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Knife Handle Materials

Knife Handle Materials

knife handle materials guide
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In this article, I will be discussing and evaluating different types of knife handle materials. Knife newbies most of the times get confused or being fooled that knife handle is just nothing adding more aesthetics to a knife itself. But in realitytype of handle is as important as knife shape and Blade steel for its overall performance and all these 3 when joined together results in knife’s characteristics and tasks it can perform.

With above said in mind, let’s have a look at the most popular knife handles you normally find in Knife grips today. Remember knife grip is synonym of knife handle. We are living in information age now where technology and innovation is at its peak so far, therefore, there are different types of materials in knife handles you can see, like metal knife handles, synthetic knife handles and even organic like wood and bones knife handles. Each type has its own positives and negatives or you can Say PROS & CONs which will be discussed in deep detail separately.

So, you must know which handle is the best for your needs whether you are looking for pocket knife i.e. EDC, tactical knife survival knife or Neck Knife this Knife handle guide will help you deciding the best knife handle material to suit your needs and what you shall look for before making a purchase.

  • Bone Knife handle

Bone Knife handle

When talking about aesthetics and taste appeal, you may find people talking about Natural materials especially bone knife handles which are to some extend is great choice but before you proceed, you must know what is Bone Handle knife or Bone knife handle is?  Do keep in mind that, these bone are used as scales on these knives mostly folding knives or Full tang knives. Bone Knife handle does not mean that whole bone is used as a knife handle, Animal bones are used as scales in such knives. Normally, you see bone knife handles or bone scales in Pocket Knives. It’s popular still to date because of its beauty and ability of carvings “jigged”.  Mostly bone used in knife handles comes from bigger animals like camels, cows etc. Are animals killed for their Bones or Horns? As far as bone knife handles are considered, animals are killed throughout the ages for their meat and skin. Bones were left out but as time goes on, we human find ways to use animal’s bones

  • Aluminum Knife handle guide

Aluminum Knife handle

This guide is specifically about is about aluminum knife handle. As, we all know aluminum is silvery white metal which is not very hard but really good corrosion resistant that is why we use aluminum in knife handles. Aluminum knife handles are normally coated or anodized in different colors which not only changes the look but also increase its weather resistant properties. There are different aluminum alloys being used in knife handle but most popular of them is T6-6061 is among the most commonly used aluminum alloy because its tensile strength making it more malleable then other types of aluminum alloys. It’s effective for coating & definitely anodization as well.Following is a list of Knives with Aluminum Knife Handle scales we have review so for and they are also considered best in 2024 as well. Aluminum Knife handles Guide Aluminum knife handle is generally considered inferior to its lighter, stronger, yet more expensive brother Titanium which tends to be found on the more premium knives. Following are benefits of

  • Titanium Knife handle guide

Titanium Knife Handles Guide

Today, I’ll be discussing Titanium knife handle or Titanium Knife Handles.  When we buy or look for knives, we always discuss blade materials and they are the main focus of every review you find. Even majority of knife manufacturer’s talk about knife’s blade material. There is very less importance is given to knife’s handles. Whereas they are as important as the blade of the knife. Titanium is a metal that is known for its strength and durability. Why Titanium is expensive? Titanium is 9th abundant metal on earth and its present in each and every rock on earth. Given its abundance it’s still one of the most expensive metals in the world. The only reason for its expensiveness is that it has very high melting point. Toughness of the metal increase the costs of handling it which makes it even much more expensive. Importance of Titanium Handle Knife handle material is as important as the knife blade and so as the shape of blade & handle there must be

  • Micarta Knife handle guide

Micarta Knife Handles Guide

Micarta is a very popular material for survival knives (usually fixed blades). It is extremely strong and durable, and has proven to be a safe choice for any types of conditions. In Micarta Knife Handles Guide here, we will be sharing and answering all questions related to Micarta Knife Handles. What Is a Micarta Knife Handle or Micarta? What is a Micarta knife handle? There are so many handles for knives and Micarta handles have its special significance, those who they knew what I’m talking about. But those who are new to knife collection, or don’t know much about handles especially Micarta handle. History of Micarta It was developed or invented by George Westinghouse in 1910 and the phenolic resins (substance which binds the said fiber) was invented by Leo Baekeland. As Phenolic resins are used to impregnate the fibers or composite material under heat and temperatures which later are cured to product tough laminates. Or you can say Micarta is a composite material

  • Stainless Steel Knife handle guide

Stainless Steel Knife Handle Guide

There is much to talk about stainless steel knife handles. Stainless steel knife handle is mostly common knife handle on low budget EDC knives. As we all know that stainless steel is excellent in providing resistance to corrosion and that’s why it called durable. Stainless Steel Knife Handles Stainless steel is a very common element for both knife blades and handles. Steel itself is an alloy of iron and copper primarily, and its manufacture is relatively cheap. Stainless steel is the “strongest” metal on this list in that it will not dent or scratch as easily as titanium or aluminum. However, on the other hand, it is heavier that the other two, which can be cumbersome, whether you are using it for EDC (Everyday Carry) or survival. Stainless steel knife handles are polished to give silvery look which in exchange provides less friction resulting in poor handle grip. To avoid slipperiness, mostly ridges or etching designs have been incorporated on stainless knife handle giving it more tempting look. Stainless Steel Ad On

  • G10 Knife handles Guide

G10 Knife Handles

Over the years while discussing about knives, I just saw people discussing the size and blade material of the knives. What I felt is we as majority do not bother about knife handle material and it’s the shape. Best example of G10 Knife handle is ZT 0308 knife It the knife handle material which is as important as the blade. Because without proper handle, it’s hard to have proper grip in on it. It’s also tough to get best out of ones knife as well. Best Knives with G10 Knife handles 2024 I don’t know why people always forget or don’t give importance to knife handle material as mostly, it protects the mechanisms that not only deploy the knife but also safeguards the knife’s lock. Knife handles shall be given their due respect and attention which they deserve. With all that said, lets being with G10, firstly, do not confuse G10 with IMF thing here, we are talking about knife’s material. As there are many G10 Knife handles available different brands like TOPS knives,

  • wood knife handles, knife wood handle, wood knife handle, knife handle wood, guide

Wood Knife Handles

If you are looking for wood handle knife or knife handle wood thinking which wood should be good? This post is for you to read. Wood Handle Knife Wood is being used in as handle in knives & swords since dawn of Bronze & Iron Age. It’s organic, durable, and comfortable in hand.  You will see wooden handles in almost all types of tools, weapons and even ship handles till date are made from wood. Hard Wooden handles made from hard wood shows a distinctive class and fine taste and from centuries in use, we always cherish its value, and knows very well that it compliments metals. Woodworkers throughout the ages, carve, make design on wooden handles and they are renounced for their craft till date. Even today at the dawn of 21st century we have wooden handles having their distinctive role and worth given we have Micarta knife handles, metal handles like aluminum knife handles, stainless steel, titanium knife handles. What is the difference between hard woods

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