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Aluminum Knife handle

Aluminum Knife handle

knife handle materials guide

This guide is specifically about is about aluminum knife handle. As, we all know aluminum is silvery white metal which is not very hard but really good corrosion resistant that is why we use aluminum in knife handles. Aluminum knife handles are normally coated or anodized in different colors which not only changes the look but also increase its weather resistant properties.

Best Knife Reviews with Aluminum Knife handles in 2024

There are different aluminum alloys being used in knife handle but most popular of them is T6-6061 is among the most commonly used aluminum alloy because its tensile strength making it more malleable then other types of aluminum alloys. It’s effective for coating & definitely anodization as well.

Following is a list of Knives with Aluminum Knife Handle scales we have review so for and they are also considered best in 2024 as well.

Aluminum Knife handles Guide

Aluminum knife handle is generally considered inferior to its lighter, stronger, yet more expensive brother Titanium which tends to be found on the more premium knives.

Following are benefits of Aluminum Knife handles

Kershaw EPISTLE with aluminium knife handle

Summary Pros & Cons of Aluminum Knife Handle



Examples of Aluminum Knife handle

There are so many brands which offer aluminum knife handle, the knives which are coming in my mind right now are from Cold Steel knives, Browning knivesUnited Cutlery & Walther knives.

Gerber SuperKnife with 1 inch blade but with aluminum knife handle
Cold Steel Choas with Aluminium Handle

Conclusion – Aluminum Knife Handles

Aluminum Knife handles are easy to maintain, given they get dents and scratches but they can be avoided if handled with care. To give your handle and knife blade a long life, never wash them in dishwasher. Always hand wash them and dry them right away. Polishing them time to time can retain their fresh and brand-new look. That is why, they are most commonly used in Pocket knives & in Karambits.

CKRT Crossbone knife with aluminum handle
Is aluminum a good knife handle?2021-09-07T09:21:43+05:00

Aluminum is durable and relatively light weight material for knife handles. As Aluminum is a low density metal which provides for a nice, hefty feel to the knife without increasing the weight. The most common type of aluminum used today in knife handles is T6-6061 alloy which has tremendous tensile strength.

Is aluminum stronger than G10?2021-08-31T19:54:23+05:00

Yes, Aluminum is stronger than G10 knife handles. As G 10 is polymer, it scratches easier than Aluminum and scratches more often. Aluminum does show more, but holds up better overall. G10 is also more brittle and prone to cracking under heavy use.

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