Kizer Yorkie has many variants. It comes with Titanium, Micarta and G10 handle materials. They are available in either stonewash or satin finish. When it comes to blade materials, it comes with CPM S35VN or M390. The variant we will be reviewing today is Kizer Yorkie CPM S35VN with Titanium scales and stonewash finish.

Kizer Yorkie Review
Kizer Yorkie Review

Key Specifications of Kizer Yorkie

Kizer Yorkie Review – First Impression

So we ordered the Kizer Yorkie to assess its first impressions to see for ourselves. The packing was quite premium. The label was intact with all the inscriptions detailing the product.

Kizer Yorkie Unboxing
Kizer Yorkie Unboxing

It comes out of the box looking exactly like pictured.

Kizer Yorkie First Impression
Kizer Yorkie First Impression

The back side of the knife shows the pocket clip and the well-rounded screws. We found the knife to be quite impressive with impeccable finishing and detailing. The blade is as sharp as anticipated, and the scales are smooth yet grippy.

Kizer Yorkie Sharpness score
Kizer Yorkie Sharpness score

We did the blade’s sharpness test unused right out of the box and it turned out to be 165. That places the blade in the very sharp category.

We can use this chart as a benchmark to see and analyze a knife’s sharpness level. Since Kizer Yorkie lacks some edge retention and factory edge, the score sets at 165. But it is a good level for an EDC blade. So 165 falls under the ‘very sharp, pleasure to use’ category, which is good.

The pivot is not swirly as you can see. The flipper tab turns out to be pretty perfect for a knife like Kizer Yorkie. It falls under the mid-range, since it is not large at all.

Kizer Yorkie Titanium Handle
Kizer Yorkie Titanium Handle

The pocket clip is tip up right hand only, which could be a turn off for those who are left-handed. But the finish on the pocket clip is great and still hangs well in the pocket and is quite discreet.

The finger choil makes it easy to eliminate the blade play. But the blade is well-centered and is perpendicular to the scales.

The ergonomics on the handle are also great, and it seems like a good value high-end knife.

Some users may find it too small for a typical EDC, but that does not discredit the knife and its usage. It works quite well for a good EDC knife.

The Blade of Kizer Yorkie

The S35VN stainless steel blade is a predecessor to S30V developed by steel manufacturer Crucible and Chris Reeves for cutlery. It is a practical choice for an EDC as it is tough, corrosion and wear resistant and hard enough for EDC cutting tasks. It also has fine edge retention and is easy to maintain and sharpen.

Kizer Knives Yorkie Blade
Kizer Knives Yorkie Blade

Although the blade length may seem too short at 2.50”, the blade geometry is quite well. It can easily tackle day-to-day cutting tasks and is quite handy at just 2.6 oz. EDC tasks like package opening, paper cutting and slicing, food slicing and dicing should be no problem with this blade.

The high levels of chromium contributes towards the blade’s corrosion resistance. The 14% chromium means that the S35VN is more resistant to oxidation and corrosion. The 13% or more level mark for chromium concentration lowers brittleness, but reduces edge retention. But at the same time, it also enhances the steel’s hardness and tensile strength. The 59-61 HRC is very good for a standard EDC knife.

However, you can say that it has an exaggerated drop point blade. It appears hawkish and may even side towards spear point. The simplicity of the blade is further enhanced by the full flat grind. It becomes flat towards the edge when connecting with the ricasso. But beyond that it is mostly full flat. The blade stock thickness of 0.12” may look thicker, but is actually less than most EDC knives. The blade finish is stonewash. Although it sides slightly towards a shiny satin finish. Its clean look matches the overall knife profile.

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Kizer Yorkie’s Handle Ergonomics

The Kizer Yorkie’s handle consists of two solid slabs of titanium separated by pivot and two stainless steel standoffs. The handle is very attractive and smooth. It is also well-executed with contoured edges, a nice finish and slightest amount of beveling. The pocket clip screws are well-adjusted and do not poke out.

The Kizer Knives Yorkie Handle Ergonomics
The Kizer Knives Yorkie Handle Ergonomics

You can also use the handle to choke up your hold from the front, back and center. It also has a comfortable finger choil that allows you to make precision cuts. However, the lock bar edges do poke out from the two ends. It is visible from one end of the knife when open, and the other end when it is closed. However, it doesn’t really get in the way when holding the knife.

The single hole in the back center of the knife does not hold any function. It may look like a fidget spinner at first sight, but it does not carry any function. It is hard to tell why it was placed there.

The Kizer Knives Yorkie Pocket Clip
The Kizer Knives Yorkie Pocket Clip

The ergonomics on this knife are pretty good in a way that it provides a comfortable hold and is grippy despite its appearance. It also has enough space with its 3.62” length for all knuckles of a hand. The forward finger choil also adds to the great ergonomics of this knife. At the same time, it gives way to the flipper tab. It fits the index finger just perfectly. Although there is no jimping or texturing, it still provides enough traction.

The pocket clip is tip-up carry and fits well wherever you want to hang it. It is also made out of titanium with excellent finish. You can count on the pocket clip not to get tarnished anytime soon. It is a well-executed millet clip and the spring retention is excellent. It is not deep pocket carry though, but still discreet enough. You can see the groove milled into the pocket clip that blends well with the lock bar.

Deployment & Lockup of Kizer Yorkie

The Kizer Yorkie features a small titanium frame lock flipper. You can see the flipper tab poking out from either side when open and closed. The flipper could have been better if it was a bit bigger than it actually is.

The Kizer Knives Yorkie Deployment
The Kizer Knives Yorkie Deployment

The detent on the lock bar is good and the knife locks on caged bearings, so the action is smooth and easy.

The titanium framelock comes with stainless steel lock bar insert. The lockup is rock solid and very well-designed. It does not fidget or fiddle at all. Disengaging the blade is easy too because of the substantial cutaways in the middle of the handle. The blade being perfectly centered also calls for a plus point.

Kizer Knives Yorkie Framelock Details
Kizer Knives Yorkie Framelock Details

The composition of the lockup and deployment is very well made and well-balanced. Although the front flipper does get in the way of closing the knife with one hand. Otherwise, there is blade play involved. However, you can get around it by disengaging the lock with the thumb, getting it out of the way and using your index finger to place the blade inside the lock bar. It may take some getting used to, but it is still smooth.

Pros & Cons of Kizer Yorkie


  • Premium titanium frame: Lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant.

  • Compact size & stonewash finish: Discreet carry and stylish aesthetic.

  • CPM S35VN steel: Excellent edge retention and wear resistance.

  • Frame lock with rolling detent: Secure blade hold and satisfying action.

  • Ambidextrous opening options: Flipper tab and thumb hole cater to both hands.


  • Smaller blade (2.50″) might not be ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

  • Frame lock maintenance: Requires more cleaning than liner locks.

  • Flipper can be snaggy: Potential to catch on pockets or clothing.


Kizer Yorkie vs Benchmade Mini Griptilian

The Kizer Yorkie and the Benchmade Mini Griptilian are both excellent folding knives, but they have some differences. The Yorkie has an overall length of 6.125”, a 2.5” blade, and weighs 2.93 oz. It is made in China and has a timeless look and is made from premium materials.

Kizer Yorkie vs Benchmade Mini Griptilian
Kizer Yorkie vs Benchmade Mini Griptilian

On the other hand, the Mini Griptilian is available in two sizes: the full-size model and the mini model. The mini model is perfectly suited for everyday carry (EDC) while the full-size model is perfectly suited for field tasks and heavy utility work. So it is safe to say that the Mini Griptilian is equipped to handle tougher EDC tasks than the Yorkie.

Nevertheless, both the knives perform excellently and favor functionality.

Conclusion: Kizer Yorki Review

We found the Kizer Yorkie review to be quite promising. The blade S35VN is quite sharp, wear and corrosion resistant and tough. The titanium scales are smooth, the ergonomics are good, and the pocket clip is well-finished.

Kizer Yorkie in hand
Kizer Yorkie in hand

The deployment and lockup are both smooth. The blade sits perfectly straight between the titanium scales. However, the only downsides are that the pocket clip is only right hand tip-up, the blade size may be too small, and there could be some level of blade play when you cannot open and close the knife with one hand. But these can easily be overlooked and does not really come in the way of its functionality.

Therefore, we found the Kizer Yorkie to be an overall decent pocketknife that performs well. Although it comes at the premium level knives, its price is not too high. That also makes this knife a pretty good deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kizer Yorkie is a pretty good EDC knife with a sharp blade, ergonomically friendly and smooth titanium scales, and a smooth lockup and deployment.

You can find Kizer Yorkie at a good price from Chicago Knife Works and many other online stores in USA

Kizer Yorkie falls into the everyday carry (EDC) pocketknives range used for daily office and home cutting tasks. We have written a full review on Kizer Yorkie so you make perfect decision.