Victorinox Farmer Review

The Victorinox Farmer is another very popular 93mm Alox scaled tool from the Swiss Army Knife. You can take it is an upgraded version of the classic historical Victorinox Pioneer X which I have already discussed in my other review and also compared it with Victorinox Electrician. This Swiss Army Knife comes with the addition of a wood saw which makes it a versatile knife with a tough and durable set of tools.

Victorinox aka Swiss Army Knife always gives us useful multifunctional tools that don’t need any gimmicks. This Farmer model comes with extra width which makes it more comfortable to grip. Its handle is equipped with the traditional Alox Aluminum Scales making the overall look tough and attractive. The scales as always help to make the knife grippy in hand and easy in the pocket. Now, we can say that the Swiss Army Knife Farmer can be a great companion for your upcoming journeys.

Key Specifications of Victorinox Farmer

Victorinox Farmer First Impression

This Farmer Victorinox can be considered an EDC for all your activities as it is a very nice pocket knife for travel, shop work, gardening, maintenance, toolbox. But the only thing that is stopping the farmer from not making in my favorite Swiss Army Knife models list is that the saw is not intended for dry seasoned hardwoods such as maple. Sometimes the saw razors get pinched and jam which can result in bending of the tool.

The Victorinox Farmer has a spear blade that is surprisingly versatile, you can use the smooth back of the blade as well as an ordinary scraper. As this knife is generally designed for doing work with wood so it has an excellent reamer which might be more useful with this model than you think.

The addition of the saw makes this Swiss Army Farmer knife a very useful and sturdy pocket knife. Although the saw is remarkably capable when it comes to softwoods like pine etc. The saw also makes this tool essential for outdoor activities as well, most probably for perfectly striking sparks from a fire starter while camping.

Although, the crisp corners of the back of the saw can also be used as a decent cabinet scraper as well. I think the tools of this SAK might be stronger than the previous Victorinox models.

Victorinox Farmer, Victorinox Farmer X, Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox Farmer Review

Victorinox Farmer Vs Victorinox Pioneer

The Victorinox Farmer Alox is made with the same flavor that the Victorinox Knives used in its Pioneer collection. However, The Victorinox Pioneer is a bit heavier and bigger than usual Victorinox pocket knives. While holding The Victorinox Farmer it does feel heavier and bulkier than the Victorinox Pioneer, but when you slip it into your pocket it just disappears all the same. The size and weight difference between the two are not enough to make the Farmer too big to carry.

The Victorinox Pioneer, for instance, is a larger Swiss Army knife that has an awl instead of a nail file. Because of the large size and the longer and thicker blade, the Pioneer is perfect for the more demanding daily tasks.

But the extra width of this farmer model makes it more comfortable to hold compared to the Pioneer. Just like mentioning so many similarities that Farmer has, another variant of it is also available named Farmer X. which is heavier, expensive, and comes with an extra tool. Guess what is the difference from the regular farmer version?  It’s pair of Additional scissors!

Victorinox Farmer, Victorinox Farmer X, Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox Farmer Review
Victorinox Farmer, Victorinox Farmer X, Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox Farmer Review

On the other hand, the Farmer had a nifty saw and it only cost you a few more bucks. As I already discussed in this Victorinox Farmer Review, that both the models are identical, other than the saw blade. But if you think you will not need a saw for your type of activity or you are fond of purchasing a nice sturdy pocket knife, the Victorinox Pioneer is for you.

Moreover, just like the Pioneer, The Victorinox Farmer Alox usually comes with silver Alox scales. But Victorinox has produced limited editions for both of the models year by year with many, many different colors that mostly can be purchased directly from the Victorinox website.

And if you miss having scissors in your multi-tool knife, consider the Farmer X or Pioneer X model, only slightly more bulk and weight. Buy your favorite one according to your requirements and then don’t forget to thank me later.

My Conclusion

The Victorinox Farmer overall is a great multi-tool pocket knife but it has some dark side as well which I have seen from the reviews of its validated buyers. You will notice, the saw teeth get rubbed with the spine on the knife blade when you open or close it. That might cause minor damage to both the spine and the teeth of the saw.

The Alox SAK having a thicker blade knife, reamer, and splitter are great tools for carving on wood, and with the addition of the saw blade, I will probably going make the Farmer a champion for carving on wood. It will be preferable if you won’t use the saw to cut hard or strong branches, but you can use it to make clean straight notches to speed up the carving process.

Victorinox Farmer, Victorinox Farmer X, Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox Farmer Review

There are specific saw models available in the market (The Laplander Saws) through any given branch roughly 10x faster than the SAK saw. If I slightly exaggerate the process a bit so; if it takes 1 minute to cut through a branch using the Farmer’s saw, the specific saw will cut through the same branch in 5 seconds.

Of course, the blades of those saws are also much larger so it’s not a fair comparison, this is just an example. The saw of Victorinox Farmer Alox is small, but it’s also very sturdy and it cuts very well according to its given size.

Victorinox Farmer, Victorinox Farmer X, Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox Farmer Review

Pros & Cons of Victorinox Farmer


  • Durable construction

  • Versatile toolset

  • Comfortable grip

  • Affordable

  • Lightweight


  • Non-locking blade

  • No corkscrew

  • Blade may be too small for some users

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Bottle opener                       6. Can opener
2. Screwdriver 7 mm              7. Screwdriver 3 mm
3. Wire stripper                       8. Key ring
4. Reamer, punch                    9. Blade, large
5. Wood saw

The blade length of the Victorinox Farmer is 3.25 inches.

The handle material of the Victorinox Farmer is Alox, which is a type of aluminum that is known for its strength and durability.

The length of the Victorinox Farmer when closed is 3.7 inches.