WE Knives Brand Summary

  • Parent Company Name: WE Knife Co Ltd.
  • Head Office: Guangdong, China
  • Product Focus: Pocket Knives, Tactical Knives
  • Target Markets: Higher End Premium Quality for Knife Collectors etc.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: All products Made in China
  • Average Price Range: $200 to $500

We will be discussing all popular & brand new We Knives aka We Knife Co. or We Knife Company.

We Knives or We Knife Company is famous for producing high end to mid end knives from China for past 15 years. It is giving a little more tough time to American Knife markers by producing high quality Knives. Now still being Chinese company it has established their name as premium knife makers in USA & UK. Now, it has set an eye to get into EU markets.

WE KNIFE Co LTD Manufacturing Facility

We knives manufactures very high quality knives and the reason is of deploying high quality machines & equipment. Having highly skilled staff involved in knife forging is yet another great advantage that they have. Furthermore, just like USA Knife Companies, they have proper research & development team that works with in house designers and any design that has been selected goes first into severe quality and objective testing before the final production beings.

For this reason, you will find their knives as expensive as Cold Steel, Spyderco and Other companies yet, being Chinese and giving importance to their legacy, they still play on prices. Like CPM CV 20 steel blades are half the price of US or European made companies.

Early History of We Knives

Well, We Knives started its brand as professional knife manufacturing company in 2000. In start, the came up with different knives and different branding schemes to check, which option suits them the best. They were used as an Outsourcing company by many knife manufacturers but no one can deny the fact, being best and biggest outsourcer to the US Knife market with experience of production of 14years. They have launched their brand WE KNIVES in almost 2014

Building highest quality knives and tools with plenty of choices for the customers is their main goal. So, just like Kershaw a famous brand, having so many variants they also followed same type of strategy.

We Knives Reviews

As, now they are popular, knife brand we will be reviewing some of their Knives and tell you, pros & cons as compared to prices. We Knives Reviews are difficult to find because it’s not that popular yet, just like any new brand, we loved their knives and that why we loved We Knives and starting off reviewing their products under:

Competitors of We Knife Co or We Knives

Well, it can be subjective, but from our perspective and observation We “Best Knives Reviews Team” suggest following main WE Knives competitors

  • Kershaw Knives
  • Zero Tolerance Knives
  • Spyderco Knives
  • Benchmade Knives