Kizer Cutlery aka Kizer Knives is a high-end Chinese knives manufacturer that came out in 2012 and imports all its raw materials from the US and Japan. It also collaborates with custom knife makers.

Kizer Knives Brand Summary

  • Parent Company Name: Tizi Outdoor

  • Head Office: Guangdong, China

  • Product Focus: Pocket Knives, Fixed Blades & Tools

  • Target Markets: Budget & Premium Knives

  • Manufacturing Facilities: All products Made in China

  • Average Price Range: $45 to $500

  • Website:

The company’s design philosophy when it comes to knives manufacturing is split into five phases or chapters:

  1. Inspiration: Kizer believes in doing things the right way, the hard way. From concept to design and manufacturing, it does not do shortcuts.
  2. R&D: Kizer prides itself on having the most updated R&D engineering lab, industrial equipment and updated software and machineries in its manufacturing and design.
  3. Manufacturing: It also prides itself on bridging the gap between R&D and manufacturing. The close collaboration between the two departments and teams allow them to innovate and improve.
  4. Partnership: Kizer has built long-term partnerships with innovators and manufacturers from around the world. It encourages international testing to produce high-quality products.
  5. Sustainability & Responsibility: Kizer is ISI 14001 certified and uses international management guide to set its SOPs in relation to the environmental impact.

Kizer Knives Reviews

Kizer Knives has more than 250 plus products in its catalogue and its very difficult for us to write about each any every Knife and tool Kizer Cutlery produces. Therefore, We are doing reviews on the most hyped ones or the latest ones. As these are expensive knives, we either get them as gift from our knife collector friends, or borrow them from our friends to experience and write objective and real reviews about them.

Follow is a list of Kizer Knives Reviews which is as Under