With the style ending up being more popular, we need to ask ourselves what it is about reverse tanto flipper knives that has everyone so interested? A modern-day take on an ancient style, reverse tantos have actually been gathering notification among knife lovers as more knife makers end up with their own variations of this blade.

What Is A Reverse Tanto knife?

To understand what a reverse tanto is, first we should take a look at the tanto. Tantos are Japanese short swords whose blade curves approximately the tip, and the spine is almost the same width the entire length of the blade. The Reverse Tanto Knives are & were designed to punch through enemy armor and for slashing.

In the 80s, Cold Steel produced the American tanto shape, which differs from the initial by having the tip rising to the spine at a sharp angle. This develops 2 different angles to hone an extremely little belly. This style is viewed as a largely tactical and combat knife.

Cold Steel Slant Tip Machete is great example of reverse tanto knife

Cold Steel Slant Tip Machete, Reverse Tanto Knives, reverse tanto knife

Similarly, in small versions, you will find Kershaw Mixtape Linear Lock Knife, another great example of Reverse Tanto Knife. The material or steel of the blade really matters in such knives, therefore, Kershaw Knives used 8Cr13MoV stainless steel in it to give it more strength.

The reverse Tanto greatly angles to the blade, rather of as much as the spine. Many knives in this style have more of a belly than the American tanto, so they have more utilize as an everyday carry.

Kershaw Mixtape Reverse tanto knife, Reverse Tanto Knives, reverse tanto knife

How Does Reverse Tanto blade Differs from Other Blade Designs?

Reverse tanto knife has more steel behind the tip giving it more chisel like purpose as compared to other knives. The strength of the tip looks like that of a chisel. Where they all lessen, Reverse tantos bulk up, offering greater capability to pierce hard materials.

They likewise have a sharp angle, using one of the very best shapes in engineering– the triangle. Triangles are one of the greatest shapes readily available and frequently seen where endurance is needed. Its opposite of Tanto blades

Advantages of The Reverse Tanto blade

  • A reverse tanto has an incredibly strong tip and can be utilized to pierce difficult products. While much of the strength comes from the amount of steel behind the tip, some of it does come from the shape.

  • It’s capable of slicing and cutting and is even more practical than its tanto producer. This isn’t simply a battle knife, it has benefits outside of that, making it more tactical in nature. The sturdiness of the knife shape provides itself to being used as an everyday carry.

  • It is flat out an amazing shape, sure to gather interest anywhere it’s seen. Those who want a useful knife with a lot of wow element need to focus on the reverse tanto.

Disadvantages of Reverse Tanto Knife

  • The strength of the tip depends upon the knife maker. Some reverse tanto knife manufacturers lately have been tapering the blade, leaving less steel at the tip which makes reverse tanto knife’s tip weak. This can restrict its usages.

  • One method to navigate the disadvantages is when you go to buy reverse tanto flipper knives online, check to see if they’ve been customized. Typically, those modifications will provide the knife more of a belly than they would generally have, which extends their range of uses.

  • Always inspect and make certain the company you purchase from has a good credibility. One of the reasons to purchase a reverse tanto is for the tip strength. You wish to make certain that hasn’t been jeopardized by a tapered tip.


Reverse Tanto blade has more belly shape curve and for this very purpose as compared to tanto knife but less as compared to spear point or drop point blade shape. This blade shape acts just like normal tanto knife from tip but slicing food, peeling apples is easier with reverse tanto. Read More about Knife blades Guide

Pros Reverse Tanto Knife

  • Very Strong Tip

  • Pierce Difficult products with ease

  • Cutting and Slicing with no issues

  • EDC and tactical blade

Cons Reverse Tanto Knife

  • Tapering tip of the blade makes Reverse Tanto TIP weak

  • Heat Tempering makes huge difference in its strength

  • Always buy from a credible manufacturer