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Spear Point Knife

A real spear-point knife has two sharpened edges– one on the top and one on the belly or bottom. However, some blades are called spear points that have a similar shape, while really having only a single sharpened edge. These single-edged “spear point” blades are not what this topic is related to. You will come to know why as you read along.

Spear Point Blade Definition

A spear point blade resembles the needle-point blade in that benefits piercing. Its point is stronger and it contains a small “belly” that can be utilized for slicing.

Case Cutlery Besh Wedge Fixed Spear Point Blade

A spear point is a semi convex shaped pointed blade with sharp tip at one end and handle on another Spear point blades contain a little belly which can be utilized for some cutting and slicing applications, nevertheless, the belly is relatively small when compared to drop point and clip

. Both edges of the knife fluctuate equally to develop a point that lines up precisely with the Center of the blade. They can be single or double edged, although a lot of forms of the spear point knife featured a double-edged design.

Spear point blades are frequently used and referred to as on throwing knives.

Cold Steel Tai Pan San Mai

Main Difference between Needle Point & Spear Point Knife

In contrast to the needle-point blade which has a weak but extremely sharp point, a spear point knife has a strength that is likewise sharp enough for piercing. With little broader as compared to needle point blade.

A spear point blade is only excellent for piercing if both edges are sharp. The reduced point is quickly manageable and works for fine pointer work.

Spear Point blades have small belly which can be used for slicing or cutting if needed but is relatively small if compared to drop point blade or clip point knife.

Advantages of Spear Point Blade

There are 3 main advantages of Spear Point Blade also known as throwing knife or at times referred as dagger. For Example Esse Knives has so many push daggers in their product rang, one of them is as under:

ESEE Tertiary Push Dagger

Sharp & Strong Tip 

Mostly spear point blades have strong tip as compared to clip point blades because the center of these blades also got good amount of material. As said earlier, I’m discussing double sided sharpened blade.

Very Controllable

Yes, Spear Points have balanced weight (material) as they are symmetrical so, if throwing you have perfectly balanced knife with both edges working smoothly

Perfect Combat Knife

Spear Blades are really good combat knives because of their ability to pierce through amours and strong sharp tip.  Double-edged spear point blades are more fit for a combat scenario than wilderness survival, in my viewpoint, because they are designed to be great for stabbing. like for example Frost Cutlery‘s fixed blade knife with SKU FTX1456BLK

Frost Cutlery Fixed Blade Black (7″)

Easy to sharpen

Both sides of blades can be easily sharpened using leather or stone or against metal depending upon the steel type of blade.

Disadvantages of Spear Point blade Shape

There are always two sides of a coin, similarly, Spear Point blade shape has cons too.

Bad Choice as Survival Knife

For something, a sharpened top edge can make batoning beside impossible, which is often a vital use of a survival knives.

What is Batoning?

Batoning is a technique for splitting wood using a knife. It includes placing your knife against the wood, then striking the back of the knife with a baton (typically a wooden stick). This is a useful method to cut wood that would otherwise require a hatchet or axe.

Small Cutting Edge (Belly)

As Spear Point blades are semi -convex type in shape, having very small or marginal belly which is not efficient for chopping food items.

You cannot slice food or open an envelope or normal EDC tasks with a Spear Point Blade.

But it’s not impossible to slice as with other blades like HawkBill blades or Tanto blades, where if you try to peel an apple, the juice from it fills your hands.


A spear point knife is a great choice for the knife enthusiast who is looking for an excellent balance between slicing and piercing capability. It integrates the sharp point of a daggers with the strength of a drop point blade, while keeping some of the “belly” that is utilized for slicing.

There are many brands which offer Spear Point knives like, Spyderco Knives, Browning Knives, Kershaw Knives, Cold Steel Knives, even United Cutlery & Frost Cutlery has good variety of throwing Knives.  In general, it is a terrific hybrid blade style that is very practical.

Kershaw Decimus Framelock is a spear point knife
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What is clip point Knife

The clip point knife is one of the 3rd most common knife blade shapes chosen by people the other two are Spear Point knives & Drop Point blades.  Clip point blades have the look of having the forward 1/3rd of the blade “clipped” off. The clip itself can be straight or concave

If you’re looking for an excellent versatile blade, then you’ve come to the right location. A clip point (along with a drop point) is among the most popular blade shapes in use today. The most recognizable knife that includes a clip point is the Bowie knife, but it is also popular on many penknife and fixed blade knives.

Gerber Knives’ Gerber Gator Clip point Knife in Hand

More details & customizations on clip point knife

Traditionally, the spinal column or unsharpened edge of the knife begins at the hilt and continues to a point in between one third to one 4th of the blade length. The blade spinal column then tapers in density in either a straight line or a concave to the blade’s point, which may be located above, below, or in line with the main axis of the blade.

The thinned incorrect edge of the clip may be sharpened to form a true second cutting edge. If the incorrect edge is honed it increases the blade’s efficiency in piercing.

Clip point Vs Drop Point

As shown in the picture below, there is a clear difference between a clip point and a drop point blade, as clip point knives has a cut out on the end making a sharp point where as drop point blade has almost long design, simple and straight which people normally associate with knives. Both knives in the following pictures are from same manufacturer Gerber Knives.

Clip point Knife Vs Drop Point Knife

Advantages of the Clip Point


Clip Point knives are very controllable because of sharp point tip. Just like Marbles Folding Bowie Knife

Marbles Folding Bowie Knife Review SKU MR101 in hands

Easy to sharpen

They can be easily sharpened because of its design and one does not need special practice or tools to sharp as we need for Hawksbill knives Or Tanto Knives.

Good for piercing

Due to sharp pointed tip, they can easily pierce through different materials. They are as good as Tanto knives and Reverse Tanto knives as well.


Plenty of cutting edge (“belly”) for slicing, the size of knife varies but the shape has belly, which makes easier for chopping or slicing food items like apples, bread etc.

Given a big bowie knife is great for chopping woods chips for starter fires.

Disadvantages of the Clip Point

Tip Point is narrow and weak

This is only main point where this shape lacks as compared to tanto or reverse tanto knives.  The amount of material is low as compared to its spin and in its belly, making the TIP more thinner and pointer which is a tradeoff between piercing and chiseling.

Rough Ryder Medium Clip Point Hunter a perfect example of Clip point blade


The back (unsharpened) edge of the knife runs directly from the deal with and stops about midway up the blade. It continues and turns to the point of the knife. This “cut-out” area can be curved or straight, and is referred to as the “clip”, which is how this shape got its name. If the part of the knife from the spine to the point has actually literally been clipped off, clip point knives look as.

The point that is developed by this clip is reduced, which supplies more control when using the blade. Because the tip is easy to control, sharp and thinner at the spinal column, a clip point blade lends itself to quicker stabbing with less drag throughout insertion and faster withdrawal.

In many cases, the back edge of the clip point is honed to make a 2nd edge, which improves the function of the pointer even more.

Clip point blades also include a big “stubborn belly” area that is perfect for slicing.

The only genuine downside of the clip point blade is its relatively narrow tip. Due to the fact that it is narrow and so sharp, it has a propensity to be weak and can break fairly quickly.

By picking a clip point, you will be among the many of knife enthusiasts who own a great all-purpose blade that can be used in numerous situations, anticipated or unanticipated.

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Tanto knives

In this article we will be discussing what are tanto knives for? Uses of tanto knives. Advantages of tanto knives, where to use tanto knife and much more.

In some cases, you do not want a versatile knife. You want a knife that does one thing and does that one thing actually well. If you’re searching for a knife that stands out at piercing difficult materials, then the tanto blade is what you’re searching for.

There are so many tanto knives in market from famous brands like, Browning Knives, Cold Steel Knives, Case Cutlery, Marbles Knives, TOPS Knives and many more..!

Initially created for armor piercing, the tanto blade was popularized by Cold Steel and is similar in style to Japanese long and short swords.

What is a tanto Knife?

The tanto knife has a peak with a flat grind, causing a very strong point that is best for stabbing into difficult materials. The thick point of the tanto blade includes a great deal of metal near the pointer, so it has the ability to take in the impact from duplicated piercing that would cause most other knives to break.

The leading edge of the tanto knife meets the back (unsharpened) edge at an angle, instead of a curve. As a result, the tanto blade does not have a belly, which is sacrificed in exchange for a more powerful tip. It is not useful as a basic utility knife due to the fact that it does not have a stomach for slicing like you see in drop point knives.

Drop Point Knives Versus Tanto Knife

Its exceptionally strong point allows it to be utilized in hard scenarios where piercing tough materials is required.

By selecting a tanto point, you will be among the few knife fans who own a blade that is particularly customized to piercing hard materials. If the situation develops, anticipated or unexpected, you’ll be ready.

When Tanto blades become Famous in US?

The Tanto blade was created, established, and promoted in the late 1970s and early 1980s by the company Cold Steel, motivated by the famed Japanese craftsmanship and style. The blade is understood for its excellent power and strength, quality pommel, and helpful points. These components all integrate to add to the Tanto style blade’s overall functionality and durability

What are the sizes of tanto Knives?

There is so much variation in tanto Knives, as A2z Has large variety for its customers to choose from tanto knife which suits ones needs.  You can find EDC knife like Cold Steel Micro Recon 1 Tanto with just 2″ of blade length.

Cold Steel Micro Recon 1 Tanto 27TDT

Similarly, TOPS Magnum Tanto Linerlock is great tactical knife as its tanto blade is of 4.5 inches.



Its strength is maybe the most prominent advantage of a tanto blade purpose over other types of blades. The enhanced blade also makes it possible to use the knife for piercing items continuously without experiencing problems such as snapping of the blade.

I really like Gerber knives especially Gerber Remix Tactical, as it’s with 7Cr17MoV stainless partially serrated tanto blade with thumb lug. A Tanto Knife full of strength by Gerber Knives.

Gerber Remix Tactical Tanto Knife

Chisel Blade Point

The Tanto Style blade point has a design comparable to that of a chisel that gives the blade more power and toughness compared to other types of blade points. To achieve this, a good portion of the overall metal part is focused near the blade’s point.

This particular blade design is generally not thought about as ideal and practical for usage in the wilderness, it is a great design for defensive weapons. The sculpt tanto point on one end is an excellent enhance to the pommel on the opposite end and makes for an extremely potent overall knife style.

Best Example is TOPS 208 Clipper which is has Tanto Blade

TOPS Knives TOPS 208 Clipper Review in Hand

Japanese Design

The blade is influenced by the design of Japanese blades, and is similar to, however not precisely the very same as the shape of the Katana blade that has the kamasu kaiseki or the barracuda suggestion. The Tanto blade function features a blade point that is lined up perfectly with its spine.

The influence of ancient Japanese design and workmanship also provides a somewhat visual historic interest the modern-day Tanto Style blade. You can read We Knife 610 Review which has tanto knife balde


The Tanto knife’s pommel is made from steel, and is tapered. By utilizing a small number of objects, it is specifically developed to provide the capability to take in the effect coming from heavy strikes. As a result, even a seemingly small blow from the pommel can have the very same effective effect of a blunt weapon when used against an aggressor or assaulter.

Disadvantages of Tanto Knife

The greatest downside is the fact that there are 2 main bevels to handle, making honing quite tough. Tanto blades are hard to hone and the majority of these blades have secondary bevels just like most other knife styles.

Hard to Sharpen

A tanto with a straight blade cannot be quickly honed on a stone, while a ceramic rod and stropping can be utilized for a little curved blade.

Not good for Slicing food

There is also the problem that there is no stubborn belly on the blade and two flat edges. Depending upon what you are cutting they can be challenging to slice something with.

CONCLUSION – What are the uses of tanto knives?

Tanto blade knives are fantastic for power, looks, and effectiveness. There are numerous knives that you can purchase online that have tanto blade points. Some survival knives, tactical knives, and combating knives have actually Tanto blades

You can Read Reviews of Tanto Knives as under

WE Knife 608

WE Knife 610

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Reverse Tanto knife

With the style ending up being more popular, we need to ask ourselves what it is about reverse tanto flipper knives that has everyone so interested? A modern-day take on an ancient style, reverse tantos have actually been gathering notification among knife lovers as more knife makers end up their own variations of this blade.

A Reverse Tanto knife

What Is A Reverse Tanto knife?

To understand what a reverse tanto is, first we should take a look at the tanto. Tantos are Japanese short swords whose blade curves approximately the tip, and the spine is almost the same width the entire length of the blade. The Reverse Tanto Knives are & were designed to punch through enemy armor and for slashing.

In the 80s, Cold Steel produced the American tanto shape, which differs from the initial by having the tip rising to the spine at a sharp angle. This develops 2 different angles to hone and extremely little belly. This style is viewed as a largely tactical and combat knife. Cold Steel Slant Tip Machete is great example of reverse tanto knife

Cold Steel Slant Tip Machete – reverse tanto knife

Similarly, in small versions, you will find Kershaw Mixtape Linear Lock Knife, another great example of Reverse tanto Knife. The material or steel of blade really matters in such knives, therefore, Kershaw Knives used 8Cr13MoV stainless steel in it to give it more strength.

The reverse tanto greatly angles to the blade, rather of as much as the spine. Many knives in this style have more of a belly than the American tanto, so they have more utilize as an everyday carry.

How Does It Differ from Other Blade Designs?

Reverse tanto knife has more steel behind the tip giving it more chisel like purpose as compared to other knives. The strength of the tip looks like that of a chisel. Where they all lessen, Reverse tantos bulk up, offering greater capability to pierce hard materials.

They likewise have a sharp angle, using one of the very best shapes in engineering– the triangle. Triangles are one of the greatest shapes readily available and frequently seen where endurance is needed. Its opposite of Tanto blades

Advantages of The Reverse Tanto blade

A reverse tanto has an incredibly strong tip and can be utilized to pierce difficult products. While much of the strength comes from the amount of steel behind the tip, some of it does come from the shape.

It’s capable of slicing and cutting and is even more practical than its tanto producer. This isn’t simply a battle knife, it has benefits outside of that, making it more tactical in nature. The sturdiness of the knife shape provides itself to being used as an everyday carry.

It is flat out an amazing shape, sure to gather interest anywhere it’s seen. Those who want a useful knife with a lot of wow element need to focus on the reverse tanto.

Disadvantages of Reverse Tanto Knife

The strength of the tip depends upon the knife maker. Some reverse tanto knife manufacturers lately have been tapering the blade, leaving less steel at the tip which makes reverse tanto knife’s tip weak. This can restrict its usages.

One method to navigate the disadvantages is when you go to buy reverse tanto flipper knives online, check to see if they’ve been customized. Typically, those modifications will provide the knife more of a belly than they would generally have, which extends their range of uses.

Always inspect and make certain the company you purchase from has a good credibility. One of the reasons to purchase a reverse tanto is for the tip strength. You wish to make certain that hasn’t been jeopardized by a tapered tip.


Reverse Tanto blade has more belly shape curve and for this very purpose as compared to tanto knife but less as compared to spear point or drop point blade shape., This blade shape acts just like normal tanto knife from tip but slicing food, peeling apples is easier with reverse tanto. Read More about Knife blades Guide

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HawkBill Knives

It’s crucial to have a great concept of what you’re trying to find in a knife prior to you purchase one and to understand if you’re possible option will have the ability to fulfill your requirements. When you mean to rely on a product in survival circumstances, this is specifically real.

If you’re taking a look at a tactical hawkbill knife, which has an uncommon shape, you wish to make sure you comprehend its advantages and any disadvantages, depending upon the circumstance.

What are HawkBill Knives?

What are Hawkbill Knives?

A hawkbill shape resembles its name, a hawk’s beak, with a sharp down curve. The inner curve is the one that is honed, and the spinal column is left dull, which permits you to position a finger to assist it.

It’s generally utilized for slicing and cutting, and the sharp point can be utilized to pierce products.

Case Cutlery Hawkbill Pruner Olive Russell – HawkBill Knife

Advantages of a Hawkbill Knives

This shape uses the whole length of the blade to cut, so you do not need to use as much pressure when cutting. While it’s fantastic for cutting open boxes, splicing tape, removing wires, and even difficult tasks like rope, hawkbills have actually just recently been making a shift in usages.

Hawkbill knives have actually been increasing in appeal for tactical functions. Not just are they excellent at the more ordinary cutting jobs, however they’ve likewise shown to be outstanding in fight scenarios. This has actually caused the increase in production of tactical hawkbill knives.

Another advantage to the knife is that even after the blade had actually dulled, the point is still exceptionally sharp. If you’re not able to hone the knife, you can pierce the product, and often that’s enough for even a dull blade to end up the cut.

Marbles Hawkbill Rams Horn

Disadvantages of the Hawkbill Knives

Due to the inward curve of the cutting edge, hawkbill knives can be challenging to hone, especially if you have actually one made from an exceptional quality steel like M390. You might require to think about having actually the knife honed by an expert if that is the case.

Given that the shape is so particular, the curve can restrict the usages of the knife, particularly if you choose an unmodified variation of the blade. A method to circumnavigate this is to choose what you’ll be requiring the knife for, even in severe scenarios, and to select an adjustment that negates this. Its efficient but not as good as versatile you can say as compared to Drop Point Blades

Which brands Offer Hawksbill Knives?

There are many brands which offer Hawksbill Knives, like Frost Cutlery, Case Cutlery, Spyderco Knives, offering many hawkbill knives.

Marbles Knives also have cheap HawkBill Knives

Conclusion about HawkBill Knives

Generally, it’s to assist the knife have a larger variety of functions or to make it fit a particular job. Hawkbill knives are no exception, and they’ve been integrated a range of suggestions.

It’s much better to have either a straight edge or a partly serrated when it comes to tactical blades. Complete serrations have a lot of constraints, and in the end, an effectively honed straight edge can carry out in addition to or much better.

Make sure the supplier is respectable and utilizes quality products when you discover a tactical hawkbill knife for sale. This knife might require to conserve your life. Still want to Know more about Knives, We have complete detailed Knives blade types Guide for you.

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Drop Point Knife or Drop Point Blade

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a great all-purpose knife that can stand up to anything. A drop point (together with a clip point) is one of the most popular blade shapes in use today. For example: Spyderco knives‘s Proficient Plain knife

Spyderco’s Proficient Plain knife

The most identifiable knife that features a drop point is the hunting knife, although it is utilized on lots of other kinds of knives also, including the larger blades in Pocket Knives or Every day Carry (ECD) Knives.

What is Drop Point Knife or Drop Point Blade?

The back (unsharpened) edge of the knife runs directly from the grip to the tip of the knife in a sluggish curved way, creating a lowered point. This decreased point supplies more control and adds strength to the tip.

While the tip of drop point is not as sharp as the tip of clip point knife, it is much stronger. Drop point blades are popular on tactical and survival knives since of this tip strength and the capability to hold up to heavy usage.

Drops Point Knives Reviews

Fallkniven is best known for its drop point knives aka Survival knives and they are not only used by their national Air Force but Military Corps all over the world are one of their major customers. We have review Fallkniven F1s, Fallkniven F1Z, and Fallkiven F1xB as well.

Advantages of Drop Point Knife

Following are 4 main advantages or Pros of Drop Point Knife

Easily Manageable

Because the point on a drop point blade is easily manageable, they are a popular choice on hunting knives.

Plenty of Belly

Drop point knives include a large “belly” area that is perfect for slicing. Like For example Fallkniven S1X has a belly.

batoning wood with Fallkniven S1XB survival knife ( a beating for hardness check)

Strong Tip of blade

The broad tip of drop point knife provides the TIP its strength that is not found on clip point knives. Fallkniven F1z is best example

Fallkniven F1z Batoning

Disadvantages of Drop Point Blade

The only genuine downside of the drop point blade is its relatively broad tip, which makes it less appropriate for piercing than the clip point.

Bark River Gunny Bravo a perfect Drop Point Knife

Not ideal for piercing jobs

The reduced, controllable point makes it easier to avoid unintentionally nicking internal organs and destroying the meat.

What is a Drop Point Knife Used For?

Drop point knives are versatile, and are used for a range of jobs.

Optimal choice as Pocket Knife

First off, they are fantastic for every single Day Carry (EDC) knives. Numerous terrific everyday bring blades can be found in a drop point setup.

Why Drop Point Blade Optimal is Choice?

It’s a popular choice since it’s simple and aesthetically pleasing, but likewise highly practical. Drop point knives include a good tip for detail work, some belly for jobs that gain from a knife with belly (mainly cooking and crunching cuts), and an excellent amount of straight cutting edge, which is perfect for slicing.

Drop points are also a little less aggressive looking than something like a clip point, Wharncliffe, or clip blade. It’s a traditional knife shape that lots of people relate to energy.

Know more about drop point knife or drop point blade?

Drop point knives as tactical knives

Drop point knives are likewise popular for tactical knives. The majority of great tactical knives double as energy blades, so not a surprise there. The great tip of a drop point is outstanding for thrust cuts, and if you get one with a properly sized blade, it can be a terrific “martial blade”.

Survival knife uses of drop point blade shape

Drop point knives or drop point blades you can say are best to use in outdoors like camping and are also known as survival knives because of Bush craft. Once again, that’s because they are such a versatile blade shape, with an excellent tip, belly, and plenty of edge. They are terrific for wood work, slicing, and general energy work.


By choosing a drop point, you will be among the many of knife fans who own a great all-purpose blade that can be utilized in numerous scenarios, anticipated or unforeseen.

There are many knife brands offering drop point blades like: Tops Knives, Bark river knives, zero tolerance knives, Medford Knife and Tool, Gerber Knives, we knife co, Cold steel Knives, Winkler knives and much more

Drop point knives can be an excellent choice for a hunting knife. Generally, you want a knife with a good quantity of belly for a hunting knife, and the drop point delivers that. It doesn’t provide as much belly as a clip point, but it’s pretty good.

 Certainly, a lot more belly than a tanto. The tip is not as prominent, which makes it perfect for skinning, and for disemboweling quarry without puncturing their organs.

You can know more about knife blade types as there so other shapes and types of knives as well.

Do Read Our Review about Civivi Elementum which is also one of the best selling drop point EDC Knife by Civivi Knives

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Knife Blade types – Guide

There are many different knife blade types that are used for various tasks, and it can be difficult to know which knives are essential for your kitchen. We broke down the knife types and provided explanations of each and what they’re used for.

There are so many different types of knives which are used for different purposes. It is very difficult for a person to choose among different blade types. To make your life easier, we have written detailed articles on each type of knife/blade. As knife is most commonly referred by its blade type and the type of knife blade among major factor for choosing a knife for its purpose?

But before we start, you should know major parts of a Knife / Blade

Understanding Anatomy of a blade

Understanding the parts of a knife is very important as its key to understanding different knives types and their uses. Following Image shows the main parts of a knife and it helps you to understand and identify your usage.

Anatomy of a blade

Following is an explanation of different knife parts:


  • The point is the tip of the knife. It’s mainly used for piercing through object.
  • Like Meat, wood, etc.
  • The Shape of tip or its presence and absence also defines knife type.


  • The knife tip is considered most used part of knife as it does most of the cutting and separations in object.
  • The shape of tip really matters like the point in defining the tasks.
  • For Example, rounded tips are mostly for slicing whereas pointed ones are for piercing tasks.


  • The edge is the sharpened side of the knife’s blade that you use to cut. Keeping your knife’s edge sharp prevents accidents while cutting.
  • Its most important and vital part of the knife as it gets most of the beating.
  •  Different alloys and different techniques are being used over centuries to retain the edge.
  • there are many types of edge grinds on different knives but will be discussed some other time.


  • The bolster is mostly found in forged knives. It’s a thick band of steel used in blade and it not only prevents its user’s hands from slipping but also balance the overall weight of the knife.
  • Where as in Stamped Knives, you will find Guard in them, for the same purpose.


The butt is the end of the knife’s handle and in survival knives you will also find lanyard hole at the butt and at times solid metal for hammer purposes as well.


  • The tang is the part of the blade that extends into knife grip or knife handle to provide balance and grip on blade.
  • There are full tang blades which considered superior in balance and durability and mostly survival knives or full tang knives.
  •  A half tang or sub tang knife is less durable but more economical and most folding folders (blades/knives) have sub or no tangs even.


  • The handle is the section where the user holds the knife. This acts as sheath for folding knives and different knife handle shapes and materials are being used over centuries and even till today.
  • This part of the knife may also be referred to as the scales and there is a variety of scales too, like bone, Micarta, G10 etc.


The heel is the rear portion of the blade, and it’s most often used for cutting tasks that require a lot of force, such as cutting meat or dense vegetables.


This is mostly dull side of the knife blade that is opposite the edge. At times there are serrations on it and in double edged blades spine is also sharp.

Knife Blade Shapes

There are so many different knives types but among them there are most popular blade types which are very useful and also they are most popular among its users are as under:

Know more about Drop Point Knife
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Know More about Reverse Tanto Knife
Know More about Tanto Knives
Know more about Clip Point Knives
Know more about Spear Point Knives
Know Complete Details & Comparison between Wharncliffe Vs Sheepsfoor Knife
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What are Bone Knife handles

When talking about aesthetics and taste appeal, you may find people talking about Natural materials especially bone knife handles which are to some extend is great choice but before you proceed, you must know what is Bone Handle knife or Bone knife handle is?  Do keep in mind that, these bone are used as scales on these knives mostly folding knives or Full tang knives.

Scales for Knife Handles

What are Bone Knife handles?

Cow Bone Knife Handle

Bone Knife handle does not mean that whole bone is used as a knife handle, Animal bones are used as scales in such knives. Normally, you see bone knife handles or bone scales in Pocket Knives. It’s popular still to date because of its beauty and ability of carvings “jigged”.  Mostly bone used in knife handles comes from bigger animals like camels, cows etc.

Are animals killed for their Bones or Horns?

Bone, Horns for knife handles

As far as bone knife handles are considered, animals are killed throughout the ages for their meat and skin. Bones were left out but as time goes on, we human find ways to use animal’s bones as well, not just for knife handles, like fish bones were used as needles too…! But, they are not specially killed for making knife handles.

Are Animal Horns used in Knife Handles?

You may came across knives where it’s said Indian Stag bone or Impala Horn or Indian Antler Horns as “the handle is made from Sambar Stag etc.…! The reason of using bones and horns of animals in knife handles is just exclusivity and rarity of that material. And yes, you will also see visual appeal to these handles as they are much expensive at times and definitely beautiful.

Animal Horns for Knife handle

Advantages of Bone or Horn Knife Handles

  • Visually appealing
  • Natural Material
  • Most stable than Wood
  • Exclusive
  • Easy to Dye & good for jigging.

Disadvantages of Bone Knife handles

  • Being natural, they are more prone to natural factors like expansion or contraction due to heat and seasons
  • Just used for Ornamental purposes
  • Mostly seen in Pocket Knives or Ornamental /Ceremonial Knives.

Conclusion Bone Knife Handles

Marbles Wildlife Scrimshaw Grand Daddy Barlow Raccoons Knife Review MR255

You will find so many collector’s edition knives with bone knife handles, either having, Horns of Stags, bones of Cows, Camels, Deer’s etc.  They are much more stable as compared to wood when it comes to natural exposure. Most famous of them are Marbles Scrimshaw Series knives,you can read more about them under Marble Knives Reviews having bone handle knives with engravings of USA wildlife scenes. They are again Pocket Knives and collector’s edition knives.

Marbles Wildlife Scrimshaw Grand Daddy Barlow Raccoons Knife Review MR255

You May Be Interested in Other Knife Handle Guide

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Aluminum Knife handles Guide

Aluminum Knife handles

This post is about aluminum knife handles. As we all know aluminum is silvery white metal which is not very hard but really good corrosion resistant that is why we use aluminum in knife handles. Aluminum knife handles are normally coated or anodized in different colors which not only changes the look but also increase its weather resistant properties.

There are different aluminum alloys being used in knife handle but most popular of them is T6-6061 is among the most commonly used aluminum alloy because its tensile strength making it more malleable then other types of aluminum alloys. It’s effective for coating & definitely anodization as well.

Kershaw link with with Aluminum knife handle

Aluminum knife handle Benefits

Aluminum is being used as knife handle gives 3 main benefits

Weather resistant

Yes, Aluminum is weather resistant and using it in knife handles increases the life of Knife and make it more durable over the period of time.


Anodization or coating makes aluminum handles more appealing. Even if used uncoated in its silvery white color, with little polishing the look can be achieved easily from time to time.


It provides best grips if textured properly. If it’s not textured then you have a very slippery knife in your hand which is difficult to use for any task.

Advantages of Aluminum knife handles

Cold Steel Choas with Aluminum knife handle

Again, there are 3 main advantages of aluminum knife handle


Aluminum is not an expensive metal neither to harness nor to process like Titanium. That is why it’s not only used in knife handles but in different other products like CANS, Windows etc.


Aluminum is light weight metal with good tensile strength, that is why it’s even used in aerospace industry. Similarly, they are being used in knife handles not adding the weight while giving the good strength.

Corrosion resistant

As said earlier, they are weather resistant, making it more usable in all types of weathers and terrains.

Disadvantages of Aluminum knife handle

CKRT Cross bone knife with Aluminum knife handle

There are certain disadvantages of aluminum knife handle which makes it not all-time perfect choice for being used.

Prone to Usage & Impacts

Aluminum is soft metal which makes it susceptible to dents, scratches and dings etc. showing all types of impacts it’s been through during usage.

Not all climate knife handle

Gerber Super Knife with with Aluminum knife handle

Aluminum is great conductor of heat, so in cold weather it’s hard to grip being very cold and in hot climate, if exposed in sun for some time, it’s hard to grip or you may burn your hands.

This is one of the major draw backs on Aluminum handles. That’s why you will never see aluminum handle on any survival knife ever.

Poor Grip

Just like Stainless steel handle or titanium handle, it’s also slippery but normally the coils are textured so they provide good grip.

Kershaw Epistle with Aluminum knife handle

Examples of Aluminum Knife handle

There are so many brands which offer aluminum knife handle, the knives which are coming in my mind right now are from Cold Steel knives, Browning knives, United Cutlery & Walther knives.

Conclusion – Aluminum Knife Handles

Aluminum Knife handles are easy to maintain, given they get dents and scratches but they can be avoided if handled with care. To give your handle and knife blade a long life, never wash them in dishwasher. Always hand wash them and dry them right away. Polishing them time to time can retain their fresh and brand-new look. That is why, they are most commonly used in Pocket knives & in Karambits.

The 2 online store have the lowest Prices on following brands having Aluminium Knife Handles

Chicago Knife Works
TOPS Knives
Bark River Knives
Zero Tolerance Knives
Medford Knives
Gerber Knives
We Knives
Cold Steel Knives
Winkler Knives
Esee Knives
Marbles Knives
Fallkniven Knives
Frost Cutlery
Browning Knives
Case Cutlery
Spyderco Knives
United Cutlery
Kershaw Knives
Civivi Knives
Note: We are not getting anything, in terms of commission from them, both have lowest prices against these brands that’s why mentioning them. If you find prices less then them, please do inform us

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Titanium Knife Handles Guide

Titanium Knife Handle

Today, I’ll be discussing Titanium knife handle or Titanium Knife Grip.  When we buy or look for knives, we always discuss blade materials and they are the main focus of every review you find. Even majority of knife manufacturer’s talk about knife’s blade material. There is very less importance is given to knife’s handles. Whereas they are as important as the blade of the knife.

Titanium Knife handle

Why Titanium is expensive?

Titanium is 9th abundant metal on earth and its present in each and every rock on earth. Given its abundance it’s still one of the most expensive metals in the world. The only reason for its expensiveness is that it has very high melting point. Toughness of the metal increase the costs of handling it which makes it even much more expensive.

titanium ore used in titanium knife handles

Importance of Titanium Handle

Knife handle material is as important as the knife blade and so as the shape of blade & handle there must be a synergy between both. Without a synergy, a knife cannot perform the task it’s designed for. As discussed, Micarta Knife Handles are best choice for Survival Knives and today I will be discussing Titanium Knife Handle.  Following are the main points why one should have a titanium knife handle.

Titanium Knife handles are lighter, strongest and robust

Titanium knife handle are lighter

As said earlier, choosing knife handle material is very important as important as the knife material.  Titanium knife handles are much lighter as compared to steel they are normally 45% lighter in weight as compared to steel handles. It’s a great choice for EDC knives also known as Pocket Knives. Even bigger knives have less weight as compared to smaller steel handle knives.

Strongest Material

We all know that titanium is among the strongest materials on earth, they are as strong as steel but the best part is it’s a warm metal. In Cold environments titanium handles does not give uncomfortable feeling to hands when you grip them. In short, Strongest and comfortable to hold a knife.

medford knives on belay framelock knife with titanium knife handle

 Corrosion resistant

Titanium has great corrosion resistant ability which not only makes it more durable but gives it’s the ability to perform time and again in environments where other knives handle materials lacks.  Like Titanium Handles are no1 choice of sea divers. Because Titanium does get rust or get crowded with seawater as it happens with normal steel handles.

Cons to Titanium Handles

Given all the plus points, there is only 2 main disadvantage of Titanium knife handle

Easily Scratched

As Titanium is silver metal, and it looks beautiful if done bead blast finish. But it’s more porn to scratches as compared to steel & aluminum handles.

Price tag – Very Expensive

Yes, Knives with titanium handle are very expensive. They have extra burden on pocket when buying such knives. As said earlier titanium is an expensive metal so the addition of it to knife leads to extra cost.

Conclusion- Titanium Knife Handles

Spyderco techno 2 also has titanium knife handle

They are excellent handles, given expensive but remember quality and price always go hand in hand. Higher the quality higher the price. Secondly, Titanium handles are great on knives not as knife blade because they lose their sharpness very quickly and they are hard to re-sharpen as well. So, if you are being told that the knife has titanium handle its great but not the blade material.

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Many Premium Brands like following offer Titanium handles

  • WE Knives
  • Medford Knives
  • Spyderco Knives
  • Zero Tolerance Knives
  • Browning Knives
  • Case Cutlery
  • Esee Knives
  • Frost Cutlery
  • Gerber Knives
  • Kershaw Knives
  • United Cutlery

You can buy them at lowest prices as well for each brand as under

  • WE Knives
  • Medford Knives
  • Spyderco Knives
  • Zero Tolerance Knives
  • Browning Knives
  • Case Cutlery
  • Esee Knives
  • Frost Cutlery
  • Gerber Knives
  • Kershaw Knives
  • United Cutlery
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