Although the market is full of knives and pocket knives, we must choose the one that suits us the most. The Spyderco Shaman pocketknife is an easily foldable knife with safe portability and user-friendly features. The Shaman Black G-10 PlainEdge is a premium product of Spyderco priced at $360 MSRP and is multipurpose. Its most imminent features include the easy-to-carry size, tip strength, sprint run, blade, ergonomics and the balance it provides.

However, the thing that intrigued me the most was its thickness. Unlike other pocketknives, Shaman is a thicker beefy knife, capable of cutting through heavy objects despite its size and weight. It shows strength and restraint, and you can use it during several outdoor adventures, including hunting, fishing, or outdoor cooking.

Although Spyderco has many different variants of pocketknives, what sets Shaman apart from others is its precise detailing, the handles, its shape and locking mechanism. It can easily fit and be opened by either the right or left hand, with a single-handed opening, a built-in lock for heavy abuse and increases the hand grip with increased moisture. Its soft texture makes it easy for anyone to carry, yet it comes with a sharp blade and pointed edge, requiring less usage strength.

The Spyderco Shaman is a larger, more capable version of the iconic Spyderco Native design theme when it comes to Pocket knives.

Shaman is built with a CPM-S30V stainless steel blade with plain edge. A high saber grind and prominent swedge create excellent edge geometry and a fine-tuned point.

The ergonomic handle has G-10 scales over skeletonized stainless steel liners to keep the Spyderco Shaman lightweight and comfortable.

As for locking mechanism, you will have Compression Lock mechanism and while you get four-positions pocket clip as per your needs.

CPM Cru-wear

About The Brand 

Spyderco owner Sal

Spyderco is an American cutlery company founded by Sal Glesser in Golden, Colorado in 1978. Today it is worth $10 million, comprising 84 employees, including highly experienced and trained knife makers. The first product of Spyderco was the Portable Hand, developed in 1976. It was a spider-shaped device with multiple angles, alligator clips and ball joints for jewelers and hobbyists to work with small parts. Over the years, Spyderco expanded its line of products based on customer needs and the changing market trends and lifestyles.

The firm began producing knife sharpeners in 1978, which is when it made its first folding knife, the C01 Worker. It featured a small hole in the blade for effortless one-handed and ambidextrous opening, which is now the company’s trademark and is present in Shaman as well. You will also see the inscription featuring the company name, ‘Spyderco’ and ‘Made in Golden, Colorado’ around that hole.

The most important thing to note about this brand is that it is user-oriented, meaning it is designed for the hand, not the eye. The company began manufacturing knives after researching and collaborating with 30 different athletes, self-defense instructors and knife manufacturers to create innovative designs using 20 different blade materials.

Moreover, it uses numerous blade steels and handle materials to perfect its manufacturing for various uses offered at different price points.

Key Specifications of Spyderco Shaman Pocket Knife

Spyderco Shaman Review

The Spyderco Shaman Pocketknife The Full Nick Shabazz Review.00 00 00 00.Still001 minWhen I first held Spyderco Shaman in my hand, it fit so easily in my hand that I felt like it was somehow a part of my hand, and I had been carrying it for years. I instantly started thinking of the utility it will provide me. Plus, it is low maintenance as it got cooper washers making it more usable in outdoor situations and it will be convenient for me to carry all the time.

The general first impression of the knife falls under its feasibility and ease of use with safety. I could easily feel its soft texture and high-quality material once I held it in my hand. It provides a firm grip despite the soft feel, which made it a good purchase decision.

You can see copper washers as under

Shaman has Washers not cermaic ball bearings-min

Shaman has Washers not cermaic ball bearings-min

The Blade 

The Spyderco Shaman blade features premium quality steel, as used in most of its knives. It is manufactured with S30V standard mill steel, as with most of the models of Spyderco, including Shaman. The Sprint Run variant running CPM S30V with G 10 handles makes it the perfect choice for blade lovers.

The blade got stonewashed finish, which chamfers all the sharp points the the neck and even in the hole is smooth it you place your finger tip on it. You find them slightly smooth out as well. I personally thinks, its when the blade is placed in tumbler for stonewash, it also smoothed out the rough edges apart from giving it its distinct finish.

Beefy Blade of Spyderco Shaman

Beefy Blade of Spyderco Shaman

TheS30V stainless steel has a mix of carbon, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, and silicon. It makes up the optimal level of steel hardness. The blade’s thickness curved into a sharp edge makes it a high-quality cutting tool. Although its small size may make it harder to cut through bigger objects, it is very capable of cutting small objects.

It requires sharpening and smoothing every now and then, which is much easier than sharpening 3V or 4V, to keep it sharp and from corroding. I like the stonewash on the pocketknife, which makes it easier to maintain over the long run but necessary. For example, you cannot leave the blade soaked in citrus or water for too long, or it will develop rust.

The sharpness of the blade and its edge is quite close to M4 or K390. It would not easily get chipped with regular use and sharpening. CPM M4 also contributes towards the hardness of the blade with higher components of a tool steel blade.

Moreover, Shaman features a drop point-shaped edge with its convex curve, which may not be able to pierce through deeper but provides more strength and is more effective. It is a high saber full-flat grind, and the 3.58” blade length makes it capable and effective. The blade’s curvature ending in a thinner tip is similar to the PM2 (Para Military 2) variant by Spyderco. The 0.145” blade stock thickness is enough to cut through heavier objects and for EDC tasks. The blade edge length of 3.12″ is quite intriguing since the thickness of the blade does not prevent the edge from doing its job well.

Spyderco Shaman Shaman Tip Vs Spyderdo PM2 Blade Tip

Spyderco Shaman Shaman Tip Vs Spyderco PM2 Tip left

The Handle 

shaman has ergonomic handle-min

The Shaman’s handle, made from elegantly contoured G-10, provides substantial strength and grip while balancing the overall weight of the knife in your hand. The handle comes in various colors, which comes under its design aesthetics.  

The most notable thing about the handle of Shaman is its ergonomics. No matter what size your hands are, you will find that it easily fits in the palm. People with bigger hands than mine confirm the same feeling when handling the knife. The finger choil coupled with the top jimping prevents it from slipping out of your hand while using it. On top of that, the G-10 contouring with the smooth finger grooves helps firm the hand grip of all shapes and sizes. Compared to the Para Military 2 variant that has a flat G-10, the Shaman definitely wins.  

The chamfers right below the lock and the blade assist in smooth gripping in addition to one-handed opening and closing. Moreover, the well-positioned and tall clip on the handlebar does not go up in the air and makes it easy to carry. The handle is what makes Shaman better than other pocketknives and even other similar variants and varieties. The feel, the grip, and the effectiveness of cutting properties make it easier to cut through smaller and complicated objects.  

I particularly liked the composition of the handle and the blade and how the two fit perfectly together. Spyderco paid special attention to the geometry of the G-10 handle and the blade fit on top of it. Spyderco’s Round Hole point made the back of the blade rest in harmony with the back of the handle. It allows the hand to focus on the task and knuckle the blade up when needed.  

Shaman has great handle contours min

Shaman has great handle contours

Deployment and Locking Mechanism 

Spyderco uses its own components for the compression lock on Shaman, with one of the best folding knife mechanisms. The specialized Spydie hole is Spyderco’s original deployment method, which makes flipping the knife open, using and closing it seamless.

Shaman features a compression lock developed and patented by Spyderco itself. It is an advanced and improved level of a simpler liner lock, which is present in most modern pocketknives. However, the Shaman also includes a split liner that springs into action when you open the blade. It opens along the blade spine between the blade tang and the stop pin. It makes the knife easier, stronger, and easier to operate, protecting your fingers from getting in the way of the blade and the lock.

My Experience 

My experience with Spyderco Shaman has been exceptional. I am surprised at how I have not been using it before, given the utility it provides. I would highly recommend it for outdoor enthusiasts, contractors, loggers, fishermen, and anyone who is in constant need of tools, either for personal or professional use.  

It is essentially an EDC knife for regular light use, and I can use it all day, every day, for several tasks like opening cardboard boxes, cutting ropes and other tasks without it giving out on me or fear of breakage, wear and tear.  

It is an ideal product for people who need handy tools to carry in their pockets or bags. Its ease of transportation is what makes it an essential component of daily life.  

Even though Spyderco Shaman is a pricey knife, it makes it worth it because of its high-quality, utility, durability and professional usage. You may find a similar knife in the market for a lesser price, but it may cost you in the long run if it breaks before its time. Shaman is a low-maintenance, reliable pocketknife relative to its counterparts and may save you in the long run.

Shaman and PM2 Made in USA min

The compression lock is what makes Shaman more desirable than a knife with a frame lock that covers almost the entire handle and the standard lock backs. Most knife addicts and lovers, including myself, prefer compression locks because it does not let your fingers get between the blade and the lock, making it safer and easier to use. The depression of the compression lock tab lets the blade freely fall into place safely, providing the feel of a high-quality lock and handlebar, especially for those who use it frequently.  

Another thing about the locking mechanism that intrigued me was that your hands do not come into contact with the lock when handling the knife. You can handle the knife however you like without worrying about colliding with the compression lock bar.  


Let us compare Spyderco Shaman with similar variants and run a comparison test to see which one provides greater benefit for different tasks. 

Para Military 2 Vs. Shaman

Spyderco Shaman vs para 2

Para Military 2 cuts close corners with Shaman, given that it is made from the same materials, blade shape, and size and serves the same purposes. However, PM2 is only slightly smaller, thinner, and less rugged than Shaman. It is a bit more fragile and less durable than Shaman.

Moreover, PM2 has the same blade shape and is made of the same material as Shaman with a similar compression lock system. You can easily hold it comfortably in your hand, but it is not quite as ergonomically exceptional as the Shaman. However, it is a good alternative to shamans at a lesser price and can carry out the same tasks as shamans. It is also Spyderco’s popular selling knife and an upgraded yet smaller version of the Para Military knife. The Shaman, on the other hand, is a larger version of Spyderco Native 5.

Both knives have CPM S30V blade steel, which is not a costly component, which keeps the price of Para Military 2 down. Similarly, the handle material of both knives is also the same. G-20 feels strong and comfortable in the hand no matter how you hold it.

The PM2 has a drop point blade with a similar blade shape to Shaman but more angular. It also features a full-flat grind similar to Shaman, which makes it very attractive and a great slicing and cutting blade.

Both Shaman and PM2 come with the option of Plain Edge or Spyder Edge (serrated blade edge). As a knife lover, I personally prefer Plain Edge, as it is easier to sharpen when it wears down.

When it comes to cutting smaller but heavier objects, Shaman definitely shows more restraint than its PM2 counterpart because of its thickness. However, PM2 works better when cutting lighter or thinner objects like cardboard. It even makes the cut precise when used by a knife expert.

However, I would personally prefer Shaman over Para Military 2 because it is multipurpose, stronger and long-lasting.

Benchmade Super Freek Vs. Spyderco Shaman 

Spyderco Shaman vs benchmade freek

Benchmade is another knife manufacturing company operating in Oregon, USA, and its Super Freek Variant comes very close to Spyderco Sharman in terms of features, size, and purpose. It is a direct and analogous competitor to Shaman with a lesser price than Shaman of $280. It also uses premium materials with G-10 scales, a 3.6″ blade and a propriety locking system. However, instead of a compression lock, Benchmade Super Freek uses an Axis lock and performs equally well. It totally depends on the buyer’s preferences between the two if they prefer certain design aesthetics and style.  

Personally, I would go for the Shaman because it comes in varying colors, just like Super Freek, but Super Freek has a certain design that Shaman does not. Therefore, it depends on individual preferences.  

Pros & Cons of Spyderco Shaman


  • Strong and durable CPM S30V blade

  • Comfortable and secure G-10 handle

  • Strong and reliable Ball Bearing Lock

  • Tip-up carry for both left- and right-handed users

  • Versatile knife that can be used for a variety of tasks


  • Large size may not be comfortable for everyone

  • Expensive

  • Difficult to sharpen


When it comes to selecting pocket knives, I am very particular about all the knife’s components and how they fit with my personal usability, style and budget. I find Spyderco as a competent manufacturer of pocketknives with years of experience, diligent research, and the fact that it designs knives for the hand, not for the eye, as compared to its competitors.  

Shaman G-10 PlainEdge falls under the premium category of pocket knives by Spyderco and serves various purposes. I especially like the fact that it is strong and beefy yet lightweight and soft to hold. Its blade and handle perfectly synchronize with the hand and the locking mechanism, making it safe no matter how you hold and use it and no matter the size of the hand.  

The only drawback Shaman may have is its price. Buyers may find equally competent knives in the market with the same features and serving the same purpose at a lesser price. At the same time, the quality and durability of Shaman are hard to fight against, coupled with its scratch less property with low maintenance. I think that buying a Shaman will save my long-term cost as it is durable with a longer life and daily personal and professional use.  


What is Spyderco Shaman? 

Shaman is a variant of a foldable and portable pocketknife by Spyderco cutlery manufacturing company based in Golden, Colorado. It is popular for its ergonomic excellence and functional durability.


Spyderco Shaman Pocket knife

The Spyderco Shaman Pocket knife Review

Shaman picks its design aesthetics and style from the full range of pocketknives by Spyderco with inspiration from Spyderco Native for its style fundamentals. Its full-sized pocket folder adds to the ergonomic properties with a full-flat grind and drop point blade synchronizing seamlessly with the locking mechanism.

Sprint Runs are basically limited edition knives launched by Sal Glesser, founder of Spyderco. That is what makes these knives so unique, in addition to them having high-quality materials with a premium price point.

The blade of Spyderco Shaman features either a Plain Edge or Serrated Edge, with a CPM S30V steel blade and G-10 handle scales. Moreover, it features a compression locking mechanism and a Round Hole, making it easier to open with one hand

The reason for Shaman’s invention was based on manufacturing a robust pocketknife capable of cutting through heavier yet small objects, making it durable and long-lasting. The top-quality material, coupled with excellent craftsmanship, makes Shaman a reasonable EDC pocketknife.