Aluminum Knife handles

This post is about aluminum knife handles. As we all know aluminum is silvery white metal which is not very hard but really good corrosion resistant that is why we use aluminum in knife handles. Aluminum knife handles are normally coated or anodized in different colors which not only changes the look but also increase its weather resistant properties.

There are different aluminum alloys being used in knife handle but most popular of them is T6-6061 is among the most commonly used aluminum alloy because its tensile strength making it more malleable then other types of aluminum alloys. It’s effective for coating & definitely anodization as well.

Kershaw link with with Aluminum knife handle

Aluminum knife handle Benefits

Aluminum is being used as knife handle gives 3 main benefits

Weather resistant

Yes, Aluminum is weather resistant and using it in knife handles increases the life of Knife and make it more durable over the period of time.


Anodization or coating makes aluminum handles more appealing. Even if used uncoated in its silvery white color, with little polishing the look can be achieved easily from time to time.


It provides best grips if textured properly. If it’s not textured then you have a very slippery knife in your hand which is difficult to use for any task.

Advantages of Aluminum knife handles

Cold Steel Choas with Aluminum knife handle

Again, there are 3 main advantages of aluminum knife handle


Aluminum is not an expensive metal neither to harness nor to process like Titanium. That is why it’s not only used in knife handles but in different other products like CANS, Windows etc.


Aluminum is light weight metal with good tensile strength, that is why it’s even used in aerospace industry. Similarly, they are being used in knife handles not adding the weight while giving the good strength.

Corrosion resistant

As said earlier, they are weather resistant, making it more usable in all types of weathers and terrains.

Disadvantages of Aluminum knife handle

CKRT Cross bone knife with Aluminum knife handle

There are certain disadvantages of aluminum knife handle which makes it not all-time perfect choice for being used.

Prone to Usage & Impacts

Aluminum is soft metal which makes it susceptible to dents, scratches and dings etc. showing all types of impacts it’s been through during usage.

Not all climate knife handle

Gerber Super Knife with with Aluminum knife handle

Aluminum is great conductor of heat, so in cold weather it’s hard to grip being very cold and in hot climate, if exposed in sun for some time, it’s hard to grip or you may burn your hands.

This is one of the major draw backs on Aluminum handles. That’s why you will never see aluminum handle on any survival knife ever.

Poor Grip

Just like Stainless steel handle or titanium handle, it’s also slippery but normally the coils are textured so they provide good grip.

Kershaw Epistle with Aluminum knife handle

Examples of Aluminum Knife handle

There are so many brands which offer aluminum knife handle, the knives which are coming in my mind right now are from Cold Steel knives, Browning knives, United Cutlery & Walther knives.

Conclusion – Aluminum Knife Handles

Aluminum Knife handles are easy to maintain, given they get dents and scratches but they can be avoided if handled with care. To give your handle and knife blade a long life, never wash them in dishwasher. Always hand wash them and dry them right away. Polishing them time to time can retain their fresh and brand-new look. That is why, they are most commonly used in Pocket knives & in Karambits.

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