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TOPS Knives Reviews

TOPS Knives Reviews2021-08-04T18:35:13+05:00

You will find TOPS Knives Reviews done like never before. As you know TOPS Knives and Tools delivers high quality knives and tools that are tough to the core and happily made in the USA.

TOPS Knives Brand Summary

  • Parent Company Name: TOPS Knives

  • Head Office: Eastern Idaho, United States

  • Product Focus: Pocket Knives, Tactical Knives, Hunting Knives

  • Target Markets: Survival, Military, Hunters, EDC.

  • Manufacturing Facilities: Italy & mostly USA

  • Average Price Range:  $100 to $350

TOPS Knives History

At the end of 1998, TOPS knives were established with the objective of developing knives of the highest quality. The knives are tools designed and constructed utilizing the huge knowledge and real-life experience of many operators with experience in military, law enforcement, foreign experts and martial arts experts.

Main Uses of TOPS Knives

TOPS knives are usually made of 1095 high carbon steel that balance hardness and edges with ease of sharpening, making these knives extremely suggested for

  • hunting

  • fishing

  • survival

  • fight

  • daily family chores

  • Whatever your task, these TOPS knives will perform.

TOPS Knives Reviews

We will soon be posting so many tops Knives reviews,

We think that the blade ought to fit the operator and never ever the other way around. That’s why we love the fact that the TOPS blades have blade variations from 1 to 3 inches to 10 to 12 inches. And, if you’re looking for high performance searching knives, we have the legendary TOPS BOB series (Bushcraft Brothers, likewise in some cases called TOPS Field craft).

You can also check out other timeless outside accents, such as the Trout Knives and also TOPS Birds Knives, the TOPS cheetah series and the TOPS Shadow Rider series.

TOPS Knives Designers

Specifically, they worked with designers with backgrounds ranging from Airborne Rangers to Navy Seals, from survival professionals to martial arts trainers, from Native American weapons experts to SWAT team members. They have a designer from practically every background that utilizes solid standard knives.

  • Most likely the best part, all repaired TOPS blades are manufactured and manually completed at their centers in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, U.S.A
  • Their knives were bought and deployed in “hot spots” around the globe. Many people who were, were field workers, or utilized their knives.
  • When their lives depended on the tools they had with them, it’s been reported optimal efficiency and reliability at times.

Please note that Leo Espinoza is not only the designer of many TOPS Knives but he is also working president of the company as well. Meaning he is President of TOPS Knives Inc.

Are TOPS Knives Worth the Money?2021-08-04T18:16:14+05:00

Yes, Tops knives worth every single penny spent given some designs are not that great but one thing is absolute. You can reply on TOPS Knives. That’s why, Sailors, USA Navy SEALs teams, Army Rangers, SWAT teams, survival trainers, weapons experts, and even martial arts masters have all contributed over 200 models of active knife products designed to be the very best at what they do so, it’s worth the money.

Are TOPS Knives any good?2021-08-04T18:13:11+05:00

TOPS Knives believes that the blades must fit the users and never ever the other way around for their customers. That’s why TOPS Knives have blades variations from 1 to 3 inches to 10 to 12 inches.

And, if you’re searching for high performance hunting knives, they have the legendary TOPS BOB series (Bushcraft Brothers, also sometimes called TOPS Field craft). You can also take a look at other traditional outside accents, such as the Trout Knives and also TOPS Birds Knives, the TOPS cheetah series and the TOPS Shadow Rider series. Yes, Tops knives are much better as compared to other knives in market. They are not any good but superb.

What angle should I sharpen my TOPS Knife?2021-08-04T18:08:54+05:00

This is the most common question asked by most of TOPS Knives users, and the angle to sharpen any TOPS Knives is 25 Degrees. Because each knife at TOPS manufacturing facility is handed grinded and their grinders are set at 25 degrees. Given their Scandi Knives like ( Scandi Trekker, BOB or MSK etc)  have slightly convex edge, which leaves the blades to be little more thinner resulting edge little less than 25 degrees.


Are Tops knives hand made?2021-08-04T18:03:02+05:00

TOPS Knives especially the tactical fixed blades are manufactured and hand-finished at in their facility. The overall knives are not fully hand made, yet each knife is hand finished for sure.

Where are TOPS knives made?2021-08-04T18:00:05+05:00

TOPS Knives are proudly manufactured in Eastern Idaho, United States. TOPS Knives is renowned for its fixed blade tactical knives which performs best in situation when needed.

Who owns TOPS knives?2021-08-04T17:55:44+05:00

TOPS Knives, Inc. is a tactical knife manufacturer located in Eastern Idaho, United States. The company was established in December, 1998 and is owned by Michael J. Fuller and operated by President Leo Espinoza (he also designs Knives). The company primarily produces fixed-blade knives for military and law enforcement. Thus, Michael J. Fuller owns TOPS Knives.

What is a TOPS knife?2021-08-04T17:53:02+05:00

A knife Manufactured by a Company named ” TOPS Knives“.  As each TOPS knife is designed and built with the experiences of military, law enforcement, outdoor professions, and martial arts professionals. The designers of TOPS Knives have relative background as they served Navy Seals, Airborne Rangers, Martial Arts Instructors, survival experts, and SWAT team members.

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