TOPS 208 Clipper Review is done in this article. As TOPS Knives are in market for more than two decades or you can say in the blade business, the business has produced a vast range of specialized products as well as blades, though for whatever reason had actually never try out a purpose-built cigar knife, despite the fad ending up being increasingly prominent with various other big-name knife makers in the market in recent times. TOPS is altering that, however, with the release of it’s very first cigar-specific knife, cutter or blade naming it as TOPS 208 Clipper.

Why do you need TOPS 208 clipper?

Whether you’re sitting back with a couple of buddies at the end of a long day, taking pleasure in an evening of poker, out on the fairway, or spending a long time in your favorite lounge, The TOPS 208 Clipper is your brand-new go-to cigar cutter. For many, smoking has to do with more than the stogie. It is regarding the entire experience.

That is why individuals put a lot initiative right into their set-up from the humidor, to the furniture, to the lighter, to the alcohol to couple with each stogie. It’s a social task. The following time you will light up, every one of your buddies are going to be jealous of that cutter you’re carrying.

TOPS 208 Clipper

Key Specifications of TOPS 208 Clipper Knife

Pros & Cons of TOPS Clipper Knife


  • Light Weight

  • Sharp

  • Can be used as EDC Knife

  • Comes with Leather Sheath


  • Can Cut Cigar from One Side

  • Can not cut 60 Ring Cigars even

  • Sharpening Tanto Blade is little tough

Designer of TOPS Cigar Cutter

Made by Leo Espinoza (President of TOPS Knives Inc.) and also inspired by TOPS’ first-ever blade design, the Steel Eagle 107D, the TOPS 208 Clipper includes a 2.25″ Tanto-style (58-60 HRC-rated) CPM S35Vn steel blade that was particularly shaped for cutting cigars. The TOPS Knives 208 Clipper Knife is readily available now on the manufacturer’s website, with rates set at $184, Yet you can buy it at much minimal price with Chicago Knife Works only as they offer the lowest prices. (link is at the bottom). Though TOPS Knives, additionally uses a partially-serrated blade for an added $15, though it will likely prevent the blade’s capacity to easily reduce a stogie.

Leo Espinoza & TOPS Knives

Plus, the style was inspired by TOPS’ very first ever before design the Steel Eagle 107D & even TOPS Tundra Trekker, so it’s got over 20 years of TOPS history developed in. Make sure you have actually obtained to best cutter as well, the TOPS 208 Clipper.

Plus, the design was influenced by TOPS’ first ever before model the Steel Eagle 107D and later TOPS Tundra Trekker, so it’s got over 20 years of TOPS history constructed in.

TOPS Tundra Trekker

TOPS Tundra Trekker

$132.25 + Free Shipping

TOPS Steel Eagle 107D

TOPS Steel Eagle 107D

Price $140.88 + Free Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy it from any good knife store, or directly as TOPS Knives are being sold by many online stores apart from Amazon. But if you want to save some money, just buy it from Chicago Knife Works, I’m not advocating them, but so far with my online checks of prices they offer the lowest prices on all TOPS Knives that’s why you always find me recommending them.

Made by Leo Espinoza (President of TOPS Knives Inc.) and also inspired by TOPS’ first-ever blade design, the Steel Eagle 107D, the TOPS 208 Clipper includes a 2.25″ Tanto-style (58-60 HRC-rated) CPM S35Vn steel blade that was particularly shaped for cutting cigars.

The Closed Length of the TOPS Clipper is 6.13″.

The Blade Material of the TOPS 208 Clipper is CPM S35Vn