A Sheepsfoot knife & Wharncliffe knife are both alike with just minor difference in their blade building. In Sheepsfoot blade, it has straight edge, with unsharpened little curved back, and has a false idea since the curve fulfills the straight edge.

Whereas in Wharncliffe knife, its back or spin is tapered (can be curved). Thus, the only difference between two is tapering of unsharpened back or spine.

sheepsfoot blade, wharncliffe blade

Wharncliffe Knife & Sheepsfoot Knife

With the above stated, they are not like or in no resemblance with referral to tasks done with Tanto blades, clip point and so on. In other words, its jobs are little more different then we usually finish with other survival knives. They are of more basic, utilities need which can be achieved with them.

Wharncliffe Knife Vs Sheepsfoot Knife

Wharncliffe Knife Vs Sheepsfoot Knife

Wharncliffe Blade & Sheepsfoot Blade Advantages

Wharncliffe knife and Sheepsfoot knife Disadvantages

  • The majority of sheepsfoot blade and Wharncliffe blade design knives do not have much of sharp point like spear point blades.

  • If you routinely need to pierce and cut various materials, these styles of knives probably aren’t going to be the very best alternatives.

  • Not the greatest at cutting food Since a lot of blades curve approximately a tip, you can have your knife at a minor angle and rock the knife from tip to deal with as you are cutting food. Because you have to have the blade relatively flat versus a product in order to slice it, this is hard with a sheepsfoot or Wharncliffe.

  • Lots of latest Wharncliffe knives & Sheepsfoot knives have serration and other stuff on their spines and they are not useful.



They have lots of useful uses. Sheepsfoot blades have many job-related uses and Wharncliffe blades are great for many boating activities.

Both sheepsfoot and Wharncliffe blades usually do not have much of a pointer and can be really beneficial for carving, slicing, and rescue activities. They are extremely practical for the majority of everyday uses.

There are much more sheepsfoot blade advantages as compared to disadvantages