Welcome to Kershaw Link 20 CV Review with SKU 17760 again USA made. If you may have followed my previous reviews, as those were on old Kershaw knives. Today, I will be doing a detailed review on Kershaw Link 20CV which has been launched just a month ago.

Don’t get confused between Kershaw Link 20CV & Kershaw Link 1776

Please do not get confused it with its predecessor Kershaw Link 1776 which was launched in 2015. It’s more advanced and better not only in material but also in its ergonomics.

Review Kershaw Link CV20

Kershaw Link 20 CV Review 17760 LSW

Specifications of Kershaw Link 20CV

Kershaw Link 20CV Handle

Kershaw Link 20CV Handle
Kershaw Link 20CV Handle

As said earlier, I love the color & design of this knife’s handle. The handle shape is somewhat more like mora companion handle type. Its aluminum alloy 6061- T6 in material with anodized in Olive green color. The as you see in the following picture, it got good grip as compared to normal problem we have with aluminum handles that they are slipper. Frankly, handle design and groves machined are so nicely done that its wont slip from your hand.

Lanyard hole of Kershaw Link
Lanyard hole of Kershaw Link

Lanyard hole is quite wide in this as compared to Kershaw Scallion or Kershaw Concierge.

The Pocket clip is reversible in it which is great. The pre-drilled holes in the handle give the option how we can put the knife, tip up or tip down?

Locking System & deployment of Kershaw Link
Locking System & deployment of Kershaw Link

Those who are new to knives, in liner locking system, there are two steel plates on either side of the blade. When you open a knife, lock bar (knife’s liner) butts up against the tang (back of knife) which prevents the blade from closing. Whereas handle scales are made from different martial like Kershaw Link’s liners made from aluminum and anodized in Olive green color.

Anyways, liner locking system is perfectly working and its smooth. Opening & closing of the blade is done easily. When you push the flipper, blade opens and liner locking system locks the blade.

The flippers work smooth and there is no problem deploying the knife with single hand. As good assisted opening knife with Kershaw SpeedSafe. You can close it with one hand but with little care, don’t snap your fingers in.

Kershaw Link 20 CV Blade Material

This latest Kershaw link’s blade is made from CPM 20V blade, that’s why it called Kershaw Link 20CV, as its predecessor Kershaw Link has 420 Steel.

What is CPM 20CV Steel Means

A steel made through process of Crucible Particle Metallurgy (CPM). Steel after getting CPM process forms very hard steel structures with 4% vanadium and with vanadium carbides in it making it very resistant to any type of wear and tears. In simple words, CPM 20 VC steel blade is not brittle.

CPM CV20 Hardness Chart
CPM CV20 Hardness Chart

Thus, CPM CV20 blade is less like to lose its sharpness as compared with 440C blade.  According to CATRA (Cutlery & Allied Trade Research Association) CPM CV20 blade retains its edge 180% more as compared to 440C steel. CPM 20CV steel also gets HRC index of 58 in terms of hardness.


Thus, its wear and tear resistant, its corrosion resistant and its tough metal.

With Kershaw Link 20CV, I have put the blade to test by cutting different things, opening consignment bags, Paper cutting test etc. and it works perfectly well in hand. The blade seemed to cut everything and it still remained sharp. If you need to sharpen it, you need silicone carbide stone.

Kershaw Link 20 CV Blade Material
Kershaw Link 20 CV Blade Material

Just like best Pocket knives, Link is not different, its drop point blade, with stone finish with is just great. As being a drop point, you can easily cut, slice through anything (light to medium) task, don’t forget it’s a pocket knife. The stone finish provides the newness to blade as it hides scratches and finger prints from blades.


Well, in comparison with Kershaw Leek, its little bigger and just partially small with Kershaw Bareknuckle. In terms of weight its Kershaw Link CV20 is on heavier side as compared to leek & bareknuckle with their respective weights of 3 oz & 3.4 oz.

Kershaw Bareknuckle (TOP) kershaw Link (CENTER), Kershaw Leek (BOTTOM
Kershaw Bareknuckle (TOP) kershaw Link (CENTER), Kershaw Leek (BOTTOM

Digging down a little deeper, Kershaw Bareknuckle & Kershaw Link 20 CV both have same blade types i.e. drop point, and both have aluminum handles. Given Bareknuckle is quarter inch length blade and 37.6 grams lighter in weight which is marginal difference to me

Pros & Cons of Kershaw Link 20 CV


  • Premium CPM-20CV steel blade.
  • Lightweight aluminum handle.
  • Smooth SpeedSafe assisted opening.
  • Secure liner lock mechanism.
  • Reversible pocket clip for ambidextrous use.
  • Sleek design.


  • Higher price.
  • Aggressive handle texture.
  • Limited color options.
  • Blade may need frequent sharpening.

Do’s of Kershaw Link 20CV knife

As its a pocket knife, carrying in your in car God forbids in case you have to cut seat belt in case of accident. In wild or camping, you can easily cut ropes, wires and even cords thanks to CPM 20CV steel. Being a drop blade knife, you can clean fish, prepare food when camping. Cutting boxes and other light materials is handy. Last, you can use it as self defense if you are attached by any human as it got 3.25 inches of sharp edge.

Don’t’s of Kershaw Link?

Given its good, strong knife with quite a potential mention above but after all its a pocket knife and you should not use it in wild as its EDC not survival knife. Never do Chopping or sawing  and don’t ever think of batoning it, else you will ruin it. Thinking you can defend yourself from wild animal attach is yet another bad idea.

Wrapping It All Up

Kershaw Link is really good pocket knife, because of its blade and aluminum handle’s shape. It comes in box packing. Really good to grip with small or large hands. Equally good for left-handed people like me or right handers because of two-way adjustable pocket clip. There is no problem with the pocket clip just like other Kershaw Pocket Knives. Weight is little high, given if you place it in your front pocket. Its little bigger being a pocket knife but if you start keeping it with you, you won’t be bothered much about its size and weight.

Kershaw Link Olive Aluminum CPM 20CV 1776OLSW unboxing
Kershaw Link Olive Aluminum CPM 20CV 1776OLSW unboxing

Kershaw Link 20CV is made in USA, meaning it made in Tualatin, Oregon. This is same for all Kershaw USA Made. Being USA made knife, you get the premium quality product and with the price range Chicago Knife works offer for Kershaw Link 20CV is the lowest. Even lowest then Amazon.