In this article we will be discussing what are tanto knives for? Uses of tanto knives. Advantages of tanto knives, where to use tanto knife and much more.

In some cases, you do not want a versatile knife. You want a knife that does one thing and does that one thing actually well. If you’re searching for a knife that stands out at piercing difficult materials, then the tanto blade is what you’re searching for.

There are so many tanto knives in market from famous brands like, Browning Knives, Cold Steel Knives, Case Cutlery, Marbles Knives, TOPS Knives and many more..!

Initially created for armor piercing, the tanto blade was popularized by Cold Steel and is similar in style to Japanese long and short swords.

What is a tanto Knife?

The tanto knife has a peak with a flat grind, causing a very strong point that is best for stabbing into difficult materials. The thick point of the tanto blade includes a great deal of metal near the pointer, so it has the ability to take in the impact from duplicated piercing that would cause most other knives to break.

The leading edge of the tanto knife meets the back (unsharpened) edge at an angle, instead of a curve. As a result, the tanto blade does not have a belly, which is sacrificed in exchange for a more powerful tip. It is not useful as a basic utility knife due to the fact that it does not have a stomach for slicing like you see in drop point knives.

Drop Point Knives Versus Tanto Knife

Its exceptionally strong point allows it to be utilized in hard scenarios where piercing tough materials is required.

By selecting a tanto point, you will be among the few knife fans who own a blade that is particularly customized to piercing hard materials. If the situation develops, anticipated or unexpected, you’ll be ready.

When Tanto blades become Famous in US?

The Tanto blade was created, established, and promoted in the late 1970s and early 1980s by the company Cold Steel, motivated by the famed Japanese craftsmanship and style. The blade is understood for its excellent power and strength, quality pommel, and helpful points. These components all integrate to add to the Tanto style blade’s overall functionality and durability

What are the sizes of tanto Knives?

There is so much variation in tanto Knives, as A2z Has large variety for its customers to choose from tanto knife which suits ones needs.  You can find EDC knife like Cold Steel Micro Recon 1 Tanto with just 2″ of blade length.

Cold Steel Micro Recon 1 Tanto 27TDT

Similarly, TOPS Magnum Tanto Linerlock is great tactical knife as its tanto blade is of 4.5 inches.



Its strength is maybe the most prominent advantage of a tanto blade purpose over other types of blades. The enhanced blade also makes it possible to use the knife for piercing items continuously without experiencing problems such as snapping of the blade.

I really like Gerber knives especially Gerber Remix Tactical, as it’s with 7Cr17MoV stainless partially serrated tanto blade with thumb lug. A Tanto Knife full of strength by Gerber Knives.

Gerber Remix Tactical Tanto Knife

Chisel Blade Point

The Tanto Style blade point has a design comparable to that of a chisel that gives the blade more power and toughness compared to other types of blade points. To achieve this, a good portion of the overall metal part is focused near the blade’s point.

This particular blade design is generally not thought about as ideal and practical for usage in the wilderness, it is a great design for defensive weapons. The sculpt tanto point on one end is an excellent enhance to the pommel on the opposite end and makes for an extremely potent overall knife style.

Best Example is TOPS 208 Clipper which is has Tanto Blade

TOPS Knives TOPS 208 Clipper Review in Hand

Japanese Design

The blade is influenced by the design of Japanese blades, and is similar to, however not precisely the very same as the shape of the Katana blade that has the kamasu kaiseki or the barracuda suggestion. The Tanto blade function features a blade point that is lined up perfectly with its spine.

The influence of ancient Japanese design and workmanship also provides a somewhat visual historic interest the modern-day Tanto Style blade. You can read We Knife 610 Review which has tanto knife balde


The Tanto knife’s pommel is made from steel, and is tapered. By utilizing a small number of objects, it is specifically developed to provide the capability to take in the effect coming from heavy strikes. As a result, even a seemingly small blow from the pommel can have the very same effective effect of a blunt weapon when used against an aggressor or assaulter.

Disadvantages of Tanto Knife

The greatest downside is the fact that there are 2 main bevels to handle, making honing quite tough. Tanto blades are hard to hone and the majority of these blades have secondary bevels just like most other knife styles.

Hard to Sharpen

A tanto with a straight blade cannot be quickly honed on a stone, while a ceramic rod and stropping can be utilized for a little curved blade.

Not good for Slicing food

There is also the problem that there is no stubborn belly on the blade and two flat edges. Depending upon what you are cutting they can be challenging to slice something with.

CONCLUSION – What are the uses of tanto knives?

Tanto blade knives are fantastic for power, looks, and effectiveness. There are numerous knives that you can purchase online that have tanto blade points. Some survival knives, tactical knives, and combating knives have actually Tanto blades

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