Marbles Granddaddy Scrimshaw Barlow Raccoons Knife MR255 Review

Marbles Wildlife Scrimshaw Grand Daddy Barlow Raccoons Knife Review MR255

We will be reviewing Marbles Granddaddy Barlow Scrimshaw Knife MR255 in this post. As its collector’s edition therefore, we won’t be discussing the most stuff like hand ergonomics and blade features etc.

Marbles Wildlife Scrimshaw Grand Daddy Barlow Raccoons Knife Box Packing

As far as the knife blade material is considered its 440A stainless steel as per our information.  It’s made in China and is a folding pocket knife with slip joint locking mechanism along with thumbnail nick opening system mostly we see in slip join locking knives.

Marbles Wildlife Scrimshaw Grand Daddy Barlow Raccoons Knife Review MR255

History of Granddaddy Barlow Scrimshaw Knife Review MR255

The Granddaddy Barlow is one more fine addition to the Marbles Scrimshaw Series, which pays tribute to the one-of-a-kind art type of scrimshaw as applied by 19th century whalers. This art form is generally done on the bones or teeth of whales and functions elaborate scrollwork as well as sailing scenes.

Marbles Wildlife Scrimshaw Grand Daddy Barlow Raccoons Knife Review MR255 BOX

 The Marbles Scrimshaw Series includes similar scrimshaw style but depicting wild animals native to The United States and Canada and embedded in stag bone with antler accents.

The Granddaddy Barlow features a scene showing 2 raccoons.

Marbles Wildlife Scrimshaw Grand Daddy Barlow Raccoons Knife Review MR255

This Marbles pocket knife is a Barlow style, has long oval shaped handle. This specific Barlow features one blade, a clipped point blade with a cutting edge of almost 3 inches. The blade is made from stainless steel as mentioned earlier and also has a finger nail groove along the spine to for assisted opening because of slip joint mechanism.

Granddaddy Barlow knife Review Details

Closed, this scrimshaw pocket knife procedures 5 inches long– a comfy size that fits in your hand well without being too large in your pocket. Generally, this knife weighs concerning 8 ounces, thanks to the intrinsic lightness of the stag bone as well as antler handle scales. Brass pins contrast nicely with nickel silver strengthen and accent the coloring of the scrimshaw style.

Given its a collector knife, yet Marbles Knives is famous for collection now, and these are still in good quality just like Marbles Folding Bowie Knife MR101

Conclusion – Granddaddy Barlow knife Review

It’s a great collector edition, knife blade is razor sharp and can be used as well, but mostly, they are for exhibits not for usage. Because they are made in China now, so, given its written stag bone for handle material on box and its neither directly produced by Marbles Knives or Marbles Arms Company any longer, as other companies have the rights of its production now, so please check the Handle if its real bone or not. But there are still USA made knives by Marbles Knives like 100th Anniversary WoodCraft Knife MR423

How to Check Stag bone Handles?

It’s very easy, if you want to check stag bone handles or any other organic especially bone materials. Just heat up a needle to a point where its tip is turned YELLOW. Then press the needle’s tip on the handle. If it starts to burn, then its fake else you got actual bone handle on your knife.