Victorinox Alox Cadet

The Victorinox Alox Cadet a knife that can easily encounter basic tasks throughout the day makes it one of the best knives for an average guy or a person who has just started taking interest in carrying a pocket knife. Here is another full-fledged Victorinox Cadet review of another ultimate Swiss Army knife, which is considered exceptionally well as an EDC.

Just like Victorinox Farmer and Victorinox Pioneer X which have already been reviewed, this Alox Cadet knife also has 9 Functional tools in Numbers as Victorinox always consider keyring as a tool. Isn’t it funny? A simple hole for lanyard can do, but it’s their tradition I must say having a ring. Anyways, the following are 9 tools you have access to when you got your hands on Victorinox Cadet.

  1. Large blade
  2. Can Opener
  3. Screwdriver 3 mm
  4. Bottle opener
  5. Screwdriver 6 mm
  6. Wire stripper
  7. Nail file
  8. Nail cleaner
  9. Keyring

A Nail filer and a Nail Cleaner have been added in this model, skipping out the saw and scissors from the Victorinox Electrician and Victorinox Pioneer respectively.

If you are the person who likes to carry multiple knives per day, then I am sure this multi-tool Swiss Army Cadet Knife will surely be on your list as it can serve well in most situations and can be a great companion for EDC. Victorinox Cadet has a perfect blade that can almost cut any regular stuff that an average person does on regular basis. Its bottle opener might not be the best but it is a handy tool.

It has screwdrivers, a nail file, and a small blade that’s perfect for getting out spring bars if you don’t have a proper tool. The list goes on and on. Victorinox knives always put a lot of thought into their designs that’s why Victorinox Knives have stood the test of time being in business for over 130 years

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Key Specifications of Victorinox Alox Cadet

First Impression of Victorinox Alox Cadet

The Cadet has a closed length of 3″, with a 2.5″ blade, and weighs almost 1.6 ounces. Just like every Victorinox model, they also launch a new color variant for the Cadet almost every 12 months. But I have focused my review on my most favorite which is the red aluminum “alox” handles making the grip of the knife nice and thin.

If you are a person who mostly spent time working in the office cabin on the laptop or talking on the cellphone, this can be the only knife you can carry as it will be plenty enough for opening letters and packages.

This Swiss Army Cadet Knife is the perfect size for daily carry. It can also serve for simple tasks at home as you can use it for cutting up fruits and vegetables, spreading cheese onto the bread, or handling whatever other minor task you may have with ease.

The colors of its variants and the two tools (Nail filer & Nail Cleaner) are more inclined towards ladies. I personally think it’s a knife designed for young adults and ladies who want to keep a pocket knife. It’s a style signature for them to keep.

Victorinox Alox Cadet Review

Yes, this is true we may sometimes require more tools or a larger blade, but the reality is that we are not going to work in the wilds of harsh woods every day. Most people use knives for regular daily tasks and this Victorinox Alox Cadet knife is perfect in that case. The appearance will not be a shock factor when you pull out it in public. I will probably honor the cadet as one of the ultimate EDC knives.

Let me just take you back to your first experiences with a pocket knife: It might come in the sight when you were trying to explore the secret drawers and treasure of your father or grandfather. Or the Boy Scout is the second place where for many more, their first practical experiences with a pocket knife happened. Whatever your story will be at that time? Would you come across at least one well-worn Alox-handled Swiss army knife (SAK)?

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General Dimensions and Blade Details

Victorinox is all about style statements and their neatly polished precision tools. The Cadet is a great knife that can easily make it place in the list of any person who doesn’t usually like Knives. The Alox scale and the thinly ground blade of the Cadet give it a slick modern look that makes serious knife junkies also fall in love with this beauty.

Well, if you are fond of carrying multiple knife folders, the cadet may not work as a larger folder to you but it will surely come in handy as a secondary blade. It’s perfect for situations where you don’t want to slick out your large knife, and the extra tools are really handy too.

The screwdrivers, bottle or can opener all can come in handy in seconds. The nail filer can maintain your fingernails in a pinch. The utility provided by this Victorinox Cadet is great and you will not find it in any other 2 ounces small package. Having a nail filer & cleaner also refers to women who want to or carry pocket knives.

Seriously, when it comes to daily tasks its blade is sharp and its cuts or slices will be better than anything else you had handled before. Because the truly magnificent stainless steel Victorinox uses sharpens very easily but lacks edge retention.  However, this steel and heat treatment of these knives still isn’t adequate and it’s softer. In short, all Swiss Army Knives lack in their edge retention.

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Ergonomics of Victorinox Cadet Handle

You can say that Brands are also a creature of habit, that’s why Victorinox Knives always prefers the aluminum Alox scales on the little knives from the SAK family. From my point of view, I like how these scales slim down the pocket knife and give it a little more of a grippy feel.

And, of course, I like the different colors they come in, as I mentioned Victorinox releases a custom color for these models every once a year. Even they have a competition on their Instagram profiles for different colors of camouflage.

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So, you can use these variants as a part of your dressing attire by matching your favorite color knife with your outfit more of feminine stuff. It is just another way how the brand capitalizes and attracts crowds towards them. Who can stand in the way of the free market? Because when it comes to an addition to the styling attire, the Swiss Army Knife, is consistently ranked as among top-rated pocket knives.

The Handle construction of the Cadets handle is simple and is given a matte finish, also everything is finished and pinned together clean and nice. The handle is big enough to get 4 fingers around and is plenty comfortable to do any tasks but still, I will not prefer to do harder tasks with it.

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The Victorinox shield on the colored variants provides a splash of color and that extra touch of class making it overall a handsome knife.

There is no pocket clip on the Cadet, as per my understanding, ladies put them in their bags. The guys need a pocket clip. Secondly, it does not cost you many bucks, so you should not have any reservations about making the cadet your primary or secondary pocket knife. The tools are given a high satin finish and their actions are springy and satisfying. There is no play with any of the parts. After a year of daily carry and use, you might see this knife showing some signs of wear, but the slim design and durable aluminum scales allow the knife to age gracefully.

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Victorinox Cadet Review – Final Thoughts

Yes, I accept that the Victorinox Cadet doesn’t have tactical blades and it is neither the most advanced EDC multi-tool pocket knife in the world. It’s not solely meant for guy EDC but even ladies can use it as their everyday carry and can clean their nails, file them on the go. Size is adequate for both user’s men & women alike. Comes in different colors, whichever suits your taste & age.

But still, I will rank it as one of the fine multi-tool knives for any person because of its utility, non-threatening appearance, and price. The Alox scales and stainless steel used in the making of its tools are virtually rustproof. It isn’t the hardest stuff on the market exceptional sharpening ability means that you can get a razor edge back in seconds.

In general, the Victorinox Cadet is a good EDC multi-tool for folks looking for lightweight. The problem I have though is the new nail file. The cut file is AWFUL! The only thing I can liken it to would be trying to file your fingernails down. So, despite being a good tool, one of my favorite parts of this multi-tool is now mostly useless. So, if you are more into outdoor activities you can go to Victorinox Hiker or Victorinox hunter, which I reviewed earlier.

If I had a protest about this knife, it would be that I really like the little tweezers and toothpick included as this knife is usually oriented to domestic household works.  Sometimes I think it will be better if the knife has the thicker plastic-handled version. But there is a price to pay for style and durability, and the trade-off is that Victorinox can’t squeeze in those tools.

I think, I have said much about this iconic tool and it can easily be visualized as a great companion for EDC. If you considering buying an Alox scaled Swiss Army Knife, so you can surely go for this beauty as this can add up the best value to your collection. Respected ladies, if you want to have an everyday carry for yourself, it’s the one you should start with. You won’t be disappointed by my suggestion.

Pros & Cons of Victorinox Alox Cadet


  • Compact and lightweight design

  • Durable Alox scales for a secure grip

  • Sharp blade with good edge retention

  • Variety of useful tools for everyday tasks

  • Swiss Army knife quality and craftsmanship


  • May be too small for some users

  • Relatively expensive compared to some other Swiss Army knives

Frequently Asked Questions

The Victorinox Cadet Alox is a small, compact Swiss Army knife with nine tools. It is made with durable Alox scales and stainless steel tools. The Cadet is a popular choice for everyday carry (EDC) because of its versatility and affordability.

The blade length of the Victorinox Cadet Alox is 2.45 inches (62 mm).

The Victorinox Cadet Alox is made with Alox scales and stainless steel tools. Alox is an aluminum alloy that is known for its strength and durability. Stainless steel is a type of steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion.

The Victorinox Cadet Alox can be used for a variety of tasks, including:
Cutting food, Opening packages, Repairing equipment, Personal grooming, Everyday tasks.