River Knives
  • Head Office: Escanaba Michigan,
  • Product Focus: Hunting, Neck Knives, Premium Knives
  • Target Markets: Survival, Kitchen Knives, EDC.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Mostly USA but China for 2 Knives
  • Average Retail Price Range: $160 to $400

While writing, Bark River Knives Reviews, we took all of their catalogue and yet, they have very brief list of products but they are very effective. Bark River Knives specializes in sales and manufacturing of Kitchen Knives and other table ware products.

Are Bark River Knives Good Knives?

Yes, Bark River Knives are Good Knives as Bark River Knives Company uses combination of traditional knife making techniques apart from latest technology, so, anyone holding a bark river knife which is a blend of latest technology and traditional knife forging methods. Their knives are affordable and being quality produced from best raw materials and having best heat treatments to the blades.

Why Choose Bark River Knives?

Doing Reviews on bark River Knives, it’s an important question to answer, as Bark River Knives is all about American Made quality knife from knife’s blade to its handle, from heat treatment to geometry of the blade. From its usage to knife life. According to Bark River Knives Quality of raw materials, heat treatment, blade convex shape, and above all handmade sheaths go with every knife one purchases. These are the main reasons to choose Bark River Knives.

Quality of Bark River Knives

They treat each knife being manufactured with equal attention, using finest materials having best steel like A2, 3v & CPM M4 which are premium yet hard to work with as well, then shaping them to correct shape and geometry along with perfect heat treatment so they don’t get brittle.  Making Micarta handles and even using rare natural materials in their knife handles making their knives standout.

Why doesn’t Bark River Knives do flat grinds?

It’s their signature style you can say, all bark river knives’ blades are convex edged as convex edge lasts long as compared to flat grind or flat edge. It’s little complicated to re-sharpen it but it takes lesser time and it lasts long.

Bark River Knives offer Life Time Warranty

Well, Bark River Knives have life time warranty on their knives, unless they are totally damaged. The reason is their simple knife designs though very thoughtfully designed but simple to see, and their factory is in USA, and they are mostly selling their Knives in US stores or online, therefore, shipping it to their factory and paying few extra dollars to get your knife restored or replaced won’t be much.

Bark River Knives Reviews

There are so many bark river knives to choose for review but as we are beginning right now, you will soon find reviews being added in this post.

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TOPS Knives Review

You will find TOPS Knives Reviews done like never before. As you know TOPS Knives and Tools delivers high quality knives and tools that are tough to the core and happily made in the USA.

TOPS Knives Reviews

Brand Summary

  • Parent Company Name: TOPS Knives.
  • Head Office: Eastern Idaho,
  • Product Focus: Pocket Knives, Tactical Knives, Hunting Knives
  • Target Markets: Survival, Military, Hunters, EDC.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Italy & mostly USA
  • Average Retail Price Range: $100 to $350

TOPS Knives History

At the end of 1998, TOPS knives were established with the objective of developing knives of the highest quality. The knives are tools designed and constructed utilizing the huge knowledge and real-life experience of many operators with experience in military, law enforcement, foreign experts and martial arts experts.

Are TOPS Knives any good?

TOPS Knives believes that the blades must fit the users and never ever the other way around for their customers. That’s why TOPS Knives have blades variations from 1 to 3 inches to 10 to 12 inches.

And, if you’re searching for high performance hunting knives, they have the legendary TOPS BOB series (Bushcraft Brothers, also sometimes called TOPS Field craft). You can also take a look at other traditional outside accents, such as the Trout Knives and also TOPS Birds Knives, the TOPS cheetah series and the TOPS Shadow Rider series. Yes, Tops knives are much better as compared to other knives in market. They are not any good but superb.

You will also find TOPS Knives Reviews on TOPS Hero, a unique series created and supported by the Silent Heroes Structure’s Special Department for the Avoidance of Searching of Wildlife in Africa.

TOPS Knives Reviews & TOPS Knives Designers

Specifically, they worked with designers with backgrounds ranging from Airborne Rangers to Navy Seals, from survival professionals to martial arts trainers, from Native American weapons experts to SWAT team members. They have a designer from practically every background that utilizes solid standard knives.

Most likely the best part, all repaired TOPS blades are manufactured and manually completed at their centers in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, U.S.A…

Their knives were bought and deployed in “hot spots” around the globe. Many people who were, were field workers, or utilized their knives.

When their lives depended on the tools they had with them, it’s been reported optimal efficiency and reliability at times.

Please note that Leo Espinoza is not only the designer of many TOPS Knives but he is also working president of the company as well. Meaning he is President of TOPS Knives Inc.

Why professionals select TOPS Knives?

As you understand, TOPS Knives was founded in 1998 by a group of veterans who wanted to produce a much better class of blades for service members and police. To attain their objective, they have actually assembled knife designers from practically every field where mission success depends upon optimum efficiency in extreme circumstances.

Are TOPS Knives Worth the Money?

Yes, Tops knives worth every single penny spent given some designs are not that great but one thing is absolute. You can reply on TOPS Knives. That’s why, Sailors, USA Navy SEALs teams, Army Rangers, SWAT teams, survival trainers, weapons experts, and even martial arts masters have all contributed over 200 models of active knife products designed to be the very best at what they do so, it’s worth the money.

Main Uses of TOPS Knives

TOPS knives are usually made of 1095 high carbon steel that balance hardness and edges with ease of sharpening, making these knives extremely suggested for

  • hunting
  • fishing
  • survival
  • fight
  • daily family chores
  • Far more

Whatever your task, these TOPS knives will perform.


We will soon be posting so many tops Knives reviews,

We think that the blade ought to fit the operator and never ever the other way around. That’s why we love the fact that the TOPS blades have blade variations from 1 to 3 inches to 10 to 12 inches. And, if you’re looking for high performance searching knives, we have the legendary TOPS BOB series (Bushcraft Brothers, likewise in some cases called TOPS Field craft).

You can also check out other timeless outside accents, such as the Trout Knives and also TOPS Birds Knives, the TOPS cheetah series and the TOPS Shadow Rider series. We are also happy to offer TOPS Hero, and unique series created and supported by the Heroes Foundation’s Unique Division for the Prevention of Searching of Wildlife in Africa.

Read More about TOPS 208 Clipper and get special discount
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WE Knives Reviews

WE Knives Brand Summary

  • Parent Company Name: WE Knife Co Ltd.
  • Head Office: Guangdong, China
  • Product Focus: Pocket Knives, Tactical Knives
  • Target Markets: Higher End Premium Quality for Knife Collectors etc.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: All products Made in China
  • Average Price Range: $200 to $500

We will be discussing all popular & brand new We Knives aka We Knife Co. or We Knife Company.

We Knives or We Knife Company is famous for producing high end to mid end knives from China for past 15 years. It is giving a little more tough time to American Knife markers by producing high quality Knives. Now still being Chinese company it has established their name as premium knife makers in USA & UK. Now, it has set an eye to get into EU markets.

WE KNIFE Co LTD Manufacturing Facility

We knives manufactures very high quality knives and the reason is of deploying high quality machines & equipment. Having highly skilled staff involved in knife forging is yet another great advantage that they have. Furthermore, just like USA Knife Companies, they have proper research & development team that works with in house designers and any design that has been selected goes first into severe quality and objective testing before the final production beings.

For this reason, you will find their knives as expensive as Cold Steel, Spyderco and Other companies yet, being Chinese and giving importance to their legacy, they still play on prices. Like CPM CV 20 steel blades are half the price of US or European made companies.

Early History of We Knives

Well, We Knives started its brand as professional knife manufacturing company in 2000. In start, the came up with different knives and different branding schemes to check, which option suits them the best. They were used as an Outsourcing company by many knife manufacturers but no one can deny the fact, being best and biggest outsourcer to the US Knife market with experience of production of 14years. They have launched their brand WE KNIVES in almost 2014

Building highest quality knives and tools with plenty of choices for the customers is their main goal. So, just like Kershaw a famous brand, having so many variants they also followed same type of strategy.

We Knives Reviews

As, now they are popular, knife brand we will be reviewing some of their Knives and tell you, pros & cons as compared to prices. We Knives Reviews are difficult to find because it’s not that popular yet, just like any new brand, we loved their knives and that why we loved We Knives and starting off reviewing their products under:

Competitors of We Knife Co or We Knives

Well, it can be subjective, but from our perspective and observation We “Best Knives Reviews Team” suggest following main WE Knives competitors

  • Kershaw Knives
  • Zero Tolerance Knives
  • Spyderco Knives
  • Benchmade Knives

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Esee Knives Reviews

Esee Knives are the knives everyone loves and where will be reviewing so many esee knives here. WE hope you will find best knives reviews here on our blogsite.

Esee Knives Brand Summary

  • Parent Company Name: Randel’s Adventure and Training Esee
  • Head Office: Gallant Alabama
  • Product Focus: Survival Knives, Outdoors
  • Target Markets: 
  • Manufacturing Facilities: USA, China, El Salvador, Finland, Haiti & Taiwan
  • Average Price Range: $100 to $500 plus

Esee Knives

That’s the primary word to explain ESEE knives is “Effective”. Started 20 years ago by the founders of Randall’s Adventure & Training and very first developed for Peruvian unique forces, ESEE knives go beyond the buzz surrounding a lot of brand names of survival and focus on what works. From the jungles of Peru, to the deserts of Iraq, to the mountains of Afghanistan, ESEE knives perform better when it counts. If the objective depends upon the quality and the design of your gear, then you want the tools that are relied on throughout the board by police, military, and unique forces neighborhoods.

What does Esee Stands for?

ESEE takes its name from “Escuela De Supervivencia, Escapar, Evasión” (The School of Survival, Escape, Evasion), an elite course begun by the Peruvian air force, who partnered with survival trainers Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin in the late 1990s. From ultimate tools like the LTMACH Machete to the military survival school-inspired ESEE 5, ESEE blades are created to get the job done. If you want pretty, then you’ll most likely desire to look somewhere else.

Are Esee Knives any Good?

Well, not all Esee Knives good, but there are which are really good and they are worth writing and discussing. As you read along, you will find more about “ are esee knives any good” With numerous situational and flexible knives to select from, our collection of ESEE equipment consists of the tools you need to satisfy your specs, whether it’s bush craft or straight self-defense.

You can take to the wild with blades like the ESEE Izula, considered by numerous to be among the finest repaired survival and rescue blades worldwide, or constantly come prepared with accessories like industry-leading sheathing options. ESEE-manufactured sheaths can be easily utilized with a high-tech tactical rig or used just on your belt.

Diving into the Esee Knives Brand by Line:

There are 18 product lines according to our knowledge, if we have missed anything, please do let us know. You will find detailed review about each product line.

ESEE Advanced Survival Gear

ESEE Knives Advanced Survival Gear Series comprises uniquely created innovative survival sets that are perfect for pilots, drivers, outdoorsmen and world tourists. This Advanced Series includes easy-to-use survival gears, varying from fire packages to survival fishing kits.

ESEE Arrow Heads

The Series of Arrow heads by ESEE is one of the innovative assortments of the brand. Compact and light-weight, these arrowheads are essential outdoor devices when it comes to trekking, rock climbing or outdoor camping. Finest suited for outdoorsmen, hunters, and survivalists, the functional arrowheads can be lashed to a branch, used as an arrow, or can be attached to a stay with utilize as a knife or spear.

ESEE Avispa Folding Pocket Knives

Avispa Line by ESEE Knives includes a range of framelock folding swiss army knife that are easy and light-weight to operate.

ESEE Camp Lore Knives

Created to fulfill the demands for traditional, basic, bush craft knives, the Camp-Lore Line was invented by ESEE Knives The line has a range of simple, conventional, fixed blade styles that have been field-proven for many years. These repaired blade knives are equipped with carbon steel blade– long lasting enough to be used for multiple purposes like cutting, slicing, and splitting.

ESEE Candiru Knives

The series consists of repaired blade knives with skeletonized grip, carbon steel blade, belt sheath, survival card, lashing holes, and other valuable functions. The long lasting and protective sheaths molded Kydex or nylon construction, lashing hole, and belt loop not just supply security to the blade but likewise provide the benefit of bring.

ESEE CM6 Combat Tactical Knives.

The signing up with of Tactical and Practical making this knife at home in the American forests or the battlegrounds around the world. 5 7/8″ black powder coated 1095 carbon steel blade engraved Chestnut Mountain Proving Grounds, Marion, NC. Blade features sharpened upper swedge which boosts penetration.

ESEE Imacasa Machetes

The Imacasa line of ESEE Knives consists of a selection of machetes that are designed to be used for a variety of purposes like gardening, farming, self-protection, high-force chopping, and more. These machetes appropriate for outside enthusiasts and survivalists who may come across unforeseeable challenges throughout their journey.

ESEE Izula Knives

Izula Series is one of the popular collections of ESEE. These fixed blade knives are 6.25 inches in general.

ESEE Junglas Knives

The Junglas Fixed blade is the biggest of the fixed blade knives produced by ESEE. The Junglas Line by ESEE Knives serves the outside enthusiasts with a variety of repaired blade knives, Molle panels, and knife sheaths.

ESEE Laser Strike Knives

At 10 inches overall with a 4.875 inch blade the Laser Strike Line includes a selection of fixed blade knives with a range of styles. These knives are developed to use improved sturdiness to be utilized in different outside activities like outdoor camping, hammering, and trekking. These multi-purpose set blade knives feature carbon steel blade, providing effortless efficiency in cutting and chopping tasks.

ESEE Model 3

At 8.25 inches total with a 3.875 inch blade. ESEE  3 Series consists of a variety of easy-to-use fixed blade knives, designed with attractive colors. These outdoor lifestyle devices are ideal for a vast variety of outdoor activities like outdoor camping, travelling, rock fishing, climbing, and searching. These fixed blade knives have a carbon steel blade construction, sharp top edge, full extended tang, canvas micarta grips, lanyard hole, glass breaker pommel, clip plate and a thumb ridge. 

ESEE Model 4

At 9 inches total with a 4.5 inch blade the ESEE Model 4 is the next size up from the Model 3. With all the very same features as the 3 the 4 is simply larger in scale. Call this the medium version we as the design 3 is the small.

ESEE Model 5

At 10.875 inches total with a 5.25 inch blade these Model 5’s are considered the “Large” version in the Model series. These knives include carbon steel blades, full tang for extra strength, glass breaker extended pommel and micarta grips.

ESEE Model 6

At 11.75 inches general with 5.75 inch blades. These Model 6’s are teh extra large version. ESEE Knives Model 6 Line makes up the most practical and completely made repaired blade knives and sheaths. Providing a high-durability, the ESEE knives’ tools include exceptional construction, lightweight design and precise outputs. Many of the ESEE knives are made in USA and consist carbon steel standard edge blade, providing high-resistance to abrasion and edge holding capability. These ESEE outdoor knives mainly consist of powder coat surface, extended or complete tang, canvas micarta handles with a divot, suitable sheath, cord lock, boot clip and clip plate.

ESEE Passports

ESEE Knives Passport Series covers distinctively designed passport cases that are suitable for any tourist or adventure lover.

ESEE Tertiary Push Dagger Knives

ESEE Knives Tertiary Line includes a variety of push dagger fixed blade knives that are commonly used for hammering, fishing, trekking, searching or outdoor camping purposes. Offered in a compact style, these push dagger knives are created to conveniently fit in hand. Equipped with powder coated T-shaped handles, the tertiary knives offer a firm grip for simple handling.

ESEE Venom Knives

Another popular series by ESEE is the Venom collection. Begun with the Venom Green Izula, the brand name broadened their line of venom green knives. The fixed blade knives have high carbon steel construction with powdered coat finish, making them resistant to corrosion, hence adding to lasting efficiency.

ESEE Zancudo Folding Pocket Knives

4 inches closed. ESEE Knives Zancudo line includes a variety of frame lock folding Swiss Army Knife that are geared up with a secure locking system. These knives are created and made in Taiwan and China. The line consists of penknife with D2 steel construction that uses mild rust resistance. The majority of these frame-lock folding Swiss Army Knife feature lanyard hole, thumb ridge, basic edge blade and thumb stud.

ESEE Knives Warranty Policy.

In addition to combat-ready knives, ESEE is among the top service providers of professional equipment for serious survivalists and wilderness course trainees. Every piece of ESEE gear has actually been attempted and evaluated in the genuine world and has been utilized on RAT expeditions. Individuals who create ESEE knives are the exact same individuals who have actually depended upon them in the field, and all ESEE products are backed by a remarkable no questions asked warranty. Whether in war or in the wild, an ESEE knife is a best companion. Don’t go out without one.

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