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Bone Knife handle

Bone Knife handle

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When talking about aesthetics and taste appeal, you may find people talking about Natural materials especially bone knife handles which are to some extend is great choice but before you proceed, you must know what is Bone Handle knife or Bone knife handle is?  Do keep in mind that, these bone are used as scales on these knives mostly folding knives or Full tang knives.

Bone Knife handle does not mean that whole bone is used as a knife handle, Animal bones are used as scales in such knives. Normally, you see bone knife handles or bone scales in Pocket Knives. It’s popular still to date because of its beauty and ability of carvings “jigged”.  Mostly bone used in knife handles comes from bigger animals like camels, cows etc.

bone knife handle. bone knife handle material

Are animals killed for their Bones or Horns?

As far as bone knife handles are considered, animals are killed throughout the ages for their meat and skin. Bones were left out but as time goes on, we human find ways to use animal’s bones as well, not just for knife handles, like fish bones were used as needles too…! But, they are not specially killed for making knife handles.

Bone handle knife 3

Are Animal Horns used in Knife Handles?

You may came across knives where it’s said Indian Stag bone or Impala Horn or Indian Antler Horns as “the handle is made from Sambar Stag etc.…! The reason of using bones and horns of animals in knife handles is just exclusivity and rarity of that material. And yes, you will also see visual appeal to these handles as they are much expensive at times and definitely beautiful.

bone knife handle. bone knife handle material

Pros & Cons of Bone Knife Handle

Following are advantages and disadvantages of Bone knife handle

Pro’s Bone knife Handle

  • Visually appealing

  • Natural Material

  • Most stable than Wood

  • Exclusive

  • Easy to Dye & good for jigging.

Con’s Bone knife Handle

  • Being natural, they are more prone to natural factors like expansion or contraction due to heat and seasons

  • Just used for Ornamental purposes

  • Mostly seen in Pocket Knives or Ornamental /Ceremonial Knives.

Conclusion Bone Knife Handles

You will find so many collector’s edition knives with bone knife handles, either having, Horns of Stags, bones of Cows, Camels, Deer’s etc.  They are much more stable as compared to wood when it comes to natural exposure. Most famous of them are Marbles Scrimshaw Series knives, you can read more about them under Marble Knives Reviews having bone handle knives with engravings of USA wildlife scenes. They are again Pocket Knives and collector’s edition knives.

marbles wildlife scrimshaw series Grand Daddy Barlow in hand

Frequently asked Questions about Bone Knife Handles

Is camel bone legal?2021-09-07T09:52:33+05:00

Camel bone is almost similar to (Ivory), but not illegal to obtain and use. As no camels are being harmed to obtain their bones. Camels Meat is being consumed in many parts of the world just like cattle, and their bones are being used not only in knife handles but in other decorations and jewelry.

Is camel bone a good knife handle?2021-09-07T09:48:04+05:00

Camel bone is considered good knife handle because of its durability and consistency and it has been used as knife and sword handle for centuries. Camel bone is slightly more dense as compared to cow shin bone. The colors and quality of camel bone makes great knife handle scales and handles.

What kind of bone is used for knife handles?2021-09-07T09:42:29+05:00

Bone knife handles are generally made from animal bones such as elephant tusks (IVORY), buffalo horns, deer, antlers, cow and camel bones. Most knife handles today are made from cow bone. Regardless of the material used, bone is brittle and prone to cracking and deformation. It is also a porous material. Mostly knives with bone handle are premium and collectors edition.

Is bone good for knife handles (scales)?2021-09-07T09:41:42+05:00

Animal bones are being used as knife scales (handle) since centuries. Bone knife handles are popular for their beauty, being jigged ( carved ) and can be dyed easily. Its popular knife handle material in premium- quality knives especially Pocket knives which are mostly collectors editions.

What is a bone knife handle?2021-09-07T09:40:27+05:00

Bones of dead animals are extensively used to make handles for knives. Enabling a stronger grip, fixed blade knives with bone handles are desirable in terms of appearance. For Pocket Knives, handle scales are being made with animal bones which is not limited to land animals like Ivory, deer or antler horns etc. but also sea animals like bones of fish are also being used in Knife handles.

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