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Kershaw Lucha Review

This article / post is about Kershaw Lucha and you will read detail about Kershaw Lucha Review I m writing. Kershaw Knives is always quite creative whenever it gives names to its knives, for example, its new knife named Kershaw LUCHA. Lucha means struggle and fight as per my few searches on google. Secondly as per urban dictionary, its trending slang word for high class saying LOVE.

Anyways, Kershaw knives’ Kershaw Lucha is the knife under discussion cum review for today. It’s a Balisong or more easy and common word, butterfly knife.

Kershaw Lucha Models

Kershaw Lucha first released in 2020 and it turns out to be HIT. Its being sold right away from knife counters around the country and even online. It took Kershaw Knives sometime to restock this knife yet adding another variant Kershaw Lucha Blackwash. As Kershaw Lucha is equipped with sharp blade, cutting fingers and cuts on hands was a common problem, therefore, Kershaw Knives introduced Kershaw Lucha Trainer Knife in 2021.

Following are all 3 Models you can buy with key differences mentioned.

Kershaw Lucha

kershaw Lucha, KS 5150

Blade Grind Flat
Blade Finish Stonewash
Edge Type Plain
Handle Color Silver
Knife Weight 168
Model# 5150
Year of Release 2020

Purpose Recreation

Kershaw Lucha Trainer

kershaw Lucha Trainer KS, 5150TR

Blade Grind Dull
Blade Finish Stonewash
Edge Type Dull
Handle Color Silver
Knife Weight 170
Model# 5150TR
Year of Release 2021

Purpose Training / Learning

Kershaw Lucha Black

kershaw Lucha Black, KS 5150BW

Blade Grind Flat
Blade Finish Blackwash
Edge Type Plain
Handle Color Blackwash
Knife Weight 168
Model# 5150BW
Year of Release 2020

Purpose Recreation

Key Specifications of Kershaw Lucha

Kershaw Lucha Review

The butterfly knives are one the most fantastic knives one can buy for EDC, meaning instead of carrying a pocket knife, why not have a Balisong. As flashy as they look, they are functional too. These butterfly knives are deployed instantly and are great for cutting because mostly have spear point blades or clip point blades in them. They are mostly thinner and easy to deploy and close as compared to traditional folding knives.

Blade of Kershaw Lucha

Well, the blade of Kershaw Lucha is 4.6” having blade material of Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel. The shape of the blade is Clip point. And there is no doubt about it with the shape and size of the blade that is as good as other pocket knives.  You can deploy it instantaneously and can cut, slice or whatever every day task is ahead of you can perform with Kershaw Lucha with real ease for sure.

14C28N stainless steel has HRC rating between 55 to 62 and with clip point shape as mentioned earlier its even ideal to utilize the strong tip and with thin blade, its idea for fine detail works like carvings or even its great for piercing. Once you are done, simply flip it and lock with latch lock at pommel.

Handling of Kershaw Lucha

When you have Balisong or butterfly knife, then how can you miss flipping fun that it provides. I even checked on YouTube and tried to learn few tricks of basic level to perform it with my Kershaw Lucha. Well, if you were novice or newbie like me, then please tape the blade from its edges before trying to practice, because Kershaw Lucha comes with razor sharp blade.   Once you have covered your knife’s edge then it’s safe for you to practice like it did with my Kershaw Lucha knife. And it really enjoyed it.

14C28N stainless steel has HRC rating between 55 to 62 and with clip point shape as mentioned earlier its even ideal to utilize the strong tip and with thin blade, its idea for fine detail works like carvings or even its great for piercing. Once you are done, simply flip it and lock with latch lock at pommel.

Pivot Cutting Problem & its Solution

If you have ever before used any cheap Balisong, you have the idea that whenever butterfly knives catch on the pivot, they mostly get you cut on your own blade. But it’s Kershaw Lucha this time and having KVT ball bearings discussed earlier, its ball bearings are integrated into handle pivots giving this Lucha knife with SKU KS5150 smooth opening action and you will definitely say “this butterfly knife opens like butter”

Although the Kershaw Lucha does feature a smooth deployment and the great construction there’s also the fun aspect of flipping it around and doing tricks like you might have seen more dexterous owners do. Not me though, I’ve tried it before but with the Lucha but with another knife and I kind of sucked at it big-time!

I almost even cut my hand but if you want to practice without the fear of cutting yourself you can take the blade of the knife you can also look into practice trainers right straight into practice knives or practice fans so that you give them your eyes yourself with emotions before trying anything harder with the Kershaw Lucha.

Kershaw Lucha Deployment

As butterfly knives are trendier these days as compared to pocket knives, and you will find cheap and flimsy imitations of Balisong knives everywhere but believe me they are very dangerous to handle. But it’s not same with Kershaw’s Lucha Knife, yes, it’s worth the bucks to spend. Lolz

Actually, Kershaw Lucha is a premium quality butterfly knife and with Kershaw knives’ KVT technology in it provides smooth deployment you can imagine and again KVT ball bearings in it gives a user best flipping time without a doubt.

It integrates Kershaw’s KBT technology to give you the smoothest deployment possible as well as the best flipping action where other butterfly style knives fail and catch of the pivot making it. Cut yourself with your old life the Lucha knife integrates KBT ball bearings on the pivot of the handles giving you a buttery smooth deployment with much less effort than with any other Balisong.

Pros & Cons of Kershaw Lucha


  • Light Weight

  • Very Sharp

  • Can be used as EDC Knife

  • Comfortable grip


  • Latch Makes so Much Noise

  • Get yourself Cut very Easily

  • Butterfly Knife / Balisong Knives are illegal in many US States

  • Check your Country & State LAWs before Ordering

Conclusion Kershaw Lucha Review

My final thought while doing Kershaw Knife Review the blade is damn sharp, you may cut your fingers. It is clear that Kershaw Lucha is really good in hand and with tricks (couple of which I just tried to practice) but I must say, it’s a butterfly knife and it’s not a good EDC, because in many areas in United States it’s not legal and you are in a constant threat if you have it there in public. The locking latch makes so much noise when you use it. It’s annoying.

Secondly with the association of Balisong knife, it doesn’t look nice as an EDC. It’s my own opinion and is subjective. Kershaw Lucha Review we have covered its handling, size and materials. If I missed anything in Kershaw Lucha review do let me know so I can update that also.

But being said all this it’s a knife worth paying for and it’s available online at lowest price so far. I got mine from there as well. They offer the lowest prices on all their products. Buy your Kershaw Lucha from there.

How long is the Kershaw lucha?2021-08-07T19:47:01+05:00

Kershaw Lucha has an overall length of 10.25 inches with a total blade length of 4.6 inches.

Does the Kershaw Lucha have bearings?2021-08-07T19:46:29+05:00

The Lucha features dual KVT ball-bearing pivots for extra-easy operation. The handle has a rounded bevel so it rolls effortlessly in the hand. Giving you the best balisong action.

How much does Kershaw Lucha weigh?2021-08-07T19:45:42+05:00

Weight: 5.9 oz. (168 g)

Is the Kershaw Lucha good?2021-08-07T19:45:00+05:00

Kershaw Lucha is exceptionally well-made and has virtually zero flaws. Its been designed with help from world renowned Balisong Artists. The plain grind on the blade is consistent. The handles of Kershaw Lucha are also well-finished and without blemish. Most importantly, the tolerances around the pivots are tight and smooth.

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