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Micarta Knife Handles Guide

Micarta Knife Handles Guide

knife handle materials guide

Micarta is a very popular material for survival knives (usually fixed blades). It is extremely strong and durable, and has proven to be a safe choice for any types of conditions. In Micarta Knife Handles Guide here, we will be sharing and answering all questions related to Micarta Knife Handles.

What Is a Micarta Knife Handle or Micarta?

What is a Micarta knife handle? There are so many handles for knives and Micarta handles have its special significance, those who they knew what I’m talking about. But those who are new to knife collection, or don’t know much about handles especially Micarta handle.

History of Micarta

It was developed or invented by George Westinghouse in 1910 and the phenolic resins (substance which binds the said fiber) was invented by Leo Baekeland. As Phenolic resins are used to impregnate the fibers or composite material under heat and temperatures which later are cured to product tough laminates.

Or you can say Micarta is a composite material made from fiberglass, cloth pieces such as Denim, laminated paper then impregnated with Resin, resulting in tough, hard block, which is later cut & shaped according to required size and shaped respectively.

Significance of Micarta knife Handles

Micarta is a named for composites of canvas, paper lamination, fiberglass, carbon fibers, linen and other materials with fibers in a thermosetting plastic.

Or you can say Micarta is a composite material made from fiberglass, cloth pieces such as Denim, laminated paper then impregnated with Resin, resulting in tough, hard block, which is later cut & shaped according to required size and shaped respectively.

Types of Micarta Resins

  • Phenolic

  • Epoxy

  • Silicone

  • Melamine

There are different Micarta resins for example

What Is Special about Micarta Handled Knives

Micarta is said to be STEEL of Plastic Industry. Knives handles made from Micarta are tough, durable, resistant to grease, oil & other caustic substances while can bear extreme heat & cold as well.

They don’t brittle with time. Last, any unique pattern can be formed using different layers of materials. These all factors made them best choice. Thus, Micarta handled knives are considered true marksmanship of knife manufacturer as well.

Micarta Knife handles

Is Micarta a good Knife Handle?

The Answer is Yes, Micarta is a good knife handle. As said earlier, it made from polymerization of fibers & resin with heat & high temperatures. Its more durable and easier to shape as well just like wood. But instead asking one should ask WHY MICARTA HANDLES are good?

Why Micarta Handles Are Good?

Actually, Micarta as a material or composite can be manufactured in every color, depending on its formula. Its durable, very strong, tolerates extreme heat and cold, resistance to moisture, very rarely brittle with time.

Therefore, most knife manufacturers and knife customers want them as handles for their knives. Then, it’s easy to customize depending upon the layering of material, creating unique patterns which can be easily repeated as well apart from color. Thus, giving vibrant & unique look to knives.

Canvas feel when holding a Micarta handle Knife

You may have noted that I kept on quoting, linen, cotton, denim as fibers used in creating Micarta. But the fact is, handles made from Micarta do give canvas like feel. They are resistant to grease & other acidic or you can say caustic liquids as well. They give good grip on hands when in use. That’s why Micarta handles are preferred.

Micarta handles, Micarta handle

Pros & Cons of Micarta handle


  • A tough, lightweight material

  • Incredibly durable and water-resistant

  • Some range of customizing option

  • Aesthetically more pleasing


  • The knives get Expensive

  • Micarta is brittle as it breaks under high pressure

Is Micarta dishwasher safe?2021-08-31T11:11:22+05:00

Yes, mostly Micarta knife handles and even Micarta knife handle scales are dishwasher safe. But getting bounced around by the water will dull the edge of your knife and the chemicals in the dish washer cleaner will attack the steel, even stainless.  The heat of dishwasher wont effect the material. As Micarta is known for its heat and cold resistance properties apart from being water resistant. Therefore, I personally do not recommend it ( chances of damaging the blade) but can be washed in a dishwasher.

Can you clean Micarta?2021-08-31T11:02:22+05:00

Yes, cleaning Micarta knife handles and scales can by cleaned with ease. If the micarta knife handle comes in contact with blood or it begins to build a film, simply clean with any normal soap and water to restore your micarta knife handle back to its former glory.

Is Micarta toxic?2021-08-31T10:57:07+05:00

During the process of polymerization, it off gasses nasty stuff like phenols etc. these fumes are toxic but once Micarta is fully cured and ready to cut and shape then the dust from this material is said to be nontoxic just the materials remaining as its been made mostly from Organic materials like canvas, paper, demin etc.

When and by whom Micarta was invented?2021-08-31T10:54:12+05:00

Micarta was developed by George Westinghouse at least as early as 1910 using phenolic resins invented by Leo Baekeland. 

What was micarta used for?2021-08-31T10:44:56+05:00

Phenolic resins are used to impregnate paper and cotton fabric which are cured under pressure and high temperature to produce laminates.

What is micarta made from?2021-08-31T10:42:24+05:00

Micarta is composite material made from resin and fabric mostly. It’s basically made by soaking layers of linen, canvas, paper, or other cloth material in resin and pressing those layers together to bind them together.

Is micarta better than G-10?2021-08-31T10:39:16+05:00

It all depends on preference and use. If your usage is more in wet environments like fishing, hunting in swampy areas, or for camping or survival then Micarta is great option to go with. But if you are looking for smooth, hard and impact resistant knife handle then go with G 10 knife handles

Is micarta a good knife handle?2021-08-31T10:33:16+05:00

Yes, Micarta knife handles are considered good because Micarta is known for strong performance for many years of reliable use.

What is micarta knife handle?2021-08-31T10:27:59+05:00

A Knife handle which has a base material of linen, paper or canvas etc layered with thermoplastic. Micarta covers a broad range of materials though including wood and denim as well.

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