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ESEE 3 fixed blade Knife Review

Esee 3 Review

ESEE 3 fixed blade Knife

ESEE 3 is one the smaller knives designed by ESEE knives for utility and general field work. If you are looking for smaller survival knife or want to add little versatility then this ESEE Model 3 will be an excellent choice. ESEE-3 is among the very first knives designed by ESEE Knives with expertise of Jungle Survival Instructors with no compromise on high performance and durability.


When it comes to survival knife and survival, one thing you always read and hear it’s the emphasis on quality of fixed blade knife. It’s the hardest item one can reproduce in the wild. Its ability can make you or break you. Knowing if anything goes wrong, all you have to survive in the wild so you must be prepared every time you for in wild.

I am working professional who spends his 5 days in a city, where I use folding pocket knives whereas, on weekends no matter what I head to my farms (ranch) 303 hectares.  I spend my time hunting and relaxing. At times I do go hunting to Northern areas and other remote locations with my friends but it’s mostly when I take holidays. This is where I always need survival knives for all types of bush craft tasks. With that being said, I must recommend few requirements for a knife which I take whenever I go out which are:

  • Full tang knife is a must carry in bag pack or preferably on belt.
  • Blade steel must be easy to maintain in the field with less time to re-sharpen it and more edge retention time
  • Handle must comfortable to grip which is a must for batoning and other tasks.
  • Lanyard hole with lanyard making batoning and carrying easier.
  • Knife must have 3” to 4“inches of at least inches blade and I prefer drop points because of their belly.

esee 3 sheath Pocket clip carry

** Once I hurt myself with a bigger knife while trying to do a fine work. That experience taught me a lesson.

This small ESEE 3 knife is quit handy for small bush craft tasks. Whereas as for batoning I prefer Fallkniven S1 as it’s much stronger in terms of steel and bigger in size too.  You can also use ESEE 6 for those purposes but ESEE 3 or Ontario Rat 3 are fine is for general field or utility tasks. The Serrated options are preferred for camping or hiking as you might be cutting the ropes etc.

Variants in ESEE 3

Following are main variants in ESEE Model as per edge type, blade finish and sheath and optional finishes you can have:

Popular Models

  • ESEE 3P (Plain Edge, Black Blade, Coyote Brown Sheath)
  • ESEE 3PCP (Sharpened TOP Edge + Plain Edge Black Blade, Coyote Brown Sheath).
  • ESEE 3S (Partially Serrated, Black Blade, Coyote Brown Sheath)
  • ESEE 3SCP (Sharpened TOP Edge + Partially Serrated, Black Blade, Coyote Brown Sheath)
  • ESEE 3PM (Plain Edge, Modified Pommel, Black Blade, Coyote Brown Sheath)
  • ESEE 3SM (Partially Serrated, Modified Pommel, Black Blade, Coyote Brown Sheath)

Optional Finishes:

  • ESEE 3P-MB-DE (Plain Edge Only, Dark Earth Blade, Black Sheath, MOLLE Back)
  • ESEE 3PM-VG (Plain Edge Only, Modified Pommel, Venom Green Blade, Black Sheath)
  • ESEE 3P-UC (Plain Edge Only, Uncoated Blade, Coyote Brown Sheath)
  • ESEE 3P-UC-MB (Plain Edge Only, Uncoated Blade, Coyote Brown Sheath, MOLLE Back)

Esee 3 Review

Just like all ESEE Knives, this ESEE-3 has got the same privileges of its smaller and bigger brothers. i.e. “No Questions Asked”. Yes, it’s really true with ESEE Knives as they have a superb warranty policy on their website. If anything happens to your knife, given you have misused it, abused it, they will not ask any question but simply replace the product. Thus, it comes with 100% unconditional lifetime guarantee as ESEE knives stands behind their knives. This is similar to Dawson Knives.

esee 3 mil

As per the price, yes, it’s expensive as compared to RAT 3 and many other 3” fixed blade knives.

Given ESEE does not give warranty against corrosion and rust on its blade as it’s made of 1095HC steel, and is more like get rust if not maintained properly.

General Blade details and Dimensions

You will see that ESEE-3 does great in most situations from hiking trips and while life on farm (ranch). Total length of ESEE-3 is 8.31 “with cutting edge of 3.375” having 5.2 oz. in hand with 9.3 oz. with sheath. Making it great all-purpose and light carry knife. Every ounce you carry matters when you are hiking and its weight makes it great carry knife.

Esee 6 Vs Esee 3

The drop point blade of ESEE-3 has flat grind, which is excellent for batoning and superb for slicing. There are versions in this knife which has combo edge but for survival needs, plain edge is fine. But if you have any tactical use then you must go with combo versions of this knife.

As per the construction of knife is concerned, as said earlier, its full tang knife which comes with powder coated in black or desert tan.  The 1095HC steel is durable and easy to sharpen and has good edge retention and ESEE heat treats its knives really fine so these knives hardly chip even you abuse them.  But remember 1095 high Carbon steel is not stainless steel.

Therefore, if it’s been used in water or in wet climates it will rust. Its recommended by ESEE Knives to use dry film rust inhibitor such as TUF-GLIDE or TUF-CLOTH to keep them properly oil and cleaned. But on cheaper and handier side is using WD 40.

Note: If you are doing food prep or cutting meat, make sure you have cleaned your knife thoroughly, as it does not have any toxic chemicals (WD 40) on it or try to use food safe lubricants on your ESEE 3.

Technical Specifications

As per technical specifications of Esee Model 3 knife along with its variants and options general are as under:

  • Overall : 31”
  • Blade Length: 875”
  • Blade Shape: Drop Point
  • Blade Steel: 1095HC & CPM S35VN (1 Model Only)
  • Weight: 5.22 oz.
  • Handle Scales: Micarta or G10
  • Price: Varies as per Blade Steel and Handle Scales


Please note that, there is just a slight difference of blade size, cutting edge and knife handle of ESEE HM as compared with ESEE 3 & ESEE 3 MIL. Given there are so many versions of ESEE 3, with different handle materials, colors, blade finishes with black or OD Sheaths. It’s up to you guys to see which suits your taste. I’ll be giving the links in the end from where you can buy them for lowest prices, if you want to.


Survival knives small or big must have be comfortable to use and that’s with ESEE 3 too. If you examine the tang and handle scales you will see that everything is flush, NO Gaps or Protruding Edges over or under the tang. As this knives carries true production values and quality standard that ESEE Knives adheres to. As per the handle length is adequate. There are no hot spots being felt by the users and ESEE-3 provide good and relatively comfortable grip too.

Micarta Handle Scales

According to some reviewers, they say that only drawback or deal breaker are the Micarta handles that ESEE 3 has but, frankly, what can be better than Micarta handle scales when we compared them against other materials. The handle scales of ESEE Model 3 are made with Micarta with different colors and designs to choose from and they are great not in terms of grip but Micarta is highly appreciated for its texture and comfort.

The Micarta handle scales on the ESEE-3 knife are fixed onto the tang with 3 Allen bolts which are nicely milled and rounded. They are flush with tang and provide good grip with no hotspots either.

Pommel (Butt)

In Blade HQ website, if you see the technical specifications, you will see, it as tactical! Actually, the pommel (butt) of ESEE 3 is pointed and as per ESEE Knives it can be used as glass breaker. Because you have serrated versions of this knife which are great for cutting seat belts and other materials. But frankly with plain edge, you can have the tactical advantage to seriously injure someone with it.  Last, the lanyard hole which is drilled into the pommel and its essential for heavy chopping and other hard tasks if you ever need.


The Jimping on the tang are great addition not only to its design but also in use. As the blade of ESEE-3 has finger grove cut and jimping through which you can easily choke up on the knife and get a grip beyond the bolster for delicate working which definitely requires more control and it’s safe to do it as well.

ESEE 3 Sheath

The standard Sheath of ESEE 3 is made of molded Kydex just like Fallkniven F1 but this has a boot clip. The sheath has drain hole which keeps your blade dry to delay the rusts. An additional MOLLE Adapter is made of Cordura which provides an option to mount the sheath with MOLLE system.

esee model 3

Whenever you secure the knife in its sheath, it snaps and firs together. There is also a retention strap and an elastic over which can be used if you want to mount your ESEE 3 Sheath for upside down carry.  Thus, the ESEE-3 sheath is really well done and it serves its purpose as intended.

Best Uses of ESEE-3

  • Best for food prep like cutting fruits, vegetables etc. when camping
  • Best for cutting ropes and other small hiking or field tasks
  • Good for making wood chips, cuttings for starting fire
  • Great for skinning big game too. Given my friend who is good at skinning did it but it all went good and he likes the knife quite a much.
  • It’s also like by law enforcement because of its small profile, light weight and easy to carry options, it has with its sheath.

Ontario RAT 3 Vs ESEE 3

Comparing ESEE 3 with Ontario Rat 3 is really a due thing, there are so many similarities in both yet just few difference which ESEE-3 knife burdens pocket more than the Ontario Rat 3.

Similarities ESEE 3 VS ONTARIO RAT 3

  • Country of Origin: Both are made in USA
  • Blade Steel: Both have the 1095 Steel that offers great edge retention, great wear resistance, and toughness, and comes with low corrosion resistance.
  • Blade Thickness: Both knives have a very close thickness between 0.13” and 0.125”.
  • Design: Have almost same or very close design that comes with finger choil and Jimping spine. Twin brothers of each other
  • Handle: Rat 3 and ESEE 3 both have Non Slippery handles made from Micarta

Differences ONTARIO RAT 3 VS ESEE 3

  • Blade Length: RAT 3 has 3.75” blade length whereas ESEE 3 has 3.875” of blade length, frankly, it’s just on paper difference, doesn’t make much difference in use even visually.
  • Sheath: ESEE 3 comes with a Plastic Sheath Whereas Ontario Rat 3 comes with a Nylon Sheath.
  • Pommel (Butt). Ontario RAT 3 pommel is rounded whereas ESEE 3 pommel is pointed and can be used as glass breaker or to injure someone as tactical use in case of emergency.

ESEE-3 Review Final Thoughts

If you are looking a survival knife under 100$ then this is a great choice backed by Lifetime warranty & replacement.  ESEE 3 may not be a true and excellent survival knife as compared to ESEE 5 or ESEE 6, or even the expensive ones like Fallkniven Knives, but it’s a great small size general field knife for sure and can do different utility tasks with ease.

This ESEE-3 is definitely high quality and heavy duty fixed blade knife. Especially, if you want something on a smaller level. The big belly having flat grind, choil and jimping with pointed pommel makes it a great camping and tactical knife. Best for small game hunting and is skinning big game for sure.

The verdict – before you buy

  • The good
  • Lightweight (5.2 oz.)
  • Superior heat treatment
  • Tough enough to handle any task
  • Couple of variants to choose
  • Concealable for tactical use

The bad

  • Relatively high priced, but has high quality sheath
  • Will easily rust if not maintained properly

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Kershaw Lucha Knife product (Overview)

Kershaw Lucha Knife product (Overview)

Kershaw Lucha Knife, a butterfly style knife for ballast on is definitely one of the more interesting folding knife designs you can add to your EDC while it is quite.

Kershaw Lucha is flashy but it’s also functional as it allows you to deploy the blade way quicker with the use of momentum and gravity and you would with any other unassisted folding knife. Its simple design allows it to have an ambidextrous appointment as well. As to be much thinner than any other folding knife unfortunately with butterfly knives being so popular. It means that the market is flooded with cheap imitations that can be flimsy and sometimes very dangerous for the user thankfully this isn’t the case with Kershaw Knives’ new knives i.e. Kershaw Lucha Butterfly Knife.

Kershaw Lucha has good fitting

Kershaw Lucha Deployment

It integrates Kershaw’s KBT technology to give you the smoothest deployment possible as well as the best flipping action where other butterfly style knives fail and catch of the pivot making it. Cut yourself with your old life the Lucha knife integrates KBT ball bearings on the pivot of the handles giving you a buttery smooth deployment with much less effort than with any other Balisong.

Kershaw Lucha Blade

Now, let’s take a look at the specs of the blade it’s a larger side at four point six inches on it features a clip in shape and it’s made out of sandvik 14C28N stainless steel you can also lock it into place via a latch lock on the pummel.  If you are interested in purchasing with free shipping buy your Kershaw Lucha from here.

Kershaw Lucha Balisong Knife

Although the Kershaw Lucha does feature a smooth deployment and the great construction there’s also the fun aspect of flipping it around and doing tricks like you might have seen more dexterous owners do. Not me though, I’ve tried it before but with the Lucha but with another knife and I kind of sucked at it big-time!

I almost even cut my hand but if you want to practice without the fear of cutting yourself you can take the blade of the knife you can also look into practice trainers right straight into practice knives or practice fans so that you give them your eyes yourself with emotions before trying anything harder with the Kershaw Lucha.


the Kershaw Lucha is a unique and capable everyday carry knife with plenty of history and a lot of potential for fun just make sure to check your local laws before purchasing it because unfortunately butterfly style knives aren’t exactly legal in all places and there you have it remember you can check out the complete review on it by clicking Kershaw Lucha.

Kershaw lucha product overview

Disclaimer: We are not making any money from purchases, we just want our readers to have better information and tell them where to get better deals on their purchase.

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CIVIVI Elementum Vs QSP Penguin

CIVIVI Elementum Vs QSP Penguin

Read Detailed Comparison between CIVIVI Elementum Vs QSP Penguin with more than 10 difference and 8 similarities you are not aware off.  The main purpose of today’s discussion is what is different and common between the two.  And there is also a price difference of $20 between QSP Penguin and CIVIVI Elementum. I have written a complete detailed Civivi Elementum Review and I hope you will like it as well, providing the best and detailed information.

CIVIVI Elementum Vs QSP Penguin

You may have read so many reviews about CIVIVI Elementum by CIVIVI Knives and tones of videos where you have size comparison or knife comparison between Civivi Elementum and others. But to me the biggest contender in terms of overall design, finish and above all blade size and material is QSP Penguin.

What is common between CIVIVI Elementum Vs QSP Penguin?

To make it easier, for comparing Civivi Elementum against QSP Penguin, I factored out common elements from them which are as under:

Jimping on Civivi Elementum, Jimping on QSP Penguin

  • Both have deep carry pocket clip made with stainless steel, yet they are different in size and overall, style.
  • Both have D2 stainless Steel blades
  • Both Knives have swedge on Blade
  • Both Have Jimping at the neck
  • Both knives have liner lock mechanism
  • Handles Scales are made of Micarta
  • Both have no backspacer and have lanyard holes
  • Both Knives are made in China.

Comparison Civivi Elementum VS QSP Penguin

The comparison between CIVIVI Elementum Vs QSP Penguin is divided in certain sections, like, blade shapes, deployment and locking, handle scales, finish and much more which is as under:

Blade Shapes Comparison between CIVIVI Elementum Vs QSP Penguin

Blade Shapes Comparison between CIVIVI Elementum Vs QSP Penguin

CIVIVI Elementum has drop point blade with blade length of 2.96 with cutting edge of 2.625 inches as compared to QSP Penguin having sheepsfoot blade with blade length of 3.125 having 2.875 cutting edge. So, in specs QSP Penguin is little bigger.

Blade Shapes Comparison between CIVIVI Elementum Vs QSP Penguin

You will see QSP Logo on Penguin’s blade whereas you will hardly notice D2 on flipper of CIVIVI Elementum

QSP Logo on Penguin’s blade

D2 on flipper of CIVIVI Elementum

But Elementum has proper finger choil which goes perfectly with Jimping on the neck. You can use if for heavier EDC task where as in QSP Penguin the choil is very small. Not a good idea to put your index finger there else you might cut your finger being to class to sharp edge.

As mentioned Civivi Elementum has drop point blade and QSP Penguin got sheepsfoot blade. These are entirely different blade shapes and it depends which is most useful to use. As I use Spyderco Delica in my office to cut packages and for slicing fruits for my lunch. Whereas, Drop point blades are much more universal in its applications and usage. So, saying which one is better than the other is all subjective from person to person.

You will find lines just like Damascus steel has on blade of QSP Penguin where as Civivi Elementum is clear with satin finish.

The Swedge on Civivi Elementum is more prominent adding a look to its blade as compared with minor or minimal swedge on QSP Penguin.

Blade Swedge Comparison between Elementum Vs Penguin

Handle size and shapes of both the knives is almost identical. Civivi Elementum Micarta handle scales are more of skeletonized from liners, making more prominent look of liners as compared to Penguin. Secondly, QSP Penguin has a groovy spot for Linerlock, making locking easy as compared to Elementum.

QSP Penguin knife has copper washers as visible

Thirdly, the screws on Micarta scales of QSP Penguin are not flush as compared with Elementum. Elementum surely wins here in terms of handle finish.

Screws are protruding in QSP Penguin

Locking Mechanism QSP Penguin Vs Civivi Elementum

Given both are Linerlock but the hardware is not the same. QSP Penguin has copper washers as compared to caged steel ball bearings Elementum has and it does make different between the two. Naturally, Elementum’s deployment and locking is much smooth as compared to Penguin.

QSP Penguin knife has copper washers as visible

As far as opening mechanism Elementum is flipper whereas Penguin opens with thumb studs. Both are okie in opening. The blades are centered when folded and opens smoothly. There is no play in the blades too.

Locking Click sound and action in Elementum is instant and prominent as compared against Penguin

Elementum Pocket Clip Vs QSP Penguin Pocket Clip

  • Both have deep carry stainless steel pocket clips but, QSP Penguin can be used tip up for right as well as left handed users. Civivi Elementum is solely for right handed users.
  • The disappointment I had with QSP Penguin pocket clip is that the screws are not flush with scales. And they rub off with my Jeans and jack’s pockets which I didn’t like it.

Hardware Comparison QSP Penguin Vs CIVIVI Elementum

CIVIVI Elementum has T8 Screws which are great, as these are more durable and you hardly slip the grooves as compared to QSP Penguin which is fitted with T6 Screws which are not durable and at times the groves get slipped and you cannot unscrew them making it harder for you to clean your knife.

The dismantling of Elementum is easier but gives a little tough time when separating it from the pivot whereas dismantling QSP Penguin is easier.

  • Both have very simple and easy assembly to do after cleaning them.
  • The liners of Elementum are bead blasted as compared to polished liners of Penguin.

Conclusion: Comparison Civivi Elementum VS QSP

Both are quite good EDC folders under $50 dollars no doubt. As mentioned in my Civivi Elementum Review there are 13 variants in this knife model with starting price from $52 to $88 having different handle scales, blade materials and even blade finish. So, if someone is looking for variety yes, you have plenty to choose.

Whereas, QSP Penguin, it comes in 6 models with price range of $29 to $50, the one which is being sold for $50 has brass handle scales with Black stonewash finish.

As far as fit, finish and hardware is concerned, Civivi Elementum is truly a winner for me. It’s one of the bestselling knife of CIVIVI brand which is subsidiary of We Knives known for making premium quality knives.

If this article helped you, do let me in your comments and don’t forget to follow me on my social handles.

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Civivi Elementum

Civivi Elementum Knife is remarkable since its beginning. Before writing Civivi Elementum Review, I want you to know that it’s been launched in November 2018 and its now almost 2 years old. As I proceed with Civivi Elementum Review, you will know why it’s among the very best pocket knives of CIVIVI. As you will see is outfitted with D2 Steel blade having satin finish and Linerlock knife.

Just like other knives, I always review a knife once I’m sure about its quality and usage. It’s not just as impressive as WE Knife 608 or impressive design in terms of looks when compared to WE Knives Scoppio 923 but, it’s still a best seller till date. My Curiosity grew when I saw so many reviews and people putting up pictures on different social media platforms about their Civivi Elementum. So, here we are with Civivi Elementum Review.

Civivi Elementum Knife Review

Civivi Knives

If you are totally newbie then this part is for you. Actually Civivi Knives is a subsidiary of WE Knife Co, a Chinese knife manufacturing company who used to produce knives for different knife brands in USA and all over the world. More than a decade ago, they started with their own Brand called WE Knives and entered the USA Market with top quality and expensive yet Chinese made knives.

Civivi Knives is also their brand or a subsidiary and to me, correct me if I’m wrong? Civivi Knives offers knives to mid-tier buyers where as WE Knives has most of the knives which are little higher end not only in terms of prices but also blade steel being used.

Yet, the Quality checks for WE Knives and CIVIVI is done by same team and manufacturing is also done at the same location, therefore, there is no compromise on its quality. Even you can claim lifetime warranty on products unless you void their usage terms.

Last but not least, I like to specify a recent happening where someone posted on WE Knives Group at Facebook about broken pocket clip and they sent him another pocket clip free of any charges he just have to pay delivery charges which are minimal. I am sharing the Link as under.

Technical Specifications of Civivi Elementum Knife C907M

As per our information and provided by Civivi Company’s website, we are able to find the following information.

  • Overall Length: 6.99″ / 177.6mm
  • Blade Length: 2.96″ / 75.2mm
  • Closed Length: 4.03″ / 102.4mm
  • Blade Thickness: 0.12″ / 3mm
  • Handle Thickness: 0.43″ / 11mm
  • Weight: 2.74oz / 77.6g (varies as per model)
  • Blade Material: D2, 154CM or Damascus
  • Blade Hardness: 58 – 61 HRC (as per model)
  • Blade Grind: Hollow
  • Blade Finish: Satin
  • Handle Material: Micarta, Wood
  • Handle Color: Various
  • Liner Material: Stainless Steel
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up, Right Carry
  • Clip Material: Stainless Steel
  • Screws Material: Stainless Steel
  • Pivot Assembly: Caged Steel Ball Bearing
  • Locking Mechanism: Liner Lock
  • Designer: CIVIVI
  • Model Name: Elementum

Civivi Elementum Review

Actually, it’s hard to find this Elementum Knife among other competing knives having almost same price range but once you read my review, you will see, it’s worth the bucks spent. Civivi Elementum comes in different material, color and finish combinations. So, you will find so many options to choose as per your requirement. As Pocket Knives are not just everyday carry knives or pocket knives but they also define the user’s personality.

First Impression of Civivi Elementum Knife

First Impression of Civivi Elementum Knife

Civivi Elementum is manufactured & Designed by WE Knives as said earlier and the attention to detail and quality of production is superb. Third yet most crazy part of this knife is the customization factor. Yes, it is easily customizable by making new scales, blade can be acid washed and much more, giving a knife collector a true one of a kind look they want for their Civivi Elementum.

Civivi Elementum first impression is not impressive as far as I felt. The simple lines and more simpler design is quite boring but the unattractive yet simple look never the less adds CLASS to knife and make it universal to carry. But once you use it, you will feel the styling of its blade, shape of handle, its profiling and above all the grind work all in synergy and complimenting each other. Thus, providing modern, handy light look and feel to knife.

Civivi Elementum Knife with brass scales

Variants of Civivi Elementum Knife & Prices

There are 13 variants of Civivi Elementum Knife since its launch and it is expected more variants will be seen in coming months. To make things easy, Civivi Elementum Knives have drop point blade with hollow grind plain blade with materials D2 Stainless Steel with 1 exception of Civivi Elementum Damascus steel blade and finish along with carbon fiber handle scales.

Chart Coming Soon

Civivi Elementum Variants

The key defining factor of prices is just knife handle materials which are rosewood, Carbon fiber, G 10, Micarta, and even Copper and brass knife scales are being used. Please note that Copper and Brass Knife Scales add little extra weight approx. 50 grams.

Civivi Elementum Low end variants

Current MRSP of Civivi Elementum Knife Series is $51.15 to $89.25 and mostly with free shipping. (I’ll post the links in the end as well).

Civivi Elementum Knife high end variants

Civivi Elementum Feel In hand

Well, once you hold Elementum knife C907M in your hand, you will feel like it’s made for your hand as far as the grip and initial feeling you get. The best part is knife making expertise of WE Knives and Design Team of Civivi Knives which designed a knife excellent for all types of hands and it has right proportions making it superb pocket knife.

Civivi Elementum Review feel in hand

The grip jimping on the spine and finger choil provides extra sturdiness when using to cut something little hard for extra pressure. There are no hotspots if used by right handed people but for lefty like me you may find a hotspot near pocket clip given it thin but still. Similarly, one finds hotspots during heavier tasks but those are not that bad, neither negligible.

Civivi Elementum jimping on spine for better pressure for tough tasks

Reviewing blade of Civivi Elementum

D2 blade is becoming popular and it has HRC rating 59 to 61 almost same as of CPM S35VN like you find in WE Knife 610 “Battleship” which is selling online for around $200 plus. Therefore, it’s a much wiser choice by Civivi Knives Design team to come up with material having almost same HRC ratings and it’s cheaper to.

Further, the drop point shape of knife is great for slicing and dices and it’s done with ease and precision. The Edge retention of D2 is great because of its high HRC ratings as mentioned earlier but sharpening the edge is little tough (time consuming) as compared wot CPM S35VN Steel.

Civivi Elementum Knife Slicing Onions

Elementum Knife has drop point blade and with which I cut few wires, some bread, paper and my parcels and I have no problem with it during my use so far.  The hardness of blade compliments its sharpness and everything which I cut had a laser precision and it’s as easy as cutting butter. The control and performance of this knife is great.

Civivi Elementum Review blade

Deployment of Civivi Elementum

It’s a flipper no doubt, and the flipping action is smooth to. The Caged Steel Ball Bearing with balanced blade weight and the flipper tab makes the deploying of this knife smooth, easy and fast. During deployment the Linerlock system of this knife keeps the Civivi Elementum blade in place. Thus, the opening and closing of this knife is great.

Civivi Elementum Pocket Clip Review

The Pocket clip of Civivi Elementum is made from Stainless Steel and frankly it’s not great at all. Firstly, it creates hotspot in hand when gripped and it’s not good for any every day carry knife. WE all know that, pocket clips are the making or breaking factors because you cannot keep a knife in your hand, one needs to put it in pocket and that is why the second most disappointed factor I found is again its thickness, which doesn’t hold the knife securely in a pocket.

Overall the knife is great but it seriously lacks in the pocket clip area. I hope with more new models are expected in future they may change the pocket clip but all I can say so far the pocket clip does not match the rest.

Competitors of Civivi Elementum

Civivi Elementum Vs Praxis

Civivi Praxis is bigger, beefier and Havier as compared with Elementum. Both Knives have different blade grinds and entirely different profiles I Must say. Like if you are looking for light, simple and gentleman’s Knife kind of character knife then element and if you want much solid and have heavy EDC tasks at hand apart from cutting packages etc. then go with Civivi Praxis for sure. Then another difference is in blade steel, with Elementum you have D2 Steel Blade where as in Praxis you got 9Cr18MoV steel. In Praxis you have G10 handle scales in various colors where as Elementum knife series has wood, Micarta or G10 options. Civivi Praxis wins in terms of pocket clip and usage as it can be used by both right or left handed people with reversible tip up pocket clip where as Elementum lacks being just for right handed users.

Civivi Elementum Vs Baklash

Baklash and Elementum both have hollow grinds and its best part I like about both. As Hollow grind blades are easier to sharpen and the thickness of the blade remains same no matter how many times you sharpen it.  Civivi Baklash stand in middle in terms of weight and size as compared to Elementum which is smaller and Civivi Praxis being bigger and definitely heavier. Baklash loses on weight, as it’s heavier and carries lesser edge as compared to Elementum.

Ontario Rat 2 Vs Civivi Elementum

Ontario Rat 2 is a great option for budget friendly EDC Knife when compared with Elementum. As it has thinner handle, lighter in weight, can be used by any hand, and has a thumb stud. But it got Nylon scales which are not as comfortable as compared to G10 or Micarta. The overall impression and the gentleman’s look Civivi Elementum or the aesthetics of shape and design is superior as compared to Ontario Rat 2.

Civivi Exarch Vs Civivi Chronic VS Civivi Elementum

According to me, there is no relation between CIVIVI Elementum comparing it with CIVIVI Chronic or Civivi Exarch. As Chronic is more of clip point blade and to me, each blade shape serves entirely different EDC task. Similarly, CIVIVI Exarch is front flipper with straight handle and I didn’t feel its grip as comfortable as compared with Elementum.

Conclusion Civivi Elementum Review

Well, Civivi Elementum is incredible in terms of features and utility it offers with respect to price being offered. The D2 Steel is not stainless and it also consumes more time sharpening and as for pocket clip it’s a deep slide pocket clip. But simply saying I repeat it’s a great knife to have as EDC and its well designed by Civivi Design Team of We Knife Co.

Just because it’s a great knife people are still buying it till date and above all mostly Knife collectors because of its style, fit in hand, deployment and options to select different materials mentioned above in Variants.

Honestly, it’s worth the price you pay. Spending between 50 to 89 bucks is nothing in comparison to the product being offered. Frankly, you will not be disappointed ever on your purchase but you may regret if any of the variants you are thinking of buying gets out of stock. So buy Soon.

You can buy all CIVIVI Elementum Knives for sale from this Link

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WE Knives Scoppio 923

We Knives Scoppio launched in December of 2019 designed by Toni N Tietzel.   Word “Scoppio” is a new word for me and I didn’t understood its meaning. So I google it and it turns out that it’s an Italian word means Explosion. (Screen Shot) as Under:

Scoppio Means as per google

If you closely look at the blade of the knife, you will also see the designer initials TNT on its blade enclosed in Dynamite stick which are clearly visible.  (Picture as under)

we knives scoppio dynamite sign

The We Knives Scoppio 923 is a pocket knife and is appealing to not only knife collectors but its eye catching blade design and shape with a compound grind with comfortable grip is loved by everyone around me when it’s shown to them. Given it’s a pocket knife but it’s not small neither meek looking. 

Technical Specifications of WE Knife Scoppio

Before, we proceed further, as a common format of my reviews, I always discuss knife’s technical specifications as they are major factor in deciding what to expect from it and what not.

Please find all technical details for WE Knife Scoppio by WE Knives. It has 4 variants, A, B, C, D only variation are in Scoppio handle color and blade finish only. They are listed at the bottom of the page as well.

  • Overall Length: 8.25″
  • Blade Length: 3.625″
  • Cutting Edge: 3.625″
  • Blade Width: 1.00″
  • Blade Thickness: 0.16″
  • Blade Material: CPM-20CV
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Compound
  • Finish: Stonewash
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.375″
  • Handle Width: 0.875″
  • Handle Thickness: 0.51″
  • Handle Material: Titanium
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 4.62 oz.
  • User: Right Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Manual
  • Opener: Flipper
  • Lock Type: Frame Lock
  • Brand: We Knife Co.
  • Model: Scoppio
  • Model Number: 923A
  • Designer: Toni Tietzel
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Best Use: Everyday Carry
  • Product Type: Knife

General Overview of We Knives Scoppio’s size

WE Knives Scoppio is a drop point blade with blade length of 3.6” having a thickness of 0.16” or 4mm. It’s available in two different stone wash finishes like Black Stone Wash Finish and in Satin Stonewash Finish along another variant is color of its Titanium Handles which has 4 variations like Bronze, Grey, Blue and Black.

The Open length i.e. from Knife’s tip to end is 3.63 inches having 4 mm blade thickness with a stonewash finish. The We Knife Scoppio, I’ll be talking here  in this review is with blue handle which is 0.51 inches thick or 13mm with total weight of 131 grams meaning this WE Scoppio is lighter than two 70 gram papers.

WE Knife Scoppio 923A Review

The blade material of this knife is CPM 20CV stainless steel and as you all know it’s a premium quality steel. As per chemical composition between Bohler M390 steel is almost alike but there is a difference between manufacturing process and CPM 20 CV is made in America.

Summing it up, WE Knife Scoppio is designed by German designer, it’s named in Italian language, the knife blade is made in USA and last, it’s assembled in Yang Jing China. Actually, Yang Jing, China is a home of knife makers just like Solingen in Germany and Maniago in Italy.

Secondly, We Knives is in Knife businesses for more than 20 plus years and it also has another brand o sister company CIVIVI Knives which is also global now.

WE Knives Scoppio Review

As per our standard review format, after discussing knives’ brand, its background and above all technical specifications we talk about blade of the knife then blade shape,  knife handle materials and shape which are vital to discuss and above all its locking and deployment system. Thus, as we have wrote previously about WE Knife 610 which is also a Framelock knife from WE Knives. As, this review is for WE Knives Scoppio which is a drop point blade and yes it’s a pocket knife as well.

We Knife Scoppio

Blade of WE Knife Scoppio

As it’s a drop point blade and its ideal for most tasks or utility tasks one can perform. The Blade material is CPM-20CV which is a premium stainless steel material CPM-20CV. WE Knife Scoppio 923 has HRC (Rockwell Hardness) rating 59 between 61 which is great which is considered very high in terms of edge retention meaning, the blade edges with such steel last longer before they need to sharpen again. But one thing one should also consider the harder the more brittle it gets. Given its hard but it slammed against other much harder materials you may find the edge to chip to.

Shape of Blade

As said earlier it’s a drop point blade meaning a big belly but the unconventional shape of Scoppio drop point belly is of my interest than others. Like the spin of the blade is not straight neither gentle not seen in most knives. From its top to bottom, the shape of curves constantly changes and so as the blade thickness. 

Compound Grind of WE Knife Scoppio

It’s a compound grind knife and this unique compound grind doesn’t seem to impede cutting tasks but the shape of the blade itself. Like if you are slicing any fruit, the thickness of the blade works like a wedge to slice open. It’s superb for all types of food slicing jobs with ease wherever you go, you do not need any other knife to do these jobs.

Handle of WE Knives Scoppio

It’s a premium knife and I have no doubt in saying it with 6AL4V titanium handle apart from its blade is also of importance to discuss here in this review. For example, there are no screws visible on handle, then “WE logo” hides Scoppio’s pivot and above all the handle scales are flush with “WE Knife Co.’s Logo” and you can even check it as there is no wobble when placed on perfect flat table.

WE Knife Scoppio closed

There are also perfect angle cuts on the handle as well, making it a genuine marksmen knife and Toni N Tietzel’s design esthetic is quite apparent and worth mentioning. The finish and precision used in making such knife handles is great and I really liked the Chinese manufacturing quality in it too.

Pocket Clip of We Knife Scoppio

The pocket clip of we knives Scoppio is placed in a predictable curve, it’s nicely done in synergy to handle curves as a whole. I think the inspiration of Toni N Tietzel is on geometrical lines as I see the blade and then its handle and now the same symmetry in placing of its pocket clip.

WE Knife Scoppio 923A Review

Ergonomics of WE Knives Scoppio

Well, the ergonomics in handle of this knife are not good but excellent. The shape, height and placement of pocket clip does not create any problem while holding a knife, offering a smooth and comfortable grip. You will not find any hotspots while holding a knife but there is a downside of using titanium handle as it gets slippery when hand get wet but, as most pocket knives are used its optimal.

Thus, it’s hard to use a knife with wet hands because of titanium handle and no scales on it but with rest assured it feels great in hand and it performs well too.

Deployment of WE Knife Scoppio

The flipping action of this knife is smooth and balanced the small flipper tab has a tiny jimping on the front to give little traction. The opening sound or deployment of this knife is noisy as it makes a sound when opened and it may be due to its ceramic bearings.

The locking mechanisms is again makes a clack sound when locked. The sound and such a tight locking mechanism is because of blade mounted stop pin. The main purpose of this stop pin is to prevent the blade from opening too far and keeping the blade in perfect position too. Secondly, if stop pin is placed on the blade it even helps side to side blade wiggle. Normally the stop pin is attached with handle of the knives but in case of WE Scoppio is on the blade.


I find it little hard to open and close not as happy with its deployment and later locking it. But it’s a perfect knife and with its ultra-light blade, superb finish and quality of materials being used its worth every cent being paid for it. Again it’s not for left hand users, so you better know if you are left hander.

Some say or even I have problem when I used in Hot Summers this year, the sweat from my hands make it more slippery than ever, but in general it’s a great knife. The contours or curves on blade, and construction of Knife handle and pocket clip all are in synergy and offer a great comfortable grip. The cutting experience with them is also great.

Now the question comes from where to buy We Knife Scoppio for Sale?

Well, as we all know USA is world’s largest retail market, each day you find so many products especially knives being sold at discounted prices. I am providing the links under from where you can buy all 4 variants of this WE Knife Scoppio for Sale offering the lowest prices. If there is any other authentic website, please do let me know, I love to add that in the list as well.

Currently, WE Knife Scoppio for sale at 259.25 USD with free shipping against its MRP of 304.95 all Variants. ( Click on Images to buy)

We Knife Scoppio 923A Blue handle color and gray stonewash finish

WE Knife Scoppio 923A

WE Knife Scoppio 923D Black handle color and black stonewash finish

We Knife Scoppio 923d

WE Knife Scoppio 923C Bronze handle color and black stonewash finish

We Knife Scoppio 923c bronze handle

WE Knife Scoppio 923B Gray handle color and gray stonewash finish

We Knife Scoppio 923D
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WE Knife 610 Review

Today we’re reviewing WE Knife 610 “Battleship“, equipped with S35VN blade material having Tanto blade shape, tapered titanium handle and along with extremely smooth ceramic ball bearing pivot action, which was very popular among We Knives fans in the past and even still today.

We Knives We 610 BattleShip full

Before you read more about WE Knife 610 review, we want to tell you that inside the well-presented deal you will find a nice soft case, total with microfiber cloth, and specialized driver tool attached to a crucial ring. This knife was smooth, raw searching in a commercial type method, however also fine-tuned and contemporary in general look. Stick around; I think you’re actually going to like this one


WE Knife Co. is not your normal new Chinese knife producer. They did not pop-up overnight to attempt taking advantage of the current success of other Chinese production knives either– Quite the opposite really. WE Knife Co. is one of the oldest and most successful knife and tool firms in China. We Knives have actually been around for well over 15 years, and have actually gained praise and regard within the Chinese community from which they have mainly offered item geographically. The point is, these guys understand how to make mid to high-end production knives, and have been improving and repeating on the process for several years now.

To avoid any doubts about WE Knife Co. is a business operating out of, and production from China. WE Knives are not an inexpensive knock-off brand name, and they produce some of the greatest quality knives that come out of the Pacific Rim entirely. Most significantly, they have been around in the USA for a decade now, and from the appearance of it, they are going to be extremely successful, if the pieces we have are any sign of their mean quality and style levels just. Without further more discussion, let’s get started with the Review of We Knife 610.

Technical Specifications of We Knives We Knife 610

What to expect from this knife and what not, you should always consider the technical specifications of a Knife. I always start my product reviews with technical specifications. Thus, the technical specifications of we knife 610 are as under:

  • Overall Length: 8.86” (225mm)
  • Blade Length: 3.86” (98mm)
  • Blade Thickness: 0.16” (4mm)
  • Blade Material: CPM-S35VN
  • Blade Hardness: HRC59-61
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Handle Length: 5” (127mm)
  • Handle Overall Thickness: 0.54” (13.6mm)
  • Handle Material: 6AL4V Titanium
  • Clip Material: 6AL4V Titanium
  • Back Spacer Material: 6AL4V Titanium
  • Screws Material: 6AL4V Titanium
  • Pivot Cap: 6AL4V Titanium
  • Washers Material: Ceramic Ball Bearing
  • Weight: 120g / 4.27oz
  • Lock Type: Frame Lock
  • Designed By We Knife Team

First Impressions

Some items require time to get utilized to. The WE Knife 610 was not one of those kinds of products for us. From the moment we took a look at the design 610 we understood it was right in our wheelhouse. The all titanium (6AL4V) frame lock style, custom titanium pivot and screw hardware all looked fantastic together.

We Knives We 610 BattleShip closed Review

Between the small elaborate visual aspects such as the gold anodized hardware, the ornamental however beneficial jimping on the scales, and the tumbled raw titanium manage scales, this knife looked actually striking in an industrial method. I would not presume as to call this steampunk, but if some more components had actually been included, it may have had the ability to become part of that grouping also … For us it is an excellent thing they kept it basic. The understated nature of the 610 makes it all the more enticing in our eyes.

We held the knife, concentrating on the wedged shape that pertains to a minor point at the rear of the knife. It felt not heavy but significant. We truly liked the look of the custom-made hardware; a truly nice touch for a knife, but also one that with other knives had actually shown to be more of a hassle than a real advantage. Unlike some other brand names, WE Knife Co. in fact supplied the tool that mated with the hardware to be able to service it. It is safe to state that from our initial impressions, we felt very eager to run this knife through daily carry and perhaps some extra-special tasks as well.

There is another WE Knife Co’s framelock knife which was released a year ago named WE Knife Scoppio 923, we have reviewed it too, you may find it interesting.

We Knife 610’s Feel In-Hand

As per its technical specifications, you know its heavier knife but it’s quite right to mention that it’s heavy yet once, it’s in your hand you will definitely say it’s an extremely well weighted.  As you have read in its specifications that, it got titanium handle with 6AL4V along with same material for its Pocket clip and above all, Pivot Cap, its screws and even back spacer all are made with 64L4V Titanium, therefore it brings some extra weight but believe its 120 grams is nothing as compared to Pocket Knives we use to carry 30 years ago.

we knives we knife 610 feel in hand

WE Knife Co.’s We Knife 610 Handle

The We Knives’ We 610 knife has a titanium handle and the titanium scales felt comfortable to hands as well. As per my hand size, it felt the handle groves are not perfect fit with my hands, do let me know in your comments do you have the same issue or is it me being Alien here :P.

We Knives We 610 BattleShip closed Review

Actually the simple straight handle or handle scales are used for universal grip styles of knives so one can use the knife in any grip one pleases and same goes for this WE Knife 610 as well. It allows its users to use it with multiple grips and there is no issue whatever grip style one uses as per the requirement.

We Knives We 610 BattleShip Pocket clip

Blade of WE Knife 610

As you have seen the picture there is no doubt that it’s a Tanto Blade knife which is extremely sharp and having CPM S35 VN stainless steel makes its performance remarkable. One more thing you will notice that the blade is perfectly centered and the lock is smooth too, this defines the quality and person of knife making by We Knives Company. They are so good in their designs that their brand Civivi Knives is also popular and both are out performed by Reate Knives too which are also Chinese knives brand.

We Knives We 610 BattleShip Blade

The blade of We Knife 610 has flat grind, commonly done on Tanto shaped blades and it comes in two different blade finishes only as per my information which are Satin Finish and Black finish. Given the blade finish and shape, it’s definitely an appealing knife for Tanto lovers.

Real World Testing

Well, every Pocket Knife I have under review is always with me for few days at least a week and the tasks I need to get done with a pocket knife are done that way. But like survival knives for example Fallkniven knives. I have done series of tests on Fallkniven s1x and even on Fallkniven f1z just to check how good they are. But in case of pocket knives, they are much different in their usage. As the concept of EDC (every day carry) Knife or pocket knife is just a functional sharp knife for small tasks like cutting bags, opening cartons, slicing bread and fruits.

Using We Knife 610 in daily routine

The best thing i felt about its titanium pocket. The look and feel of We Knife 610’s pocket clip is just like of a premium pen and you feel a difference to while putting it in your pocket and taking it out. But you need to hands to put it in your pocket. The retention of WE Knife 610 in (shirt, pent or jeans) is strong and firm and no incident happened where it got pulled accidentally out of my any pocket where it placed it.

Close up of We Knives We 610 BattleShip pocket clip

 Being a left hander, I personally think it’s not a right pocket knife for me, as its deployment is best with right handed people and there are no options like we see in Kershaw Pocket knives.  

For those new to our review format, we evaluate folding knives over the course of a minimum of one week (usually), and in the majority of cases two weeks. Over that length of time we get a feel for the knife, and bring it every day as either a main or backup EDC pocket knife. When we feel so inspired, we use it in typical everyday scenarios as well as shot to put it through some stress-based testing.

This knife got one full week pocket EDC bring time, and was used as the primary EDC carry during that period. This time permits us to live with the knife and get a real concept of how useful, functional, and functional the knife is under real life, daily conditions that any of us may face.

Cutting with WE Knife 610

As it’s a Tanto knife blade and it’s also referred to as chisel type blade and its great as tactical usage as well. Therefore cutting tyres and piercing through cartons is a great experience with this knife.

The blade of knife is CPM S35 VN having a really good hardness and definitely the blade retention or sharpness is also great. While cutting through old bike tyres tubes and cartons, the knife didn’t gave me any trouble and later with paper cutting test, it was still sharp.

The knife has titanium handle and as winter is approaching, therefore, you can use gloves and use it as well, I just check it in my hands with gloves on to have feel of grip and I rate 4.5 out of 5. As the pocket clip is only for right handed people.

We Knives We 610 BattleShip for right hand only

Last, one of my friends is a hiker and we checked it on his rope as well. And while preparing food during our Hike trail, I cut different vegetables and few fruits with it as well. It’s easy to clean and dry.

Conclusion We Knife 610 Review

Now, it’s time to finalize and evaluate WE Knife 610. Just like We Knife 608 you will love the level of quality and machining you find on this knife. The knife has impressive quality, perfect deployment, made as perfect EDC, comfortable in hand, superb pocket clip and above all We Knife 610 got striking style.

As, it’s an old model now, many of its variants have been discontinued and few are even Out of Stock these days at different Knife Online Stores. But you will definitively find them at cheaper price on the link I’m pasting down under.

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We Knife 608 Review

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WE Knife 608 Review

WE Knife 608

This is our first Review for We Knives and pick is no other than We Knife 608. Actually We Knife 608 comes in two different blade styles, drop point and Tanto blade.  Furthermore, there are almost 20 different variants within this model most of which are discontinued and remaining are in stock or out of stock. The We Knife 608 variants which are now discontinued you will know as you read along. 

WE Knives WE 608I Superb and classy look

It’s up to you which one you like the best but honestly, to me, I liked all the variants as they all have different prices. I have also compared the Specifications of all We Knife 608 Series Models for your ease. One thing you will notice in all models is the style of handle, its same, a titanium handle perfectly milled along with finger groves for hand sizes making the handling quite easy.

We Knife Co or We Knives Company

For those, who are new to knives or never heard of this model and want to know more about this company, so you guys should know that WE Knives is  a well-established Chinese Manufacturer and been working in industry for many years now. Even it has more than a decade while it’s selling its knife range in United States.

Once again, it’s worth repeating the simple fact that WE Knife Co. is a reputable company from China, having been around ever since late 1999.

 “They are not new to the knife and tool making game, but they are relative newcomers to the North American market.” By Matt Davidsonà

I don’t know why he always discourages, We Knives by saying it’s a new company, for me and to many others, its common belief if you are doing business for at least 10 years in certain market you are no longer new. And yes this is the actual case with We Knives.

Having seen other WE Knife offerings in the previous year, it is clear to say that they are amongst the preeminent production knife producers offered today. Sure, they are very competitive amongst their Chinese equivalents, but they are likewise very competitive with United States manufacturers such as Kershaw / Zero Tolerance, Spyderco, Bench made, and the like.

The first review we are doing is WE Knife 608 and after that We Knife 610 in few days.

First Impressions of We Knife 608

As said earlier, covering all variants of We Knife 608 series is difficult and for this reason we have selected We Knife 608I which is in blue- black- gold color scheme. Very first thing that struck me was that the 608I remained in plain contrast to the model 610H we will be evaluating in future. Whereas the WE Knife 610 have practical and is more robust and industrial in style.

The We Knife 608 was a flashier looking knife with bigger overall measurements, and strong colors on the 608 ‘I’ variation we had. The style hints and colors actually popped out at us initially. It has a really striking appearance because of its gold anodized accents and matted blue anodization. You will definitely fall in love with it. As most are out of stock and almost 9 of them have been discontinued. It gives us signal because of its failure as well.

Discontinued WE Knife 608 Knives

Following is a list of We Knives 608 series which are discontinued as on date and as per our information. Yes, being a knife collector you can buy from other collectors online from different websites or at auctions.

  1. WE Knife 608 A
  2. WE Knife 608 C
  3. WE Knife 608 D
  4. WE Knife 608 E
  5. WE Knife 608 J
  6. WE Knife 608 M
  7. WE Knife 608 N
  8. WE Knife 608 P
  9. WE Knife 608 S

As said before, a proper milled line, sweeping through middle of show side scale is adorned with golden color anodization and the three (3) cutout holes for its cosmetic look. These lines are machined milled purposely to decorate both sides of knife handle scales not only for visual appeal but also for tactical purpose as well. It reminded me a little some of the Reate knives that employ similar machining and design practices and they are good too.

The black Tanto blade was tucked away, though we had the ability to see the black DLC coating that is not usually our cup of tea. It is most likely that the finishing is not in fact DLC (diamond-like carbon) at all, but rather PVD (physical vapor deposition), or something similar. We immediately questioned how the covering would hold up.

WE Knives WE 608I Tanto blade

As it uses some excellent CPM-S35VN steel, we always tend to wonder why a finish treatment such as this is required at all. I think some individuals simply like the look. In either case the knife looked really good and felt actually good with excellent contours to the hand. I will discuss more about its feel in hand, real world testing but first, we have to see, what its technical specifications are.

Technical Specifications of We Knife 608

According to We Knives, please find following technical specifications and I really give them the importance because they not only tell you, what the product is but also, what to expect from it and what not.

  • Overall Length: 8.94”(227mm)
  • Blade Length: 3.94”(100mm)
  • Blade Thickness: 0.16”(4mm)
  • Blade Material: CPM-S35VN
  • Blade Hardness: HRC59-61
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Handle Length: 5”(127mm)
  • Handle Overall Thickness: 0.57”(14.5mm)
  • Handle Material: 6AL4V Titanium
  • Clip Material: 6AL4V Titanium
  • Back Spacer Material: 6AL4V Titanium
  • Screws Material: 6AL4V Titanium
  • Pivot Cap: 6AL4V Titanium
  • Washers Material: Ceramic Ball Bearing
  • Weight: 150g / 5.3oz
  • Lock Type: Frame Lock
  • Designed By We Knife Team

Feel In-Hand

The WE 608 felt strong, actually solid feeling once it’s in your hand. It is absolutely aimed squarely at those who take pleasure in a bigger knife with a Tanto blade. We held the knife in our ideal hand and felt that it was extremely comfortable in a standard grip position. Then, we flipped open the knife blade for the very first time.  WE Knives’ 608 is a decently sized 4 inch blade with ceramic ball bearing pivot making its flipper exceptionally smooth just like butter you can say.

However, we currently mention that Tanto blades and DLC type finishes are not our bag? Appeal is indeed in the eye of the beholder, but to us this blade was not the most beautiful thing we have ever seen. We liked the simple style of the 610’s blade shape, the 608 was extremely various. This blade was an extremely bold looking Tanto with a big suggestion that would likely show to serve well as a tough usage EDC.

When it comes to your hand you will feel the jimping on the blade, and it will feel pretty great. It was a nice knife in hand. The frame-lock closing system was well carried out and extremely comfy to use.

The pocket clip was another fascinating style choice and we’ve seen this clip style on a couple of other WE Knife offerings before. It is very thin in appearance as it utilizes 3-D milled titanium hardware to carry out a truly unique and well considered style. It felt near to the deal with scale, and did not trouble the hand when holding it strongly.

WE Knives WE 608I pocket clip

We must also state that the feel in hand was not only strong, but safe. Sure, the lockup was ideal at about 25 percent, and the blade focusing was spot-on too. We are seeing that becoming a requirement among these leading tier production knife makers. What we do not always get regularly is an excellent feel in hand, and a safe and secure grip that does not feel as if it will slip away when in usage.

The WE Knife 608 felt very well contoured to the hand, and used a tactile grip thanks to the machine made titanium lines/grooves so well machined. Even still, the knife was well sorted and smooth to the touch without any rough edges or abrasive locations at all.

As for us, we felt the jimping on the blade, and it felt pretty great. What we do not constantly get consistently is a good feel in hand, and a safe and secure grip that does not feel as if it will slip away when in usage. The WE Knife 608 felt very well contoured to the hand, and used a tactile grip thanks to the machine made titanium lines/grooves so well machined.

Real World Testing

With reference to my review on We Knife 610, the respect for We Knives increased in my opinion. Have really good experience with We Knife 610 and I thought of using this We Knife 608 to different tests with confidence on the quality of materials used in its making and as per its technical specification.

WE Knives WE 608I closed and scales in titanium handle

Throughout the time I carried it with me for standard EDC jobs such as opening letters, unpacking shipped products, breaking down a few small boxes from purchase deliveries, and opening some children’s figures that appear to become more protected and tide down with plastic

I must admit that I have not done any gratuitous testing, or look for to try anything beyond the basic requirements that the knife is made to use as it got 4 inches blade but it doesn’t mean it’s as strong as Fallkniven S1X because Fallkniven knives are survival knives..

Eventually, we took pleasure in the knife, though we still are not the most significant fan of the blade shape or the size for our needs. The shape does a good task with basic jobs, but the cutting edge as it might be utilized for slicing is hindered by the big Tanto sweep that funnels into a very sharp and thick point. The knife was nevertheless rather sharp. It cut well for the jobs we used it for, and appeared reputable.

As we have seen with other blades with black finishing’s, the black on the blade began to reveal wear and use. When cutting a couple of little plan boxes open, we saw this most. Though we had the ability to clean and mainly remove the rubbing marks on the blade, it appears like rub marks and possibly eventual erosion of the finish would occur with consistent use. Some individuals like that look. We however are not fans of it here.


The WE Knife 608 is a very competitive offering from an exceptionally outstanding knife maker. It is not inexpensive, however it does not pretend to be. You will get what you pay for. Do yourself a favor, check these guys out prior to they end up being a lot more popular and start raising prices.

WE Knife Co. have really proven themselves in our eyes. Sure, they are currently a big business, but with numerous new companies making what look like solid production pieces, it is revitalizing to understand that we can validate and test that they are the genuine offer.

The We Knives 608 has numerous design type variations ranging from color to blade type. It is not difficult to discover the kind of version that would best fit your desires and requires.

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Fallkniven F1 Review

Fallkniven F1 knife is used by Swedish air force, we all be reading about it and many of us owns it as well. YouTube is full of F1 reviews and people are testing it like crazy in their Fallkniven F1 Reviews, but here we are as well. But before, we being we must know and understand the background of this Fallkniven F1 Knife and its mandatory as well for Fallkniven F1 Review as well.

Background Fallkniven F1 & Fallkniven F1 Pro

As you may have read my review about Fallkniven S1, this is my review on Fallkniven Knives which is famous for its fixed blades knives or Survival Knives not only in Sweden but all over the Globe. And it’s the Fallkniven F1 knife which made it most famous as per my research over internet and even talking with few knife experts in my area.

Fällkniven in Swedish language means folding knives and yet it’s famous for its fixed blade knives. Isn’t it strange and happening? Anyways, as we all know Mr. Peter Hjortberger founded Fallkniven and in 1987 he received a request from FMV aka (Swedish Defence Materiel Administration) who need a new survival knife for their Swedish Airforce Pilots? Mr. Peter Hjortberger accepted FMV’s request and started his research for making a survival knife and for that profiling of user and the knife being used is a must. And he did the same, as per FMV the survival will be used by elite soldiers of Special Forces who are not only highly trained military personnel but also operating behind enemy lines. Keeping in mind the modern warfare and priorities for most above said users. Thus, he designed the first F1 Knife which has short yet broad blade, full tang, a knife well suited for the tasks required and can withstand extreme climates.

The first F1 knives were made with ATS34 which was used in turbines of Boing Jets having same qualities like of VG10. Linder Cutlery took the manufacturing of first 2000 Knives and delivered them. In August 1995 they were delivered and within the same year it became official Survival Knife of Swedish Airforce Pilots.

Fällkniven didn’t want to just cash in the success and they started developing better laminated steel to stay ahead of their competitors and then they came with VG10 lamination which not only adds more flexibility in its steel but also making it more resilient. Then they have Lam Cos and later 3G lamination.

This is the most decisive part in selecting blade material for survival knife as this new VG10 laminations allow the knife to bend and return to its actual true without breaking or staying bent. Further enhancements are done with convex grind of the blades and for that it needs skill and mechanical automation. Today, more than 100,000 Fallkniven F1 knives have been sold worldwide and as it’s a family business still ran in Boden with 7 family members.

Fallkniven F1 Knife Series

Fallkniven company success lies in continuous development based on feedback from their customers and users. This results in a complete series of Knives like Fallkniven F1 and Fallkniven F1 Pro.  All F1 models have CoS, VG10 and then Super steel called 3G. People on low budget can have CoS and who want really premium steel for their survival blade and Opt for 3G. Similarly, users asked for less expensive yet a material easy to sharpen you have Fallkniven F1 with Lam CoS steel for them. And those who look for really good performance they can have same knife in VG10 variant of Fallkniven series.

Then comes the blade finish, Satin or black adding more character to your knife. As for Fallkniven F1 Pro versions as per materials it’s been discussed for bigger blade size Fallkniven has F1 Pro it’s for people who want more beefy and more rugged knife. Thus, all versions of Fallkniven F1 Series are mentioned as under for Quick overview. This thing continues for even left and right handers and there are separate sheaths for Left handers and right handers for ease of use.

Fallkniven F1 is official knife being used by Swedish Air Force since 1995.  It’s a knife whose manufacturing areas and core manufacturers kept on shifting.

Like in start Fallkniven F1 Knives were made Linder a German Company based in Solingen then later it its manufacturing has been shifted to SEKI, Japan.

Why? Because of VG-10 steel. As Fallkniven F1 is made from 3 layers of laminate VG10 steel. The most interesting and useful property of VG10 steel is its ability against sidewise stress.

Fallkniven F1z Box

Fallkniven F1 has many variants like Fallkniven F1 Pro, Fallkniven S1X, and Fallkniven S1 (cos black finish) and so..! The product under review today is Fallkniven F1 as if previously reviewed Fallkniven S1.

Fallkniven F1 VG10 Vs Fallkniven F1 LamCos

When we talk about Fallkniven Knives, its Survival knives with high quality blade, superb grip at your disposal, similarly, this Fallkniven F1 is definitely a Scandinavian classic as it also has drop point blade, its middle sized blade and a synthetic handle and who can forget about its Zytel sheath which we discuss in detail as well.

Fallkniven F1 VG10
Fallkniven F1 Cos

As per my first impression of Fallkniven F1 Knife, I must say it’s quite balanced between its strength, functionally, cost and effectiveness which we will be doing in this review as we proceed. But first things first, let’s talk about its Technical Specifications, so we know, what to expect from it and what not? Note: F1 LamCos is slightly bigger, heavier and expensive than F1 VG10.

Technical Specifications of Fallkniven F1 VG10

  • Blade Color         Silver/Gray
  • Blade Edge          Plain
  • Blade Length      3.80
  • Blade Material   Lam.VG10
  • Handle Color      Black
  • Handle Material Thermorun
  • Knife Type          Fixed Blade
  • Knife Weight      6.00
  • Point     Drop Point
  • Sheath Included  Yes
  • Sheath Material Zytel
  • Total Length       8.30

The Design of Fallkniven F1 VG10 & Fallkniven F1 Lam.Cos

It’s a full tang knife just like Fallkniven S1, and also had beautiful convex grind with drop point blade. Beauty lies in its simplicity making it standard Swedish Air Force survival knife without a doubt.

But, do not get fooled by the dead simple plain looks of this knife. It’s a fixed blade knife and its almost 6 ounces 170 grams meaning as light as holding 3 A4 printing papers in your hand. The Zytel sheath comes by default with it.

Fallkniven f1 in hand

But if you order it from Fallkniven official website, you do have the option to have leather sheath as well. Please note that there is another variant of F1 with Lam.Cos also which is slightly higher in price as compared to F1 VG 10 stainless steel knife we have this review on.

The Blade of Fallkniven F1 Pilot Knife

As mentioned earlier it’s a drop point blade and drop point blades are mostly used in outdoor knives or in field. The drop point shape of its blade has proven itself and its most optimal shape to survival knives. That’s why you see, 90% of the survival knives have drop point blade.

Then comes the 3 layers of laminated steel which is not complete convex grind as an whole like Fallkniven F1 Black, but you will find flat grind for most the part and convex grind start to get its shape near edges. Similarly, all 3 layers of steel are visible in day light.

Fallkniven F1 spine

The knife blade has a very small choil showing a thorough thought process by Fallkniven Knives as this small choil makes sharpening it easier and makes it look better too.

The spine of F1 has material making it strong and yes, it sparks with fire steel whenever you strike. But you won’t find jimping on its spine just like Fallkniven S1

You must be wondering I have not talked about Blade material so far. As said, its blade is made from VG10 steel with convex grind given to this. VG10 Stainless Steel is proven from longer edge retentions and with great HRC ratings making the knife literally invincible or indestructible by human pressures.

Second best part of VG10 Steel is sharpening, you can get back razor sharp edge in no time. It’s much easier and quicker to make your blade razor sharp again after use.

Batoning Rating of F1

I have tried and used it and after I rate it 7 out of 10 for its Batoning ability. As 3.75 or 4” in F1 Cos Version both are quite small for batoning purposes but yet, the strength of the blade and retaining blade sharpness earns it 7/10 rating against batoning.

Fallkniven F1 Batoning

Fallkniven F1’s handle Review

F1 is a full tang knife by design and the handle is again made from Thermorun. Thermorun is a synthetic material and which is insoluble against so many soluble agents.

Fallkniven F1 Thermorun handle

The handles are thin, so they do not bulge up the grip, making the knife’s grip comfortable in hand. The Thermorun handle scales provides added friction (grip) when your hands are wet or even if you are wearing gloves.

The quillion at the end is perfect in size, not so big that it’s protruding out and not even small that your fingers or grips slips from it and in result you cut your hand. The quillion is perfect in size both in terms of its functionality as well as in aesthetic looks.

There is also a lanyard hole in the handle as well. Given I never used lanyard in my Fallkniven knives because they are always packed in their respective sheaths. But yes, during batoning having a lanyard for addition grip is a good thing.

Last, the tang of Fallkniven F1 sticks out from the end and servers as hammer or if you have to press or squeeze anything in wild, you can easily use it.

As a whole, the handle from its construction to its materials everything is great, you can use it anyway you want, all types of hands and almost all grips are fine while holding. I must say the handle ergonomics of this knife are better as compared to Fallkniven S1.

The Sheath of Fallkniven F1

Fallkniven F1 is for sale at most the websites with Zytel Sheath through injection molded system. Its light weight, durable and has large belt loop as well. A small lip locks the knife securely but when you shake it, you still feel the noise of blade hitting the sheath.

Fallkniven F1 with Zytel Sheath

I must say it’s not that quality or craftsmanship that you see in a knife as these sheaths are mass produced or the one I received wasn’t properly checked for quality. But, there is also a hole in it at the bottom of sheath which serves as drain hole for dirt and fluids.

Fallkniven F1 Leather Sheath Vs Zytel Sheath

But, there is leather sheath available as well for this knife, I don’t have my hands on it so, it’s not right to comment on something without using it. 

Esee 3 Vs Fallkniven F1

Esee 3 Vs Fallkniven F1

  • Price: Esee is 107$ range where as Fallkniven F1 is around 117$ (Almost same price)
  • Blade Length: Fallkniven F1 has little larger blade as compared to ESEE 3
  • Blade Shape: Both have drop point blades
  • Blade Grind: Esee 3 has flat grind compared to convex grind of F1 which retains longer edge
  • Blade Steel: VG10 or LamCos is much superior in strength as compared to 1095HC
  • Corrosion Resistance: Fallkniven F1 is definitely a winner in this category.
  • Handle Scales: Micarta Vs Thermorun, both are good
  • Weight: ESEE 3 is much lighter
  • Coating of Fallkniven hardly brushes off as compared to ESEE Knives.

Verdict: ESEE 3 is great for small utility field tasks because its 1095HC steel tend to bend at times as compared to F1 which is clear winner in terms of its blade material and strength. It holds longer edge retention during batoning because of its convex grind as compared with flat grind. Both are great but when compared against each other, F1 wins for being a multipurpose whereas ESEE 3 more of a side knife is when you have F! With you.

Note: ESEE 3 and Ontario Rat 3 are almost same and the only difference between them is the price. RAT 3 is a cheaper knife to have as compared with Fallkniven F1 or ESEE-3.

Where to buy Fallkniven F1?

Now you know my point of view about Fallkniven F1 Knife. The final question is where to buy Fallkniven F1 fixed blade knife with lowest price, being sure that you get the best price for your knife.

I’m linking the images down under from where you can buy them brand new Fallkniven F1 VG10 and also Fallkniven F1 LamCos one at the lowest prices with fast shipping offers and also 30 days return policy.

Buy Fallkniven F1 CoS for Sale
Buy Fallkniven F1 VG10 for Sale


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TOPS Knives TOPS 208 Clipper Review

TOPS 208 Clipper Review is done in this article. As TOPS Knives are in market for more than two decades or you can say in the blade business, the business has produced a vast range of specialized products as well as blades, though for whatever reason had actually never try out a purpose-built cigar knife, despite the fad ending up being increasingly prominent with various other big-name knife makers in the market in recent times. TOPS is altering that, however, with the release of it’s very first cigar-specific knife, cutter or blade naming it as TOPS 208 Clipper.

TOPS Knives TOPS 208 Clipper Review in Hand

Designer of TOPS Knives 208 Clipper

Made by Leo Espinoza (President of TOPS Knives Inc.) and also inspired by TOPS’ first-ever blade design, the Steel Eagle 107D, the TOPS 208 Clipper includes a 2.25″ Tanto-style (58-60 HRC-rated) CPM S35Vn steel blade that was particularly shaped for cutting cigars. The TOPS Knives 208 Clipper Knife is readily available now on the manufacturer’s website, with rates set at $184, Yet you can buy it at much minimal price with Chicago Knife Works only as they offer the lowest prices. (link is at the bottom). Though TOPS Knives, additionally uses a partially-serrated blade for an added $15, though it will likely prevent the blade’s capacity to easily reduce a stogie.

TOPS 208 Clipper is also designed by LEO Espinoza

Why do you need TOPS 208 clipper?

Whether you’re sitting back with a couple of buddies at the end of a long day, taking pleasure in an evening of poker, out on the fairway, or spending a long time in your favorite lounge, The TOPS 208 Clipper is your brand-new go-to cigar cutter. For many, smoking has to do with more than the stogie. It is regarding the entire experience.

Why do you need TOPS 208 clipper?

That is why individuals put a lot initiative right into their set-up from the humidor, to the furniture, to the lighter, to the alcohol to couple with each stogie. It’s a social task. The following time you will light up, every one of your buddies are going to be jealous of that cutter you’re carrying.

Leo Espinoza & TOPS Knives

Plus, the style was inspired by TOPS’ very first ever before design the Steel Eagle 107D & even TOPS Tundra Trekker, so it’s got over 20 years of TOPS history developed in. Make sure you have actually obtained to best cutter as well, the TOPS 208 Clipper.

Plus, the design was influenced by TOPS’ first ever before model the Steel Eagle 107D and later TOPS Tundra Trekker, so it’s got over 20 years of TOPS history constructed in.

1.      Pictures of TOPS Tundra Trekker

TOPS Tundra Trekker by Leo Espinoza
TOPS Knives Trekker by Leo Espinoza

2.      Picture of TOPS Steel Eagle 107D

TOPS Steel Eagle 107D designed by Leo Espinoza

Technical Specifications of TOPS Knives 208 Clipper

Technical Specifications of TOPS Knives 208 Clipper

Following are dimensions and other technical specifications of TOPS 208 Clipper or 208 Cigar Clipper

  • Knife Type Folding
  • Overall Length 6.13″
  • Blade Length 2.25″
  • Cutting Edge 2.25″
  • Closed Length 5.0
  • Blade Thickness 0.090″
  • Blade Shape Tanto Point
  • Blade Steel CPM S35Vn RC 58-60
  • Blade Finish Tumble Finish
  • Handle Material OD Green G10 knife handle
  • Handle Style Cryptic Cyber Scales
  • Knife Weight 4.7 oz
  • Weight w/ Sheath 6.0 oz
  • Sheath Included Yes
  • Sheath Material Black Leather
  • Sheath Clip Belt Loop
  • Designer Leo Espinoza
  • Manufacturer TOPS Knives
  • Country of Origin USA made

Where to buy this TOPS 208 Clipper for Sale?

You can buy it from any good knife store, or directly from TOPS Knives, but if you want to save some money, just buy it from Chicago Knife Works, I’m not advocating them, but so far with my online checks of prices they offer the lowest prices that’s why you always find me recommending them.

Where to buy this TOPS 208 Clipper for Sale?

I’m posting a direct link to TOPS KNIVES TOPS 208 Clipper with SKU TP2CP01. Do let me know about your shopping experience with them in your comments here.

Link to buy TOPS 208 Clipper for Sale

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Kershaw Lucha Review

Kershaw Lucha Review

Kershaw Lucha

This article / post is about Kershaw Lucha and you will read detail about Kershaw Lucha Review I m writing. Kershaw Knives is always quite creative whenever it gives names to its knives, for example, its new knife named Kershaw LUCHA. Lucha means struggle and fight as per my few searches on google. Secondly as per urban dictionary, its trending slang word for high class saying LOVE.

Kershaw Lucha Closed

Anyways, Kershaw knives’ Kershaw Lucha is the knife under discussion cum review for today. It’s a Balisong or more easy and common word, butterfly knife.

Kershaw Lucha before practice

The butterfly knives are one the most fantastic knives one can buy for EDC, meaning instead of carrying a pocket knife, why not have a Balisong. As flashy as they look, they are functional too. These butterfly knives are deployed instantly and are great for cutting because mostly have spear point blades or clip point blades in them. They are mostly thinner and easy to deploy and close as compared to traditional folding knives.

Kershaw Lucha

Technical Specifications of Kershaw Lucha

Brand Kershaw Knives
Country of Manufacture United States
Blade Length 4.6″
Blade Thickness .125″
Closed Length 5.8″
Overall Length 10.25″
Finish Satin
Edge Type Plain
Knife Type Butterfly Knives
Handedness Ambidextrous
Country Of Origin USA
Lock Type Latch
Best Use Martial Arts
Product Type Knife
Model KS 5150
Knife Style Butterfly
Blade Style Clip Point
Handle Color Silver
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Blade Material Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel
Weight 5.9oz 167 grams approx
Technical Specifications of Kershaw Lucha

Kershaw Knives “Safety first

As butterfly knives are trendier these days as compared to pocket knives, and you will find cheap and flimsy imitations of Balisong knives everywhere but believe me they are very dangerous to handle. But it’s not same with Kershaw’s Lucha Knife, yes, it’s worth the bucks to spend. Lolz

Showing where Kershaw Lucha has KVT ball bearings are

Actually, Kershaw Lucha is a premium quality butterfly knife and with Kershaw knives’ KVT technology in it provides smooth deployment you can imagine and again KVT ball bearings in it gives a user best flipping time without a doubt.

Pivot Cutting Problem & its Solution

If you have ever before used any cheap Balisong, you have the idea that whenever butterfly knives catch on the pivot, they mostly get you cut on your own blade. But it’s Kershaw Lucha this time and having KVT ball bearings discussed earlier, its ball bearings are integrated into handle pivots giving this Lucha knife with SKU KS5150 smooth opening action and you will definitely say “this butterfly knife opens like butter”

Kershaw Lucha has good fitting

Blade of Kershaw Lucha

Well, the blade of Kershaw Lucha is 4.6” having blade material of Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel. The shape of the blade is Clip point. And there is no doubt about it with the shape and size of the blade that is as good as other pocket knives.  You can deploy it instantaneously and can cut, slice or whatever every day task is ahead of you can perform with Kershaw Lucha with real ease for sure.

Kershaw Lucha side ways

14C28N stainless steel has HRC rating between 55 to 62 and with clip point shape as mentioned earlier its even ideal to utilize the strong tip and with thin blade, its idea for fine detail works like carvings or even its great for piercing. Once you are done, simply flip it and lock with latch lock at pommel.

Handling of Kershaw Lucha

When you have Balisong or butterfly knife, then how can you miss flipping fun that it provides. I even checked on YouTube and tried to learn few tricks of basic level to perform it with my Kershaw Lucha. Well, if you were novice or newbie like me, then please tape the blade from its edges before trying to practice, because Kershaw Lucha comes with razor sharp blade.   Once you have covered your knife’s edge then it’s safe for you to practice like it did with my Kershaw Lucha knife. And it really enjoyed it.

Kershaw Lucha in a Hand

Final words on Kershaw Lucha Review

In Reviewing Kershaw Lucha, it clear that it is really good in hand and with tricks (couple of which I just tried to practice) but I must say, it’s a butterfly knife and it’s not a good EDC, because in many areas in US it’s not legal and you are in a constant threat if you have it there in public. The locking latch makes so much noise when you use it. It’s annoying.

Kershaw Lucha Latch is very noisy and you can take it apart easily

Secondly with the association of Balisong knife, it doesn’t look nice as an EDC. It’s my own opinion and is subjective. Kershaw Lucha Review we have covered its handling, size and materials. If I missed anything in Kershaw Lucha review do let me know so I can update that also.

But being said all this it’s a knife worth paying for and it’s available online at lowest price so far. I got mine from there as well. They offer the lowest prices on all their products. Buy your Kershaw Lucha from there.


Comparison image of Kershaw Lucha and the new Bear Ops and an EOS Trident

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