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Best Knives Reviews  is on a mission to provide you with unbiased reviews, educating and advising you based on our experience with reference to knife industry which is as sharp as their blades. Collecting knives over the years and using them to, mistakes we made, being fooled by marketers, don’t want others to make those purchasing mistakes or get influenced for a bone having no meat on it. We review top knife brands, having their reputation in the market but also in minds and hearts of their consumers.

Here you will find Pocket Knives reviews, folding knife reviews, updating you with knife news and a complete knife blog. Yet clearing the confusion which one is best pick or not against their hard earned money and their passion.

Last, providing knife reviews in simple language with Knife Handle Guide, knife Steel Guide and above all knife Steel chart to stay focused on objectiveness rather being subjective, making us unbiased. Thus, we are not sellers nor vendors of any brand.

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2009, 2021
  • Esee 3, Esee 3 Review

ESEE 3 fixed blade Knife Review

ESEE 3 is one the smaller knives designed by ESEE knives for utility and general field work. If you are looking for smaller survival knife or want to add little versatility then this ESEE Model 3 will be an excellent choice. ESEE-3 is among the very first knives designed by ESEE Knives with expertise of Jungle Survival Instructors with no compromise on high performance and durability. When it comes to survival knife and survival,

2607, 2021

Civivi Elementum Knife

Civivi Elementum Knife is remarkable since its beginning. Before writing Civivi Elementum Review, I want you to know that it’s been launched in November 2018 and its now almost 2 years old. As I proceed with Civivi Elementum Review, you will know why it’s among the very best pocket knives of CIVIVI. As you will see is outfitted with D2 Steel blade having satin finish and Linerlock knife.  Just like other knives, I always review a

2607, 2021
  • Elementum Vs QSP Penguin

CIVIVI Elementum Vs QSP Penguin

Read Detailed Comparison between CIVIVI Elementum Vs QSP Penguin with more than 10 difference and 8 similarities you are not aware off.  The main purpose of today’s discussion is what is different and common between the two.  And there is also a price difference of $20 between QSP Penguin and CIVIVI Elementum. I have written a complete detailed Civivi Elementum Review and I hope you will like it as well, providing the best and detailed information. You may have

908, 2021

Fallkniven S1 Series Review

Fallkniven S1 Knife Series have sturdy blade made from a stainless laminated VG-10 steel / Lam.CoS. The blades of Fallkniven S1 Knife Series are convex ground for extra strong cutting and penetrating power.  The Fallkniven X – series and is among the most impressive knives which were released last year i.e. 2019. Its virtually indestructible knife as per its material perfection by human hands. The basis of Fallkniven x series knives lies in

2507, 2021
  • We Knife Scoppio Review, We Knife Scoppio, We knives Scoppio Review

WE Knives Scoppio 923

We Knives Scoppio launched in December of 2019 designed by Toni N Tietzel.   Word “Scoppio” is a new word for me and I didn’t understood its meaning. So I google it and it turns out that it’s an Italian word means Explosion. (Screen Shot) as Under: The We Knives Scoppio 923 is a pocket knife and is appealing to not only knife collectors but its eye catching blade design and shape with a compound grind with

1907, 2021
  • We Knife 608 Feature Image

WE Knife 608 Review

This is our first Review for We Knives and pick is no other than We Knife 608. Actually We Knife 608 comes in two different blade styles, drop point and Tanto blade.  Furthermore, there are almost 20 different variants within this model most of which are discontinued and remaining are in stock or out of stock. The We Knife 608 variants which are now discontinued you will know as you read along. It’s up to you

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