Victorinox Pioneer X Review

Here is the review of the Pioneer X which is one of the classy and nicest designs from Victorinox knives that you will see. It is a simple design, multi-tool, medium-sized knife which meets the high-quality standards of the brand. This Swiss Army Knife is an excellent pocketable multi-tool both for outside camping and to add to any EDC. I always like to prefer multi-tools models which have a few good tools that will be essential for our daily routine tasks.

This Swiss Army Knife Pioneer X has 9 functional tools, which are placed firmly between two layers of textured aluminum scales and then immersed together like a sandwich. These tools are made from special stainless steel, which is very good corrosion-resistant. There will be no signs of any corrosion, even though if it spends a fair amount of time in a saltwater environment.

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The tools of this advanced Pioneer model include;

  1. A large Blade
  2. Scissors
  3. Reamer
  4. Punch
  5. Can Opener
  6. 3mm & 7.5mm Screwdriver
  7. Bottle Opener
  8. Wire Stripper
  9. Keyring

Key Specifications of Victorinox Pioneer X

Victorinox Pioneer & its Variant(s)

The Swiss Army Knife Pioneer X from Victorinox is one of the most popular Swiss Army Knife especially in Sept 2021 in US Market. This Swiss Army Knife is built with the addition of scissors. This makes Pioneer X, a handy multi-tool pocket knife that is perfect for all your everyday small tasks. The only difference from the regular variant is that this Pioneer X comes with a pair of scissors. This makes this knife unique and helps in adding much-needed utility when a blade isn’t the perfect tool for doing a certain job.

I think it was a long desire of many Victorinox fans to see modified Swiss Army Knives with more options and popular choices. In that case, Victorinox’s scissors are a worthy and useful addition to this model. However, the inclusion of the scissors is making it a little thicker and heavier, but they also bring some additional versatility. The best thing about this added capability is that it does not cost you that many additional bucks. These scissors give you more options and control for precise cutting, making them more applicable for tasks such as paper cutting, trimming extra threads, and removing tags from new clothing.

The Victorinox Pioneer X is the first knife from Victorinox ever that has been launched by adding a pair of scissors to it. These scissors are better than blades to open up packages, snip string, clip out articles and so much more. They make an excellent addition to a pocket knife that already includes a versatile steel blade, a sharpened reamer, and a host of other multi-functional tools. What more? You can aspect from a Swiss Army knife brand, you’ll find all essential daily routine tools in the same beautifully designed and exceptionally durable package that so many people will surely love.

The noticeable thing among the difference between the Pioneer X and its previous variant Pioneer is just knife handle scales. The waffle-textured casing is used in place of regular plastic scales, which gives a much better grip with the wet hands than the original sticky plastic scales. It’s not considerably harder to carry than a normal Pioneer but it might juggle some things around the pocket.

Handle of Victorinox Pioneer X

The full set of useful tools comes with textured aluminum handle scales and the handle has a customizable panel on the back. You will not find handle-based tools like tweezers and toothpicks. Yes, they are ideal for everyday carry. But not adding these will also help you not lose these.

Victorinox Pioneer X, Victorinox Pioneer X Tools, Pioneer X, Swiss Army knife
Victorinox Pioneer X, Victorinox Pioneer X Tools, Pioneer X, Swiss Army knife

Victorinox Pioneer X – a tool for EDC

As you are reading Victorinox Pioneer X Review, the question many people have in mind about it is how good is it an everyday carry (EDC)? This Swiss-made pocket knife comes with 9 functions making it an ideal tool for delicate cutting. The high-grade Aluminum scales, scissors, and a reamer punch make Pioneer X a useful knife for any adventure, especially local fishing, camping trips, and around the home as well. Overall, Victorinox Pioneer X with Scissors performed as a quality knife should. From its weight to size and ease of carrying one should not miss while reviewing it.

The blade isn’t technically a slip joint locking blade. But still, it should be considered easy and safe to use as the blade is firmly held in place. You might not use all of the tools, at once but the scissors, blade, and screwdrivers are very useful and are most often used among others. Victorinox knives always give us quality products with reasonably affordable prices to cheers. If you’re looking for a new pocket knife with the same features and quality that the Swiss Army knife is known for, in a unique coloration and style, this is the knife for you.

Advancement of Victorinox Pioneer X

I think this Swiss Army Knife is designed by listening to the reviews of the users. Although in my opinion this only is half of the changes I wanted. The scissors add a function that many have been wanting to see for a long time.

The scissors added an exceptional value to the tool that is hard to quantify. You will surely use them about half as often as you use the knife blade itself. That may not sound like much, but somehow this combination of tools handles 99% of the tasks you may run into on any given day. This Victorinox Pioneer X will be a way forward for many gear geeks, I wish more brands in the market to do the same for a multitool.


Some of the famous brand competitors with their functional tech tools were putting pressure on Victorinox to rethink and advance its 100 years of similar designs technique and Pioneer X is the answer to this and when coming to bigger folders Victorinox Hunter Pro which I also reviewed earlier opens and competes in the folders market for quite some time now. The innovation and durability with affordability are what all knives from Swiss Army Knife aka Victorinox knives are known for.

But Multi-tools made by Leatherman are superior yet expensive and even Civivi Knives has launched their multi-tool recently in the US market. The Product is called “Civivi Crit” multi-tool with natural G10 scales have drop point Stonewashed Nitro-V utility blade with a screwdriver (Hex driver H4, H5, H6, H8 and flathead screwdriver)/bottle opener/strap cutter/ruler made with A Stonewashed 9Cr18MoV Multi-Tool (Civivi Crit Review coming soon)

Is Victorinox Pioneer X going to be the best knife for you?

That will be a bit hard to say, but what I can say is that pioneer x is the advancement that Victorinox has been missing, as Victorinox knives always makes the nicest and solidly constructed models.

The Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer X can be an excellent knife for camping, fishing, or hunting. The small folding knife with scissors is indeed handy for any occasion. But I think, because of the scissors extra layer, the Victorinox Pioneer X won’t carry quite as well. Generally, I will always recommend going for something mid-range that has a few good tools you’ll use regularly.

Pros & Cons of Victorinox Pioneer X


  • Durable and sturdy construction

  • Versatile toolset for everyday tasks

  • Comfortable grip for secure handling

  • Affordable and pocketable design


  • Non-locking blade requires caution

  • Limited toolset for specialized tasks

  • Shorter blade length may be less suitable for certain users

Frequently Asked Questions

Victorinox Pioneer comes with 9 Tools :

1. Blade, large                6. Bottle opener
2. Scissors                      7. Screwdriver 7 mm
3. Reamer, punch         8. Wire stripper
4. Can opener                9. Keyring
5. Screwdriver 3 mm

The Closed Length of Victorinox Pioneer X is 3.625″

Victorinox Pioneer X weight 3.30 oz.

The Blade Length of Victorinox Pioneer X is 2.75″