The clip point knives are one of the 3rd most common knife blade shapes chosen by people. Clip point blades have the look of having the forward 1/3rd of the blade “clipped” off. The clip itself can be straight or concave. The other two are Spear Point knives & Drop Point blades.

If you’re looking for an excellent versatile blade, then you’ve come to the right location. A clip point (along with a drop point) is among the most popular blade shapes in use today. The most recognizable knife that includes a clip point is the Bowie knife, but it is also popular on many penknife and fixed blade knives.

More details & customizations on clip point knife

Traditionally, the spinal column or unsharpened edge of the knife begins at the hilt and continues to a point in between one third to one 4th of the blade length. The blade spinal column then tapers in density in either a straight line or a concave to the blade’s point, which may be located above, below, or in line with the main axis of the blade.

The thinned incorrect edge of the clip may be sharpened to form a true second cutting edge. If the incorrect edge is honed it increases the blade’s efficiency in piercing.

Clip point Vs Drop Point

As shown in the picture below, there is a clear difference between a clip point and a drop point blade, as clip point knives has a cut out on the end making a sharp point where as drop point blade has almost long design, simple and straight which people normally associate with knives.

Both knives in the following pictures are from same manufacturer Gerber Knives.

Clip point Knife Vs Drop Point Knife

Both knives in the following pictures are from same manufacturer Buck Knives

Clip point Knives Vs Drop Point Knives

Advantages of the Clip Point Knife

Disadvantages of the Clip Point Knife


The back (unsharpened) edge of the knife runs directly from the deal with and stops about midway up the blade. It continues and turns to the point of the knife. This “cut-out” area can be curved or straight, and is referred to as the “clip”, which is how this shape got its name.

If the part of the knife from the spine to the point has actually literally been clipped off, clip point knives look as.

The point that is developed by this clip is reduced, which supplies more control when using the blade. Because the tip is easy to control, sharp and thinner at the spinal column, a clip point blade lends itself to quicker stabbing with less drag throughout insertion and faster withdrawal.

In many cases, the back edge of the clip point is honed to make a 2nd edge, which improves the function of the pointer even more.

Clip point blades also include a big “stubborn belly” area that is perfect for slicing.

The only genuine downside of the clip point blade is its relatively narrow tip. Due to the fact that it is narrow and so sharp, it has a propensity to be weak and can break fairly quickly.

By picking a clip point, you will be among the many of knife enthusiasts who own a great all-purpose blade that can be used in numerous situations, anticipated or unanticipated.