There are loads of knife reviews online but if you see clearly, you will find them mostly on affiliate websites, from where it’s said, we are unbiased yet if you make a purchase we will earn commission on it.

Hi, I am Salman, spending most of my time working in closed environment, yet whenever I have time, I go for hunting, camping or other outdoor activities. I love knives, swords and guns too since my childhood.

Throughout these years, I saw most of best knives reviews being flush down the gutter as no one finds them or Google. Whereas, you will find tons of affiliate websites and so called reviewers who always rate a knife 4.8 or 5 out of 5 in their review on old model and new respectively.

Well, in best knives reviews, I and other genuine knife users and enthusiasts will be reviewing the top branded knives, from low range to premium range, thus providing readers best quality and actual information about the knives.

Well, that being said, we won’t be using much of technical terms unless necessary. Right now, we are starting off with our own website, where you will find 100% unbiased reviews on knives. Where we will be reviewing new and old models which are still popular and find the purchase reasons behind them in simple and easy way.

Our goal is to provide actual information and unbiased opinions yet based on logical reasoning. If you like our reviews do let us know in comment section and please do share it with your friends.

I remember getting my first knife as a teenager, a beautiful folding hunter which was swiftly followed by the classic Swiss Army knife.  From then on I discovered great brands like Spyderco, Bench made, Kershaw and I was hooked

As I still remember, when I was 8 years old, I was given a Leatherman’s Multi Tools, which has so many tools in it from pliers to a sharp blade with leader case, always being worn on my belt. Think of young teenage who uses it, as it proved so handy, whenever if I have to open anything, I can, to cut I have a knife and so on. The habit of always keeping knife with me start in my childhood. As I grew up my interests changed and I started carrying pocket knife with me, started hunting, and things changed dramatically and then this habit lead me to start buying more on it ending up as knife collector.

Normally we use knife for same purpose, just to cut, but if you ask any knife expert, or you see any online store, you will find dozens of knives with different knife blades, handles, blade materials. It’s always confusing isn’t it?

We always forget that knife is a tool, not cutting device I must say. As we use different sizes of NAILS in carpentry, similarly, each blade shape, blade material serves different purpose. We will be uncovering those to help people make right purchase.

Price is yet another factor while buying a quality knife. In knife reviews, you will find AMAZON affiliate links. But frankly there are tons of websites which provide lowest prices in the market and definitely ship all over the world given that knife is legal in your estate or country.

With reference to legality, in NYC, any knife above 2 inches blade (as per my information so far) is considered legal, rest are illegal. We will be discussing them as well in detail, not in just 1 post yet for each knife review we will be writing.