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Around 1915, W.L. Marble created what some consider to be his greatest contribution to outdoor cutlery, the wooden sheath knife. A hunting writer named George W. Brooks claimed to have designed the first Woodcraft in 1914. The flat blade, 4 inches wide, was a version of the game. His big and perfect trap knives.

Modern hunters will automatically question the length of the 3-inch handle, but this is intentional from Brooks. He feels the proper grip when wearing clothes at the scene is to stuff the handle with the base of the blade between your fingers. In any case, the buyer must also question the length of the handle, because, over the years, the marble gradually increases its length.

A curious aspect of its history was that it was the official male blade of the Boy Scout, from 1933 to 1940. We are not sure who made that decision because it seemed like the Expert or even lice Ideal is better for camping jobs. Perhaps that was the name Woodcraft sold them.

Review of Marbles Knives’ Woodcraft’s 100th anniversary knife

Marbles Knives’Woodcraft’s 100 Anniversary Knife

This Marbles’ craft knife was originally designed in 1914 by George W. Brooks who was Chief Editor of “The Outer’s Book”. Mr. Brooks brought his blueprint to W.L. Marble and signed a contract with Mr. Marble to make the knife.

Seeing the promise in this design, founder of Marbles Knives won the right to design and began manufacturing Woodcraft Knife in 1915.

By 1916, Woodcraft was a staple in the Marble Knives portfolio. Woodcraft knife has been performed in many iterations over the past century, both onshore and offshore. Versions made in the United States by Marbles Knives have gained a legendary reputation for exemplary performance in this field.

The current version of Woodcraft’s 100th Anniversary Knife is a 100% manufactured knife from the USA, built by Mike Stewart.

Specs of Woodcraft’s 100th Anniversary Knife

Here are the specifications of Woodcraft’s 100th Anniversary Knife:

  • Total length: 8 1/4 “
  • Cutting length: 4 1/2 “
  • Handle length: 3 3/4 “
  • Steel blades: A2 tool steel
  • Sharpening blade: Perfectly convex
  • Cutting thickness: .185 “
  • Handle: Stacking leather
  • Weight approx. 5 oz.
  • Sheath: (as supplied) tanned leather

Handling of Marbles Outdoor Knives Wood Craft Knife

Some may falter at the size of the Woodcraft handle. At 3 3/4 “, it doesn’t sound like very big. But, when or if you wear gloves, the Big size fits, albeit a bit snug.

Marbles Knives’Woodcraft’s 100 Anniversary Knife with Packaging or box

Woodcraft fits one’s hand in a lot of clip and lock type in place Provides a good purchase. It is agile and easy to handle for a wide range of cutting jobs

One thing you will like about the length of the handle is to drill, i.e. to start cutting in a console for a spindle drill bit, it is very comfortable and easily endured with unique round pommel.

This knife is absolutely a holder for whether you are a collector or a fastidious user who prefers a knife with a long grip.

Conclusion – Marbles Woodcraft Knife MR423

Marbles Knives Woodcraft Knife MR423 Knife is still among the few Knives which are produced in USA by Marbles Outdoor most probably, and Yes it is an American made knife with the quality materials used and finishing is as good as Marbles’ history is. It is a good in use hunting knife whereas Scrimshaw Knives like Granddaddy Barlow or Marbles folding bowie knife which are great collection knives but less into usage.