Victorinox Hiker Review

Today we are going to review, The Victorinox Hiker with the Hot Red distinctive handle which is one of the very small penknives in the EDC category. Swiss Army Knives has been established in 1897 and since then the brand continues to be an icon of smart and utility designs.

Victorinox is described as a medium-sized pocket knife that has all essentials that made it perfect for fishing, hiking, and outdoor activities. The tools vary from the flat-bladed screwdriver and sharp edges wood saw blade which can cut any piece of wood. It also has a sharp little secondary blade that helps the knife to cut almost anything and became a Boy Scout’s best friend. Victorinox Hiker knife also has a can & bottle opener with little sharp blades behind which you can also use to cut wires and ropes.

The Swiss army knife is one of those knives I got when I was a kid. These are small and multi-functional, which can be found on shelves of any house. As most of us like to carry less weight in our pockets, Victorinox Hiker becomes a beneficial tool that can cover almost all our daily routine and camping tasks without adding extra burden or taking space.

The 100 years of Swiss Army Knife tradition, Victorinox lives on with the Swiss Army Hiker Knife as this Army knife can help you feel at home when outside, as its multiple functions and is one of the first successful multi-tool knives. It will be your savior for everything you need through the wilderness and the hardness of camping or hiking.

Key Specifications of Victorinox Hiker

First Impression – Victorinox Swiss Army Hiker Knife

This Victorinox Swiss Army Hiker knife is a multi-tool knife that comes with a pack of 13 functional tools in this pocket-sized package, which can be combined to do a dozen of different tasks. The Victorinox Hiker is every light in terms of its weight weighing only 2.7 ounces or 77 grams making it lighter than standard A4 size paper. The Swiss Army Hiker also has one additional short blade.

The regular blade is roughly 2.5 inches long and the short blade is 1.5 inches long. The regular blade is a drop point but unfortunately, not a good option for piercing as it lacks the pointy element. But the reamer, punch, and sewing awl is what comes with this knife for piercing and can be used to sew any hard material. The knife’s handle is 3.6 inches.

Victorinox Swiss Army Hiker pocket knife is a traditional slip joint knife mainly used to open up cardboard, paper, and plastics. There is no locking mechanism on this model and the 3.5” blade has a nice fat belly to it for cutting deep with its short 1.5” blade. It is a Perfect Pocket Knife, not just for cutting up fruits and vegetables at the home but also for cutting through thin rope and wires outdoor.

Victorinox doesn’t advertise much information about its steel type, but still, we can easily repair and sharpen the blade. You can make it back to looking like new with just 3 swipes per side on a wet stone as they usually get dull fast.

Victorinox Hiker’s Blade

Victorinox always gives us quite remarkable knife models that will withstand after many years of use. You can take them with you on camping, hiking, fishing, or any other outdoor trips for years to come. The blade will not let you down, as they do not break easily, and the edge is sharp enough to do any outdoor tasks. But it gets dull much more quickly as compared to other blades.

Overall a Good value for your money: A Swiss Army knife is ideal for any kind of budget. This knife is highly corrosion-resistant, which makes it holds up for years. Hot Summers are no joke they can make anyone and anything exposed to sweat. But this knife will surely stand out from the sweat in your jeans by not getting rusted at all.

Handle and Ergonomics of Victorinox Hiker

The Victorinox Hiker can be treated as a small knife, but multiple-tools holding somehow makes it a fat handle knife. The total length of the handle is 3.5 inches, but 7 folding multiple tools will surely take some extra spacing making it a little over half an inch extra thick.

You just can’t ignore this fact, it’s thick because it has to hold, a tweezer, and a toothpick as well? Five useful tools are folded in the front and two in the back. So, now in total, you have 3 different types of screwdrivers, a can opener, a bottle opener, a saw, a reamer, wire strippers, and the just mentioned earlier tweezers and toothpicks. Considering all these added tools, the iconic handle is made with a complete understanding of the fact, giving a comfortable overall grip.

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Victorinox Hiker Wood

It’s another variant of Victorinox Hiker which comes with walnut wood handle scales not like we are discussing in Victorinox Hiker Review. The second thing you must know before you buy, that it’s expensive than the one in the discussion because of wood material as handle scales and it’s missing on Toothpick and Tweezers as well. This Victorinox wood comes with 11 functional tools as compared to a standard Hiker knife.

Walnut wood scales of Swiss Hiker are for people who have a love for the natural patina of the wood. This variant is also as functional as the red one but it doesn’t have the tweezer and toothpick in it, but every knife is unique. It is made from sustainable European walnut wood that makes it the perfect companion on any trail, with 11 essential functions to cover all the bases.


It is this comfortable grip that allows you to employ every tool easily for use. But still, as the grip is texture-free and doesn’t necessarily grip your hand. Sometimes it becomes hectic to use a lot of different tools from one grip, and also sometimes it gets a bit tacky to take out the tweezer or toothpick with open blades.

But you can’t deny the fact that the grip of Victorinox Hiker is thick and supportive compared to other multi-tools knives. This knife grip naturally helps in making working when doing something that takes time, like opening a can.

But for me Red is the color, I love and it will also be more prominent so you won’t lose it on the floor of the rough forest.

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Deployment and Lockup

The Slipjoint system always becomes quite helpful in making sure the tools and blades of the knife all stay inside the handle until you want or force them to come out. But, don’t worry at all about deploying this knife in your pockets as they are constructed and tighten firmly.

Moreover, you have to use both hands to get the work done respectively from all tools which makes it easy to pull out the tools. Once a tool or blade is out it takes a fair bit of force to put it back. However, you can close the tool with a single hand.  It’s also mentioned on their website that this knife is not intended for single-hand operations (use).


Victorinox Hiker Red

Victorinox Hiker Red

Closed Length 3.50″
Tools 13
Handle Material ABS
Handle Color Red
Locking Mechanism Slip Joint
Weight 2.7oz
Country of Origin Switzerland
Brand Victorinox
Model Hiker

Victorinox Hiker Walnut

Victorinox Hiker Walnut

Closed Length 3.50″
Tools 11
Handle Material Walnut
Handle Color Wood
Locking Mechanism Slip Joint
Weight 2.6oz
Country of Origin Switzerland
Brand Victorinox
Model Hiker

Pros & Cons of Victorinox Hiker


  • Durable polyamide scales for a secure grip

  • 13 essential functions for everyday tasks and outdoor activities

  • Integrated wood saw for cutting through small branches or wood

  • Affordable price compared to some other Victorinox models


  • May be slightly larger and heavier than some users prefer

  • Some may prefer the traditional Alox scales of other Victorinox models

Final thoughts on Victorinox Hiker

The Victorinox Hiker is a handy little knife that can be taken as a crossover between Urban EDC and camping knife compared to Victorinox Hunter, which the brand has launched with this tagline. Hunter is perfect for all the easy housework or the hard work of an occasional trip to the woods. This little Swiss Army knife is a show-stealer as it comes with packs of capable functioning tools in its small and easy-to-use package. The Hiker is also a great choice for keeping a knife in case of emergency as it is Compact and ready to use for any adventure head-on.

If your kid is responsible enough to own a knife, so it can be its partner in boy scout and camping nights as it has a slimmer profile and is extremely resistant. Bringing this knife with you on your daily adventures will be a fit for all the tasks. Giving my opinion from the heart, all Victorinox pocket knives are survival tool multitaskers that can work in any situation. At their most evolved they have surpassed the basic function of regular EDC and Camping Knife.

Whatever reason you choose for buying a multi-tool knife, the Hiker will always be a great knife at a low price.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Victorinox Hiker is made with Alox scales and stainless steel tools. Alox is an aluminum alloy that is known for its strength and durability. Stainless steel is a type of steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion.

The Deployment Mechanism of Victorinox Hiker is SlipJoint

The Victorinox Hiker typically costs around $35.99. However, the price may vary depending on the retailer.

The Blade shape of Victorinox Hiker is Drop Point