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Civivi Knives Reviews

Civivi Knives Reviews

Civivi Knives Reviews2023-12-06T17:40:24+05:00

CIVIVI Knives made its extremely first search in the second half of 2018 as well as provides an affordable line of knives & tools with unique designs as well as even more cost-effective materials however still made according to the high manufacturing standards consumers constantly obtain from WE Knife Co. Ltd

CIVIVI Knives Brand Summary

  • Parent Company Name: WE Knife Co Ltd.

  • Head Office: Guangdong, China

  • Product Focus: Pocket Knives, Tactical Knives, Kitchen Knives

  • Target Markets: Low & Medium Budget

  • Manufacturing Facilities: All products Made in China

  • Average Price Range: $ 40 to $110 max

CIVIVI is a subsidiary of We Knife Co also called We Knives which is well understood and respected for making high-end knives and tools.

The brand lineup firstly takes part in economical EDC Pocket Knives. The knives are made with materials such as Chinese D2 VG-10 and also other composite steels and G10, Micarta and so on for the grip scales and/or other top quality products.

On the other hand, the product line will certainly expand to consist of a series of knives and also tools for common/daily use. All are developed to WE KNIVES’s high performance qualifying criteria for exterior experiences like trekking, exterior camping, searching, and more.

CIVIVI always supplies high performance, craftsmanship, innovative designs and also great user experiences to its customers.

Civivi Knives Review

Summing everything up, Civivi Knives bursting onto the scene in 2018, Civivi, a subsidiary of WE Knives, incorporates the unmatched top quality of WE Knife Co. Ltd with distinct layouts and also performance-proven products to craft a product line that is promptly becoming a market favorite

In Civivi Knives Review we are concentrating on EDC/ Pocket Knives jobs that call for a sharp blade to be close at hand, Civivi has a knife for every and also every celebration.

Whether it’s a formal conference room conference or a rough outdoor journey in the wild, you will certainly discover a Civivi blade an ideal buddy. Efficiency, workmanship, as well as development are the calling cards of Civivi. They stand ready to be part of your everyday service package.

CIVIVI Pocket Knives

There are nearly 20 plus Civivi folding knives which are not just pocket knives but tactical knives with premium quality steel and knife grips. However most prominent among them are as under which are available for sale too with us.

Are CIVIVI Knives Good?

Yes, they are incredibly excellent. Being a subsidiary of We Knife, which is additionally generating top quality knives with specialist & sophisticated production equipment that consist of NC grinding equipment’s, EDM equipment’s, CNC makers, marking machineries, laser engraving equipment’s, anodized Titanium finishing tools.

As, we all recognize that, WE Knives is amongst the largest professional knife manufacturers as well as exporter of HIGH-QUALITY knives and tools in China.

Civivi Knives always think of excellent top quality and technology and takes it as vital to advancement as well as its branding building.

To accomplish these, CIVIVI have their own strong R&D group that consistently produces top quality knives with selection of innovative layouts.

Where CIVIVI Knives are made?

CIVIVI Knives are made in China. They have 140 worked with knowledgeable employees in their production line and also their products consist of taken care of blade knives, folding knives, cooking area knives, kydex sheaths. We knives as well as CIVIVI knives have exact same production facility.

Are Civivi knives good?2021-07-26T13:15:20+05:00

CIVIVI Knives offer great fit and finish against the money being spent. Civivi Knives are really good in terms of quality, design and material being used. Its quality control is done by WE KNIFE Co QC Team. You hardly find any complains about this knife brand.

Are Civivi knives made in China?2021-07-26T12:39:42+05:00

All Civivi Knives are made in China, in the same facility and by same craftsmen and design team of WE Knife Co. These are budget friendly knives yet Civivi Knives offer highest level of quality, options and prices that no other brand can offer in such low prices. With CIVIVI Knife in your hand you will feel proud that its made in China

Who owns Civivi knives?2021-07-26T12:42:55+05:00

Civivi Knives is owned by We Knife Co. aka WE Knives. Civivi Knives is a brand launched by WE Knife Co in Year 2018 targeting budget friendly buyers with price range between 40 to 100 USD.

Are Civivi knives real Damascus?2021-07-26T13:15:28+05:00

Damascus steel is pattern welded steel blades. The Civivi Knives Damascus Steel are also pattern welded steel which can be 9Cr18MoV, D2 etc. At times knives are laser etched to look like Damascus, but is not true Ancient Damascus steel we read and know.

What steel is used in Civivi Damascus?2021-07-26T13:15:34+05:00

As per information we have to best of our Knowledge, Civivi Knives with Damascus composition has some kind of 9Cr18MoV core along with the claim that it performs like 440C steel.

What Blade Material Civivi Knives offers?2021-07-26T12:59:16+05:00

Civivi Knives mostly use D2 or 9Cr18MoV for most of its Knife Models, yet they also have knives having blade made with Sandvik 14C28N, CPM-S35VN and 154CM

Who Designs Civivi Knives2021-07-26T13:13:16+05:00

Most Civivi Knives are designed by Civivi Knives yet they have collaborate with famous knife designers like

  • Elijah Isham
  • Ferrum Forge Knife Works
  • Alessandra De Santis
  • Brad Zinker
  • Maciej Torbé
  • Ostap Hel
  • Ben Peterson
  • Bob Terzuola
  • Justin Lundquist
  • Ostep Hel
Is the Civivi Elementum worth it?2021-09-28T00:33:52+05:00

Civivi Elementum. has quality materials, but not amazing materials. The knife is awesome in terms of its finish, but it doesn’t have the wow factor that comes with some other knives. If you’re after a knife that draws a ton of attention from others then Civivi Elementum isn’t the knife for you. But if you are looking for good budget EDC, then yes, you can choose from 24 different Elementums you like

Is the Civivi Elementum durable?2021-09-28T00:39:36+05:00

Civivi Knives always aims for the budget-minded knife customers, therefore, it uses durable yet affordable D2 steel in the Civivi Elementum. It comes in satin and black stonewash finishes and you can also buy Damascus finish steel blade for under 100$ as well.

How many models are in Civivi Elementum?2021-09-28T00:44:11+05:00

Civivi Elementum Linerlock was launched in 2018, and now in in 2021, it has 23 models which are being sold these days.  Its among the best seller knives of 2020 as per BladeHQ, KnifeCenter and many other. You can also find Civivi Elementum Button Lock Series and Civivi Elementum Fixed blade Series as well.

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