Before we start the Review about Marbles Folding Bowie Knife, diving down to History of marbles knives the brand is of outmost importance.

Marbles Arms Manufacturing Company

Currently, Marble Arms Manufacturing Company which is and was basically arms & rifles company, got its fame and later they moved to knives and they becomes so successful that 100 year anniversary knife became its benchmark, but other outdoor goods like safety gears, compasses, hunting knives are still popular with outdoor lovers and knife collectors.

Marbles Knives

In 1915, Marbles knives designed and patented their all-time famous Marbles Woodcraft Knife and started producing this knife in limited editions as an exclusivity. By 1916, it came best seller product of Marbles Knives and its popularity not only limited to the company, yet Gladstone, Michigan began to known for Marbles Knives at that point in time.

Success as Knives instead of Arms or Rifles

Marbles Folding Bowie Knife Review SKU MR101 Comparision

Although, Marbles Knives was established long ago in 1892, yet after their Woodcraft Knife’s being best seller, the company started to grow and it branches and outlets begin to be seen in different locations as well.

The Success of Woodcraft knife lead Marbles Arms or Marbles Knives to start production of different types of hunting knives, survival tools and gears. One of the most iconic design given by Marbles Knives was their Pocket knife also named as “Marbles Folding Bowie Knife.”

Marbles Folding Bowie Knife Review

Marbles Folding Bowie Knife gained its popularity in USA because of its folding capability and definitely the build quality.  All, Bowie lovers which are in majority in USA loved this knife, with half close still operational while with fully opened it reaches 12 inches plus in length.

The point, I like to mention here was that it’s been referred as Pocket Knife, you may find it on some websites saying “ohh Pockets were longer at those times so they fit large folding knife”

Marbles Folding Bowie Knife Review SKU MR101 in hands (2)

The answer is, no, this marbles folding Bowie knife is a Bowie knife with a folding feature in it. It always came with a sheath, previously it was leather sheath, now at times you get Nylon or some other sheath with it. It kept on changing from time to time.

Specification of Marbles Folding Bowie Knife SKU MR101

Marbles Folding Bowie Knife Review SKU MR101 in hands (1)

Specification of Marbles Folding Bowie knife are very important for reviewing it as you should know, what we are talking about and what should you expect from Marbles folding Bowie Knife and if you want to purchase it as a collector then what shall be your objectives and as a user then what you should be looking at.

  • Blade Type Clip Point Blade
  • Blade Length 7.25 inches
  • Closed Length 8.5 inches
  • Fully Opened 12.5 inches
  • Steel Blade Material Stainless Steel
  • Coating / Blade Finish Mirror finished
  • Handle Material Brown Jigged Bone
  • Handle Length 5 Inches Almost
  • Country of Origin Made in China

Blade Marbles Folding Bowie Knife Review

Marbles folding Bowie knife has clip point blade with flat grind which is normally done with stainless steel. The swedge or upper part is not sharp but it can be done without any problem. As mostly the bowie knives are seen in clip point blade types because Bowie main purpose is to pierce into the meat and again they have quit a thick bevel which is great for cutting & slicing anything. These are ideal hunting and survival knives. 

Blade material is stainless steel, it was superior material at that point when it was launched and since then, it is still seen in stainless steel which is coercions resistant, easy to sharpen and with good heat treatment it’s hard as well. Although, a great choice for Bowie knife.

Handle Ergonomics of Marbles Folding Bowie Knife Review

It’s a big bowie knife, even when it’s closed, you will see half of the blade protruding out. But the handle size as per my rough estimation is about 5 inches which is great and the reason behind even if you go on hunt in cold environments, it works perfectly with gloved one and given its made from Staged Jigged Bone so, its rugged and stylish as well.

Overall, perfect fit for all hand types and shapes the handle is pretty strong with Marbles Nickel silver blasters & logo engraved in it

Locking Mechanism

The unique element about this knife is its dialed clip to hold the blade as the knife’s blade is much longer then the handle itself. It has Clutch mechanism which leads to opening and closing of the knife.

Conclusion – Should You Buy Marbles Folding Bowie Knife?

It was state of the art knife in the times it’s been launched. As you can imagine such a long bowie knife with clutch mechanism is same as SpeedSafe Mechanism we have today in Kershaw Knives. But it’s a good collection edition I must say, as those knives which were actually USA made are much more valuable as vintage marbles knives and they cost from 100 dollars to 500 USD dollars per piece and collectors love them having them in your collection.

Leather Sheath which comes with this knife

Whereas the brand new ones are worth no more than $43 on Amazon whereas you can buy them at sale from A2z or Chicago Knife Works for not more than $33.  

  • Final Ratings 4.3 out of 5
  • Steel Material    3
  • Handle Material 4.5
  • Locking System 5
  • Price 5