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Marbles Knives Reviews

Marbles Knives Reviews

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Marbles Knives Reviews2023-12-06T17:51:12+05:00

Marbles Outdoors Knives items are one of the most trustworthy tools that are particularly developed to offer the user self-confidence in many requiring situations. The products are designed with the ability to hold up against severe conditions.

Brand Summary – Marbles Knives 

  • x Parent Company Name: Marble Arms

  • Currently Owned by Blue Ridge Knives & SMKW

  • Head Office: United States

  • Product Focus: Gut hook, Survival, Hunting & Carper

  • Target Markets: Low & Medium Budget

  • Manufacturing Facilities: El Salvador, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Canada & USA

  • Average Price Range: $19 to $240 max

Marbles Knives Reviews

Marbles Knives is renowned for its pocket knives. These Marbles pocket knives are produced to withstand high compression and distortion. The perfect surface of the knives adds to the character. Marbles Pocket Knives are not limited to folding knives but you will also find fixed blade knives in their catalog. You will find Marbles Knives reviews here on our website which will not only help you buy them but we also have mentioned its variants as well in our reviews. This is because you will know from where to buy them online with lowest prices and other perks.
  • Marbles Knives’ Woodcraft’s 100 Anniversary Knife Review MR423

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    This Marbles’ craft knife was originally designed in 1914 by George W. Brooks who was Chief Editor of “The Outer’s Book”. Mr. Brooks brought his blueprint to W.L. Marble and signed a contract with Mr. Marble to make the knife.

  • Marbles Wildlife Scrimshaw Series

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    This post is about Marbles Wildlife Scrimshaw Series which is loved by knife collectors. The Pocket knives in Marbles Wildlife Scrimshaw Series are mostly limited editions and right now will be reviewing Marbles Granddaddy Barlow

  • Marbles folding Bowie Knife

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    This Marbles folding Bowie knife gradually became popular due to its folding ability and build quality. People started using this marble Bowie Folding Knife despite the fairly large knife, even after closing. The pockets of

Marbles Knives History

Webster L. Marble was a lover of outside activities and had a great experience in outdoor camping, searching, fishing and exploring the wild nature. His devotion and enthusiasm for his work were fully shown in the wide variety of products he invented to survive most of the demanding scenario.

The very first stone of the marble knives was put under his guidance and, since then, there is no reversing. With his deep understanding of the tools, he effectively created and made resilient and useful survival tools. The large range of items satisfies the purpose of everyday transport, tactical scenarios, and hunting and differed survival programs.

Marbles Knives & Marble Products are best for

The correct circulation of the weight of the knives together with using a good blade product makes the knives flawless for usage in combat or deadly scenarios.

Marbles Knives have invested substantial time to present optimal products and improve the total performance of the knives. The excellent sharp edges of the blades with ideal strength and robust building are an ideal example for the knife manufacturing industry.

In addition to knives, paracords, shovels, covers, survival sets have won praise from specialists around the world.

Marbles Knives Warranty

Marbles Outdoors Knives gives warranty on their knives, shovels and other varied which are high-performance survival tools for fight circumstances. The Marbles Outdoors Knives products have proven quality and are designed by skilled artisans to provide maximum performance.

It is ensured that each Marbles Outdoors item is entirely devoid of any type of making problem. In exceptional cases, if any of the products is discovered to be malfunctioning, the members of the business’s quality evaluation team will be made to ensure that the product is really malfunctioning and is not maltreated or misused.

The product will be sent for additional repair or replacement only after a total examination; the procedure depends solely on the accessibility of the item.

Apart from this, the items are not planned to be used as lever bars, chisels or screwdrivers that can obstruct the efficiency of the product.

How to Check Marbles’ Stag bone Handles?2021-07-28T16:47:27+05:00

As Most of the Marbles Scrimshaw knives are made in China, there might be a chance you end up buying a FAKE Scrimshaw Knife. To check if its Original or fake is every easy and it goes for every bones knife handles or knife scales.

To check stag bone handles or any other organic especially bone materials. Just heat up a needle to a point where its tip is turned YELLOW. Then press the needle’s tip on the handle. If it starts to burn, then its fake else you got actual bone handle on your knife.

Who makes marbles knives?2021-07-27T17:53:59+05:00

As Marbles Knives was owned by Marbles Arms, they have sold their division. The manufacturing, sales and marketing of Marbles Knives also known as Marbles Outdoor Knives have been bought by Blue Ridge Knives ( Wholesale Distribution) whereas retail is seen by SMKW (Smoky Mountain Knife Works). Now you know “Who bought out marbles knives?”

Which Marbles Knives are made in USA?2021-07-27T17:41:50+05:00

Right now, there are no knives being manufactured in USA by Marbles Knives. As per best of our information Marbles Woodcraft Knife MR423 was the last knife which was being made in USA. Only Marbles Paracords and Compounds are made in USA.

Where to send marbles knives for warranty?2021-07-27T17:30:22+05:00

As Marbles Knives division is not owned by Marbles Arms ( as per our knowledge). The manufacturing, sales, marketing and warranty are done by its new owners.

  • Blue Ridge Knives ( Wholesale)
  • SWMK ( Retailors)

Its best to contact any of the two for Warranty Claim Related Issues.

Where are marbles knives made?2021-07-27T17:46:43+05:00

Marbles Knives are made in Pakistan, China and El Salvador now. These knives still retain the quality of old Marbles Knives yet they are more affordable now.  The portfolio of Marbles knives include knives, shovels, compasses and other hunting and survival tools which are specifically designed to cater the news of adventure enthusiast and even has collector editions for knife collectors.

Marbles No. 3 Safety Axe is made in Canada whereas, Marbles No. 9 Hunters Axe is made in India. All remaining knives and tools are made in above mentioned countries.

How good are marbles knives?2021-07-27T17:19:20+05:00

Marbles Knives have deep understanding of the tools, they have effectively created and made affordable and useful survival tools. Their knives and tools portfolio serves of everyday transport, tactical scenarios, and hunting knives.

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