The drop point blade shape is the most common blade shape, Its practical, simple and visually pleasing. You will be hard pressed to find a more useful all round blade shape. A drop point (together with a clip point) is one of the most popular blade shapes in use today.

The most identifiable knife that features a drop point is the hunting knife, although it is utilized on lots of other kinds of knives also, including the larger blades in Pocket Knives or Every day Carry (ECD) Knives.

What is Drop Point Knife or Drop Point Blade?

The back (unsharpened) edge of the knife runs directly from the grip to the tip of the knife in a sluggish curved way, creating a lowered point. This decreased point supplies more control and adds strength to the tip.

While the tip of drop point is not as sharp as the tip of clip point knife, it is much stronger. Drop point blades are popular on tactical and survival knives since of this tip strength and the capability to hold up to heavy usage.

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Why Drop Point Blade Optimal is Choice?

It’s a popular choice since it’s simple and aesthetically pleasing, but likewise highly practical. Drop point knives include a good tip for detail work, some belly for jobs that gain from a knife with belly (mainly cooking and crunching cuts), and an excellent amount of straight cutting edge, which is perfect for slicing.

Drop points are also a little less aggressive looking than something like a clip point, Wharncliffe, or clip blade. It’s a traditional knife shape that lots of people relate to energy

Drops Point Knives Reviews

Fallkniven is best known for its drop point knives aka Survival knives and they are not only used by their national Air Force but Military Corps all over the world are one of their major customers. We have review Fallkniven F1s, Fallkniven F1Z, and Fallkiven F1xB as well.

Drop Point Knife Uses

Numerous terrific everyday bring blades can be found in a drop point setup.

  • Versatile and are used for a range of jobs.

  • Optimal choice as Pocket Knife

  • They are fantastic for every single Day Carry (EDC) knives

Fallkniven F1, Blade Design of Fallkniven F1

Advantages & Disadvantages of Drop Point Knives

Following are advantages (pro’s) and disadvantages (con’s) of Drop Point blade. As drop point knives are considered a good choice for a hunting. As you want a knife with a good amount of belly for a different task and the drop point delivers that.




By choosing a drop point, you will be among the many of knife fans who own a great all-purpose blade that can be utilized in numerous scenarios, anticipated or unforeseen.

There are many knife brands offering drop point blades like Tops Knives, Bark river knives, zero tolerance knives, Medford Knife and Tool, Gerber Knives, We knife co, Cold steel Knives, Winkler knives and much moreby Civivi Knives

Certainly, a lot more belly than a tanto. The tip is not as prominent, which makes it perfect for skinning, and for disemboweling quarry without puncturing their organs.

You can know more about knife blade types as there so other shapes and types of knives as well.

Do Read Our Review about Civivi Elementum which is also one of the best selling drop point EDC Knife

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