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Titanium Knife Handles Guide

Titanium Knife Handles Guide

knife handle materials guide

Today, I’ll be discussing Titanium knife handle or Titanium Knife Handles.  When we buy or look for knives, we always discuss blade materials and they are the main focus of every review you find. Even majority of knife manufacturer’s talk about knife’s blade material. There is very less importance is given to knife’s handles. Whereas they are as important as the blade of the knife.

Titanium is a metal that is known for its strength and durability.

Why Titanium is expensive?

Titanium is 9th abundant metal on earth and its present in each and every rock on earth. Given its abundance it’s still one of the most expensive metals in the world. The only reason for its expensiveness is that it has very high melting point. Toughness of the metal increase the costs of handling it which makes it even much more expensive.

titanium ore used in titanium knife handles

Importance of Titanium Handle

Knife handle material is as important as the knife blade and so as the shape of blade & handle there must be a synergy between both. Without a synergy, a knife cannot perform the task it’s designed for. As discussed, Micarta Knife Handles are best choice for Survival Knives and today I will be discussing Titanium Knife Handle.  Following are the main points why one should have a titanium knife handle.

titanium knife handle, titanium knife handles

Titanium knife handle are lighter

As said earlier, choosing knife handle material is very important as important as the knife material.  Titanium knife handles are much lighter as compared to steel they are normally 45% lighter in weight as compared to steel handles. It’s a great choice for EDC knives also known as Pocket Knives. Even bigger knives have less weight as compared to smaller steel handle knives.

Strongest Material

We all know that titanium is among the strongest materials on earth, they are as strong as steel but the best part is it’s a warm metal. In Cold environments titanium handles does not give uncomfortable feeling to hands when you grip them. In short, Strongest and comfortable to hold a knife.

Corrosion resistant

Titanium has great corrosion resistant ability which not only makes it more durable but gives it’s the ability to perform time and again in environments where other knives handle materials lacks.  Like Titanium Handles are no1 choice of sea divers. Because Titanium does get rust or get crowded with seawater as it happens with normal steel handles.

Conclusion- Titanium Knife Handles

They are excellent handles, given expensive but remember quality and price always go hand in hand. Higher the quality higher the price. Secondly, Titanium handles are great on knives not as knife blade because they lose their sharpness very quickly and they are hard to re-sharpen as well. So, if you are being told that the knife has titanium handle its great but not the blade material.

titanium knife handle, titanium knife handles

Pros & Cons of Titanium Knife Handles


  • lightweight material compared to other options

  • among most durable handle materials

  • good resistance to corrosion

  • considered premium


  • Overrated

  • Very good resistance to corrosion

  • More expensive than other metals, resulting in higher priced knives

Why is titanium not used for knife?2021-08-31T12:15:00+05:00

Titanium knife handle is good option for EDC but titanium blade is not. Its because its much more brittle than steel. It has very low edge retention properties which more more frequent sharpening after  or during use. That is why titanium is not used for knife blade

Is titanium metal expensive?2021-08-31T12:10:25+05:00

Titanium is more expensive than other metals because it is rarer than other metals, and because it is typically only found bonded to other elements which can make processing more expensive. ( Refining and milling are expensive)

Is titanium a good knife handle?2021-08-31T12:08:55+05:00

Titanium is very light weight, durable and among most expensive materials used in knife handles. Its extremely high resistance corrosion properties and less heat and cold conductivity makes it stand out from rest of the metals used in knife handles

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